• BDS and Rogers support the terror in Paris...

    The BDS as an antisemitic group supported by poor R. Waters attempt to stub Israel in the back like all Arabs do, also support all other types of Arab origin terror including those who took place in Paris Lately..
    Good for Roger who longs to belong.. You have finally found a group to admire.. I wonder when you plan on start supporting ISIS ??

  • He exhibits anti-Semitic behavior

    Roger Waters exhibits anti-Semitic behavior. His words and actions would conclude the Waters is in fact an anti-Semitic. Roger Waters himself, however, does not think that he is anti-Semitic. He claims that he is opposed to fascism of all kind. Roger Waters' actions increasingly make me think he is anti-Semitic.

  • Waters is a humanist. He stands against all oppression.

    In our world, unfortunately, Israel seems to get a free pass. Any opinion against the State of Israel's politics or actions is immediately labeled "anti-semitic" without discourse. To say that someone is anti-semitic is to say he dislikes Jews for being Jews. There should be no fine line between State and Church. In the case of Israel, he opposes the State's policies. If he opposed China's political policies, would that make him racist towards all Chinese? Whether he is correct in his position is what deserves debate. The counterpoint to "I am against Israel's policies and actions…" can not be "You're an anti-semite."

  • Waters does not show discrimination for religious orientation

    He's discriminatory towards a country and not a religion. Nothing wrong with being discriminatory towards a country. America is hating on Russia at the moment and nobody calls Americans racist. Well actually people do, but not for the hate towards Russia. So it's a bit childish to call Roger Waters a racist or anti-Semite because he doesn't agree with Israelian politics

  • Waters does not show discrimination for religious orientation

    In my opinion Waters does not show discrimination for religious orientation. He has the right to an opinion, however the interpretation of that opinion is not in his power to decide to what exactly he is stating. Anit-semitism is a really strong accusation and has to be based on strong facts which in this case are lacking.

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