Is Russia more of an enemy than an ally to the United States?

  • Russia is not an ally.

    Russia continues its support for Iran. They oppose Israel. They are actively conducting mock attacks against our anti-missile defense systems both in Alaska, the west coast, and now in the Asia Pacific. Russia supports and sells arms and technology to almost all of the communist players in the world and they constantly oppose the US when sanctions are voted on at the UN against these dangerous countries. Russia is an evil regime that wants the USA destroyed, and they will do all they can to destroy our way of life.

  • Russia, Enemy or Ally

    There is a mutual respect between Russia and the United States. However, Russia is more of an enemy than an ally to the United States. Russia tends to support countries that the United States has issues with and this creates strain sometimes. Russia is also not a democratic society like the United States. Russia and the United States tolerate each other.

  • I speak and read russian. I've never seen nation mkre hostile to US than Russia

    I speak and read russian. I've never seen nation mkre hostile to US than Russia.
    It's different than in Middle East. But it's very entrenched and venomous.
    The russian media is fully controlled by the state.
    You would never hear anything even neutral about US in russian media.
    Conspiracy theories about US imperialism and etc., at government officials level are rampant.

  • We don't help each other or attack each other.

    When Russia was the U.S.S.R., it was our enemy, after world war 2. We didn't know the president would be that bad. Since then, it has switched back to Russia. We became friendlier when it switched back so I think Russia is 50 % our friend. So it's not as bad as North Korea (which is one of our worst enemies 5%), or as good as South Korea (which is one of our best allies 95%).

  • Long Standing Conflict

    Russia is not an ally. Although the two nations have come to a peaceful point in the relationship, that by no means we are allies. There is still lingering tension between the two nations. We look at the relationship that we have with one another and we see that we still feel the after-effects of the cold war and that is something that is far from gone. We have a high mistrust of the Russians, and honestly are displeased with much of their conduct within their borders, but for the sake of peace, we play nice with them as to not ignite another world war.

  • Snowden is a Russian spy;) And a few other reasons...

    In Syria, Russia is on the side of Assad, against the rebels supported If we may say so by the US. In this conflict the two sides of the conflict are clearly defined. Can you imagine Russia even sent a war fleet in the Mediterranean sea To get ready To take part in a conflict involving possible US bombings.
    In Europe, the US have lost influence in some countries, mainly to the benefit of Russian influence or pressure. In consequence, Russia is securing it´s gaz distribution in Europe, alienating US allies, that might be forces To become ex-allies. By securing energy supplies, Russia gains a direct influence on the governments of many countries.
    Wladimir Putin is acting as the defender of the human rights while accusing directly or not the USA of being a threat to the world. This absurd propaganda coming from a war criminal like Putin can only be heard by true haters of the USA.
    They are still numerous russian spys on the territory of the USA, some that are watched, some that are "sleeping agents" ready to comme back To duty anytime. They are probably influencing or manipulating different leaders of opinion in order to weaken USA. The soviet spying system has only Been paused after the collapse of the USSR, but such a powerful shadow army has not disapeared... Enough russian spys were thrown out of the US to prove it... Some of them are just average americans, that can have no family links with Russia.
    Russia is as well the enemy of a lot of muslims in the caucasus and beyond (the Boston Bombings are linked with Russia at least since the terrorists were from tchetchenia/Dagestan were people eather fight or serve russia or flee) By fighting all muslims and trying to destruct any traditional or local habits from Afghanistan to Syria and Tchetchenia, russia have pushed some people To radicalise their fight, becoming brutal islamists barbarians, giving Al-kaeda more legitimity in the eyes of poor and uneducated muslims, russia feeds the monster, like in 1980 in Afghanistan, they contribute now in Syria To the destruction of all culture and civilization, creating chaos on which al-kaeda can build it's network. Was Russia ever an enemy for Al-kaeda? How many times Al-kaeda attacked Russia? And the USA?
    The russians probably killed Arafat, closing any chance to find peace for Israël and Palestine since years.
    At the moment, still, Russia is a lot weaker in terms of ground armies and overall technology, russian population is diminishing, poor and oppressed russians dream of a better situation in their country. Thus, Putin finds the way to position himself in Forbes as more influent than president Obama. What partner, being objectively weaker than you, presents himself to the world as Your equal or even greater than you?

  • Russia is not a friend to the United States of America. By a Russian

    Russia and the U.S.A have different political views that's vary clearly seen in the past and in today's world. The thing is that me and my fellow Russians and the Russian government don't really want to be friends with America and the American government. We have moved on from the Cold War but we don't want want to be what most of the European Union especially England, Canada, Australia, and India are and they are just sidekicks/ servants to America. As a Russian we don't answer to anyone or any country including America. We will work on something's but we will always have a somewhat rivalry with America.

