• Satan isn't the one torturing people.

    Hell was created by god as a place of eternal punishment, according to the bible. While in recent times this has been taken by some modern christian denominations to mean separation from god, rather than actual torture, this still does not detract from the fact it is clearly god who is said to be instigating the punishment. As such, I fail to see how Satan would resent humans who ally themselves with Him against the tyrant that is the christian god. It would be wonderful indeed if a true Satanic Bible existed in the same way as the christian version, in order to set the record straight definitively on the matter, but sadly there is not. Such as it is, one must use the critical reasoning Satan blessed us with, reasoning which I might add god never intended for us to have. Ave Satanas, love and blessing in the name of Lucifer the Lord.

  • I'm not a Satanist myself, just curious

    If someone spends their entire lift living exactly by the satanic bible, and they die, then go to hell. . . . . . . . . . . . Will Satan be nice to them? Also if anyone finds the question offensive I am deeply sorry, I'm not out here to offend people

  • The bible says so

    I'm sure a satanist is very sure in what he or she believes but just because they are doing work for satan doesn't mean they escape judgement if they are not saved they will go to hell where there is fire,weeping,sickness,torture....Ext God does not want that for anyone but if they have not asked forgiveness of their sin and repented they will also suffer as much as anyone else in hell.

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