• Hello im am tyrone and i am nine

    Duh anyone who has said its not the best game is just minecraft idoits they can go eat poo-poo ROASTED! And pokemon with there weird fans your all autistic (by the way please tell me what that means i mean i can use google but im too busy playing the berst game ever) tyrone signing out

  • It sure is.

    Roblox is the best game ever as it gives anyone an opportunity to be a great gamer, without having to pay. Advantageous micro-transactions are the worst. Sure, you can buy the SWAT pack for better gear in Jailbreak, but you can be just as good without all that. Definitely a superior game.

  • Bad graphics in roblox

    Bruh if u want a good first person shooter use like contract wars or something. Not roblox lol it is honestly bad like actually. Bro. Minecraft is actually possible to make interesting things like redstone. In roblox, there is nothing interesting you can do except join random games that have no purpose. Hahahah

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