  • Putin Just an Old KGB Thug

    Not convinced of a sound case for action against Syria but Russia under Putin has form.
    Interfered in the internal politics of Georgia and Ukraine and alleged involvement in poisoning Ukraine candidate that was anti-Putin. Alleged complicity in death of opponents at home and abroad such as journalist investigating possible deliberate bombings in Moscow by FSB to be blamed on Chechnya Rebels as pretext for second Chechnya war. Increased censorship of Russian media, enrichment of ex KGB cronies in post Soviet Privatisations and corruption as well as arrest and imprisonment of those out of favour and political opponents on trumped up charges. REAL liberal democracy would want to genuinely work with US and West instead of against it in UN and now even Obama seems to be waking up to this. Putin as much a genuine democrat as Hanibal Lecter a vegetarian.

  • The Final Solution must be prepared for the "Soviet Union"

    They work against the USA.
    They do not support international actions.
    They do not support the rights and freedoms that would be considered the norm in the Western World, yet they want all the benefits in terms of humanitarian and world bank status.
    Russia is a corrupt society so they don't deal on a level of honesty with the USA. The Snowden case being a recent relevant example.

  • Seeks our destruction

    Russia is covertly aligned with China and all countries who publicly profess to be an enemy of the US. What additional proof does one need? The Snowden affair will cause Washington to wake up from its snooze and see Russia for what it is-a enemy of the most egregious kind.

  • NO

    They may not be in NATO but we still trade with them and they have showed no signs of aggression. Even though, their allies such as Iran, North Korea, Bosnia and Syria have threatened us, I seriosly don't think Russia would attack us if we were in a feud with them.

  • No, Russia is not more of an enemy than an ally to the United States.

    No, I don't believe that Russia is more of an enemy than an ally to the United States. Although the two countries have had their tensions in the past, with the Cold War and other small conflicts, there is nothing credible that proves them to be a danger to the US anymore. Now, they are not one of our best allies, because of the fact that they have had some questionable deals with Iran regarding the development of Uranium for nuclear purposes, but they have not been directly tied to any sort of conflict with the United States.

  • No - we have other countries to worry about at this point

    While back in the Cold War Russia was certainly an entity to be afraid of, I think that in this modern era we have less to worry about in that country. Russia has done little to provoke any fear from our side of the world. We should instead be worried about the Middle East.

  • We Are Not at War With Russia

    Russia is not an enemy of the United States--we are not in the midst of an armed conflict with Russia. The Cold War ended 20 years ago and now we are allies. Russia and the U.S. may not agree on everything, but that does not make us enemies. Russia has differed on Middle East policies because of their trade with Syria, Iran and Egypt. Russia a thorn in the side of global peace, but they aren't enemies of the United States.

  • We have made an enemy of an ally

    Russia looked to the the US for help in the early 1990s and we looked to help them, but the underlying geo-politics, our age old suspicion of the Russians (including British suspicion of Russia that resulted in the British occupation and bloody defeat in Afghanistan in 1842, like the mistaken US support for Islamists more recently), populist or ignorant political pronouncements, and the atmosphere of "we won the Cold War" along with shock therapy based on a Peter Pan theory of economics (as Strobe Talbott said at the time, "What we need is less shock and more therapy) all backed by threats to aid for non compliance while everyone raped the Russian economy, all this and more has led to what we have now. Add to that the simmering historical hatred of the Soviets of many in the ranks of professionals in the US political administration and in international relations, understandably if they are also Jewish, added to which are Israeli concerns over Iran, added to which was the appalling interference in Georgia and the Ukraine which the US would never have stood in reverse, and you have a problem that has already come back to harm us, not to mention the Russians. We brought this on ourselves, and you can trust that to be true. Let's not even mention various things that can't be published.

  • Russia is an ally

    Russia was the country's savior in the cold war. If we were not an ally we most likely would have been attacked years ago.Russia may be an enemy politicaly but not in wartimes and in trading times.Russia helps the US in many issues even though they support iran but oppose israel

  • World War 2, Sochi Olympics, and Helicopters

    Russia invented helicopter, Russia helped us win WWII, and we had the Olympics in Sochi so how could they be bad if we did all these these things with them and they help stop WWII by making Adolf Hitler kill himself and they also improved the way we travel with helicopters

  • We are allies with them.

    Just now, the USA, Russia and NATO announced plans to conduct a joint naval operation in the Mediterranean to protect a U.S. ship that will destroy Syria's chemical weapons. Also, they're working together on the issues in Ukraine. Also, significantly at present, Washington and Moscow have reason to doubt the awakening Chinese revanchism in the hands of militant Xi Jinping and the provocative People’s Liberation Army. Russia’s energy fields are in sparsely populated Siberia within easy reach of Chinese diplomatic aggression. U.S. allies South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Australia are in the way of China’s unilateral claims on land and sea.

  • They Are Okay

    Russia May have their struggles with the US. But they want to be able to have a strong and powerful government but the USA and Russia can't get over it and continue to go at it and all they have to do is agree to disagree. That is all that's needed

  • Hello peole read if interested like me in allies and enemies of us

    We get along and don't fight. They helped us a lot in Afghanistan and Iraq. We conducted a lot of operations in Afghanistan and iraq together. We are getting along. But Russia is anyones game. They are allies with Syria and n korea our wort enimies. But we are friends our goverments get along.We are better allies with them now then in the 1990s

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This is, uh, is self-evidently true to every single political and strategic analyst I know.