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  • Russia is not the greatest adversary of the U.S.

    Radical extremists inside the United States and abroad are the greatest threat to America. Russia is sovereign state with a political system and economy. Radical extremists and other terrorists operate without laws governing their actions and take advantage of the resources of all countries. These terrorists are much more of a threat than Russia.

  • No, Russia is not our greatest adversary.

    No, Russia is not our greatest adversary. We have much bigger problems than Russia, like terrorist groups in the Middle East, especially one violent group called ISIS. This group has brought the United States so much grief through 9/11, the attacks in Paris, and other assaults on the American people.

  • Russia is not our greatest adversary

    Russia is not our greatest adversary. There are countries that are far more menacing. These include North Korea, which continues to make provocative statements regarding war with the United States. Russia has not made such bold declarations, although they are pushing the envelope with actions in Crimea and the Ukraine.

  • We have a Russian 'understanding'

    It isn't Russians targeting Americans across the global with horrible acts of violence. Russia is a country in turmoil despite the propaganda that country puts out. They are having rough economic times and need the United States as a trading partner. I do not quite know what to believe about the DNC hacking scandal surrounding Russia but it seems a bit far-fetched that Putin would go to such lengths in upsetting an election. Muslim terrorists and rogue invididuals seem like the greatest adversaries America faces now.

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