• Yes - little evidence to refute it

    Just as creationists can argue God's existence by the unexplained wonders of our universe, so can Satan be blamed for the evil and corruption in the world. Satan is real and has dark powers - the Satanists that worship him can cause some extremely amazing and baffling events to happen. It is best to treat him as a real entity.

  • Yes Satan is Real

    Yes, satan and his demons are very real. One of satan's biggest deceptions is getting people to believe he is not real. They go about their daily lives, not realizing the battle they are up against, until it is too late. When tremendously evil events occur they often blame the person (yes the person is at fault) but don't examine what is going on behind the scenes to get the person(s) to commit such evil.

  • Yes.

    Although Satan is just an idea of what could possibly happen to us if and when we do stray from the right path. Just as good exists, evil does too. It depends on the person if the believe in "Satan" but remember that Satan is "real" per se. He is and ides personified to give a better example to the followers of the religion.

  • No one have never been to hell before

    What would happen when i die? I just fall asleep for ever so i like my time sleeping or do i? There is no end! Kids never die and never go to hell so that is pretty much it good bye athat's all bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

  • Satan isn't real

    Satan is a concept of justice and mortality personified by the human mind. Satan was made to be part of a justice system that humans invented to comfort ourselves for the sake of fairness. That person was good so he goes to heaven. That bad guy got away with it, but don't worry, Satan will now torture him for what he did. Satan can't be real the thought of simple good or bad isn't black or white.

  • Satan isn't real. He's a fake spirit. He's there to scare us.

    Satan is the more famous version of the boogie man. He is a fake spirit used to force people into doing good. Just like the boogie man forced kids to go to sleep, 'cause they think if they don't go to sleep, the boogie man will get them. Same with Satan. People think if they don't do good, Satan will get them.

  • Satan is fake

    If you really dig into the concept of Satan and all of the acts he/it/she is responsible for, you will begin to notice that while Satan may be less powerful than god (according to the bible), he/it/she seems to be vastly more active in this world than god. Satan has been blamed for possessions, witches, political leaders, natural disasters and so on. For instance Many people blamed Satan for the Earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 that killed between 200 and 300 thousand people and left another 300 thousand injured. Amid all of that suffering, there were several stories of survival which were attributed to miracles of god. Ironic. If Satan was real then we should be able to catch it in the act.

  • Not at all

    No more than God is real just two fictional characters from the ultimate book of fairy tales , people seem to want to believe in something , so I suppose the holy books kept people terrified of God and Satan and kept the money rolling into the coffers of the various con men who keep the story alive .

  • Of course not

    Lack of scientific evidence supporting any supernatural entity has allowed anyone with logic to conclude that there is no God or Satan. If they were to exist, they'd be nothing more than a representations for ideas humans have created but with no way to enforce. They are used to spread fear and to keep people ignorant in order to take advantage of them (ex. Churches collecting money from church goers)

  • No, Satan isn't real

    I do not believe Satan is real. Satan is just a name that is used to help guide people into the "right of way". He is something that people have to keep in mind in order to do the right things and act a right way. People fear this word, so therefore, they stay on the right track.

  • No, he's not real

    Religions use Satan to keep their members acting a certain way. They believe they have to have something to fear in order to make people behave. Satan is no more real than other mythological creatures that the ancient empires wrote about and believed in. Satan just happens to belong to a more popular religion so people hear more about him than other mythology.

    Posted by: jus
  • No, Satan is not real.

    No, I believe that Satan is not real. I do not believe Satan is real because the religion in which I practice does not have any evidence supporting the existence of Satan. It would seem like an impossible task for any person to prove the existence of Satan, just as nobody can prove the existence of God, so the scientific answer is also no.

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