• It defines our morality. How on earth could it NOT be serious?

    Religion is not merely a way to keep good people doing good things. Religion has shaped a great deal of the human past, so stating that it’s something not to be taken seriously is stupid. Without religion, no one would know what is right and what is wrong. People may question what is the importance of doing so. I pose a situation to you: a man kills your whole family and robs you of your possessions, but since religion was non-existent and therefore morality is unknown to humans, there is nothing wrong in his action, leaving you cold and lonely. So many have died in the name of God because they willingly chose it, most of them as an act of martyrdom. Because they were cruelly confronted and attacked just because of believing in their religion.

  • Yes, religion is serious as it governs the way many people live and continues to be the major cause of terrorist attacks.

    Religion and religious beliefs have to be considered something serious as they influence the way many people live their lives, usually based on rules and guidance outlined in ancient texts. Misinterpretation of these texts, often preached by religious leaders to their followers in places of worship, can encourage believers to carry out violent attacks in the name of their religion.

  • Religion is serious

    Yes, religion is something serious. For many people, it is the very essence of their lives. It helps people to understand the origins of life, what their purpose is on Earth, how they should interact with others, how to find fulfillment, and what will happen to them in the afterlife. That's pretty serious.

  • It is definitely serious.

    Yes, religion is definitely serious. It affects every area of life, and it affects our world even if you do not believe in it. There are very few aspects of our society that are not affected by religion in one way or another, and people who are religious believe that it is a life or death matter.

  • Forget the Majority, be the Minority.

    Religion is just too overrated, grossly exaggerated, intense and catastrophic.

    Personally, a wise person should not even follow their own religion at birth, it just causes chaos. And being born in a majority of a religion you are just a number to a culture that creates nothing but problems.

    Well in a sense religion is somewhat an empire that is too big to fail which will ultimately be their own demise and it will fail from falling grace.

    Being a non-believer its best to not discuss about religion, we all agree religion is important but it should not be followed by your personal birth rather religion should not be something that should not be followed based on your birthright, if all else fails follow your own kind of religion in your heart if it suits you.

  • Religion shouldn't be taken seriously.

    Religion is essentially a way to keep good people doing good things. It's a way for people to know right from wrong. It gives people hope because they know that no matter how bad life is, in the end, they will have eternal happiness. Most things about religions are nonsense. For example, what good could really come from sacrificing a lamb? What kind of person could even look at a small, cute, and innocent lamb and just... kill it? There are so many different religions in the world, and most of them preach the same lessons. Yet, so many have died in the name of God. Religion can sometimes be a guide to being a better person, but it definitely is not anything dedicate your all to. It isn't something worth dying or killing for.

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