• In many ways

    Same sex couples have a positive role in this "straight" society. They can't biologically have kids which cuts down the population. We have 7 billion people in the world! Homosexuals are less likely to have HIV/AIDS. THeir lives are healthier and they are way more open-minded. Plus, gays and lesbians show TRUE EQUALITY since man and woman are not equal in society.

  • Lots of bread

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  • Yes, it is fine

    For those of you who say marriage is only man and women: You are incorrect. Have you ever taken a bag of flour and another bag of flour and mixed them? Congratulations, you just married flour. And they were the same substance??? Would you look at that. I don't understand how you can try to get in the way of someone else's love. And seeing gay people does not affect your sexual orientation. I am a teenage female, and straight. I have seen gay people. It has not affected me. A lot of people claim that gay marriage denies children either a father or a mother. Funny thing is, they would have neither and suffer in an adoption center instead of being loved. Besides, if you care that much about having a mother and father, you would make divorce illegal. But you don't. Gay marriage is not immoral, but beastiality and pedophilia are because consent can not be given at such a young age.

  • LOVE is LOVE

    I hate how people could even think Gay Marriage is wrong! If a gay couple wanted to get married, they should have all rights on earth to get married. Give the people what they want and make it legal already. It's appalling to watch debates with a simple answer. Thanks :)

  • Freedom for LGBT Speech

    I support same sex marriage because everyone should have the freedom to chose their relationship and shouldn't be disgusted by as it's a great thing that is happening and I think it shouldn't be bulled for this and just accept them for who they are with lots of agape everywhere in the world

  • Its a good thing :)

    People why don't you open your eyes? Gay marriage is amazing! Let the person do what they want if they truly love them...And if you think about it they are still frkn human in the end! SO stop saying its not am good thing because this person truly loves them!

  • Same sex marriage is ok.

    Ok. For starters, I'm not LGBT so I'm not biased. If you really love someone, why should anyone stop you? Love is love. What if god really meant "Ah men" instead of "amen." What if our normal isn't "normal?" I just want that to stick in your heads. Everyone is different, and I'm ok with it.

  • I think its a good thing

    People shouldn't judge people just because they are gay people should marry who they want and no one is perfect. Its not a disease it is just a chose they made on their own free will. ITS OK TO BE GAY. I'm just saying no one is perfect at choosing .

  • Its against God's will.

    Its clearly known that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah as the people there were homosexual. I don't agree with same sex marriage. Of course its one's choice to choose his or her love and is not gonna affect anyone else but what if God doesn't like it?. Sometimes we will have to accept the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah. God created Adam and Eve. He blessed them with children. That's what we call a family. If everyone is marrying same sex he could have created two men or two women instead of a man and woman. I am not interfering in anyone's personal choices but that's what my opinion is.

  • Against God's will.

    I don't agree with same sex marriage as there is clear evidence in bible that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because the people their were homosexual. Its against God's will. Of course same sex marriage is not gonna affect anybody else and after all its ones' choice to choose their love.

  • Strings Attached / Love is Not Everything

    Before you have a go at me, read what I have to say first.

    Firstly, I'm not a homophobic person nor do I care whether a gay couple started a PDA show right in front of me, but I'm not so sure that kids would agree. Kids who are exposed to homosexuality at a young age show signs of questioning their sexuality.
    'Wait, I thought it was a thing you're born with?'
    Apparently not.

    Secondly, many officials consider this 'debate' to be a good time to 'add extra stuff' in. You know, like that miniature, fine print on the bottom of your documents. Yup, that's the one. It's like a bandwagon, except you don't know what the festival is for until it's too late.

    Lastly, 'love is love' is a really bad slogan, almost as bad as really old memes. The way you can interpret that is so many, that it confuses you. I'll give you an example: Say, a pedophile just got arrested and tells the police 'I just love her!', that's love, right?
    Another, a young boy proceeds to (I'm so sorry) rape his younger sister. When he is interrogated, he'll most likely answer that he thought that was showing love.
    'But there's morals, you ***!'
    Sorry darling, but morals won't be too much of a trouble in fifty years time.

  • Nothing to do with Religion

    In ancient times bi-sexuality was common, but not viewed totally acceptable because it was thought morally wrong, perverted, The purpose of sex was ultimately procreation. There's always been sex for pleasure and perversions, some acceptable some abhorrent. Gay relationships are an extrapolation of a perversion of the ultimate purpose. Sorry.

  • No, but I'm totally not prejudiced.

    I can understand why someone would initially be disappointed by someone answering this question with a 'no'. But here's the kicker: I don't think gay marriage is a bad thing either. I just think it's a 'thing'. I mean, it's no better or worse than straight marriage. All love is equal, no?

  • No it is not

    Go ahead. Call me bigoted. The people who are really bigoted and narrow minded are the ones who disregard opinions contrary to their own, so you better listen.
    Same-sex marriage is not a good thing for the following reasons:
    Making it legal and "okay" will make young kids second guess their sexuality and they may decide they are gay simply because of the way they act. This is not okay. The last thing children need as they are growing up is the confusion of sexual orientation, especially when, without it, it would never be a problem.
    Same-sex marriage demeans the very idea of marriage itself. Marriage has always been between one man and one woman, for love and for a family. Same-sex couples cannot physically build a family, and the things they do to one another's bodies are not exactly the epiphany of love.

  • It is neither good nor bad.

    We should not treat it any differently than normal marriage, THAT is TRUE EQUALITY. NBAIstar I was going to vote yes, but your comment changed my mind. How on earth can you claim that every single homosexual is more open-minded than a heterosexual? That is a foolish and offensive comment. I do not want to be assosciated in even the slightest way with someone who says things like that.

  • It is only sickness

    Immorality is never a good thing to promote. We as a society need parameters, otherwise we just end up in anarchy. Your statement on hiv is just plain baloney and while you may be more open minded than myself ; I'm proud that I don't feel perversions are acceptable behavior!

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