• Roblox is not a ripoff of Minecraft

    Minecraft was released on May 17, 2009, Roblox was originally released
    April 6, 2006, So it is not possible that roblox is a ripoff of Minecraft, Plus they are both totally different games! Minecraft is about surviving, adventuring and being creative, Roblox is all of those and more! Saying Roblox is a copy of Minecraft is like saying a glass window is a ripoff of a baseball bat, which doesn't make sense. So in conclusion, both of the games are equally "fun" and both have their upsides and down sides. But Minecraft was released 3 years after roblox had been released in 2006

  • Roblox is amazing

    Roblox is a fun game. It's great for anyone of all ages. I think everyone should try it. You can do anything one the wounderful game. Roblox in my opinion is very fun great loving fantactic game that every one should play so plz dont hate it is an opinion

  • Hell no very bad

    Drugs, Pornography, Strong Violence Lots of explicit content. You can even bypass the filter and use profanity this is not good. This game can ruin peoples childhood because of the explicit content contained in some games I find it quite ironic for this website to be still running with all this explicit content the company should be sued $100,000

  • I agree no 4k >:(

    I LIKE SEEING EACH GOT DAM PIXEL IN MY GAME AND 1080P JUST ISNT ENOUGH, COME ONE ROBLOX GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER MY NUTT. But on a serious note, mincecraft is very good and i think roblox is utter trash, and everyone on it is a nutty 2 year old.

  • Roblox sucks the end

    Roblox, unlike minecraft, does not have 4k. Roblox is inferior. Like it rips off minecraft too much because it is block game, It has too much sexual content unlike minecraft. It is not for all ages because it has too much adult themed mini games and the such. Roblox sucks.

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