• Yes they are

    They are not fighting with us but yet they are wanting to go to war with the Ukraine over oil, gas and land, which means it would have more revenue coming into their country. The Ukraine wants to do away with living by the Russian way of living they are under.

  • Russia is becoming too powerful.

    It is clear that Russia is becoming too powerful under Vladimir Putin. He does not want to be a president, but a dictator like the Russian Czars or Stalin. His recent invasion of the Crimea region shows Putin's true intentions of conquering more lands that really ought to remain independent.

  • They are feeling good about themselves

    I guess Russia is starting to feel so good that they are ready to start up their own nonsense again. Any time, they start messing with other countries is when you know they must be doing well financially. Of course, it helps when they have a dictator who is crazy running the country.

  • Is Russia even still on the horizen?

    I was under the impression China was giving us more to worry about. What with the whole, economic powerhouse, and huge percentage of the human race available as a workforce, unless you are a Ukrainian, i'm not aware of any reason to worry about "the Red Menace" too much these days.

  • Russia is not becoming too powerful.

    Russia is not becoming too powerful. They are just finally moving toward getting things into the 21st century. I do not think that they are too powerful and we should not fear of them taking over the world or anything. I think they have made good advancements since the war.

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