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  • Not even close

    Between the viruses in the water, the shoddy construction of the Olympic Village, the danger inherent in Rio in the first place, and the general unpreparedness of the host country, this Olympic Games is shaping up to be a real disaster. If I was in a sport that I was already rich, I certainly wouldn't risk my health to go. However, many athletes have been training for this for so long that they feel they HAVE to go because they have no other options. I hope they stay safe!

  • Rio de Janeiro is unsafe for the Olympics

    Rio de Janeiro is not a safe place to hold the Olympics. There is concern over the Zika virus, and many thought the games should have been relocated. Recently, the Australians reported a theft of laptop devices in the village. This should have been extremely secure given the prominence of the location.

  • Recent events say no

    I don't want to sound defeatist or the voice of gloom and doom but in light of the greatly increased amount of terrorism focused at infidels around the world, I have to say that no, Rio de Janeiro is not a safe place to host the Olympics from. Pair that with the Zika virus and you can understand why you hear of whole Olympic teams foregoing the games altogether.

  • No, Rio de Janeiro is not a safe place for the Olympics.

    No, Rio de Janeiro is not a safe place to hold the Olympics. The uncontrolled spread of mosquitoes carrying the zika-virus makes it a health hazard for athletes and visitors alike. There is also the security aspect, where budgetary constraints prevent full anti-terrorism capacity. Brazilian law enforcement caught an ISIS cell preparing an attack mostly by accident, with the terrorist plotters being described as "amateurs". That was lucky. Can we count on the agents being lucky against another cell consisting of hardened veterans?

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