• Parents should teach children.

    Children can learn everything they need to know for a happy life from their parents, and the Bible. School teaches children to be ungodly, and puts them on the path to sin and immorality. Children were not forced to go to school in Jesus time, and they should not be made to know either.

  • There is a difference between education and school

    You can be very intelligent without school. The problem is kids love learning until they are put into the systematic factory of creating workers we call school. Kids should be able to choose what they want to learn so they continue to be enthusiastic about learning. If kids hate learning they will never truly absorb the info. On top of that what kids are learning is completely pointless and will not ever help them. The real use of school is to teach kids to sit down and deal with things they hate (what you will have to do in most jobs).

  • You Learn Nothing

    School teaches students nothing-I don't even remember the stuff I learned from last semester. If anything, school tests your memory and your ability to totally B.S. Your way in life, not your intelligence.
    I hate it. Knowing that everything I "learn" is a complete and utter waste. Who needs to know the midpoint formula when you're 37? It's messed up.

  • Waste of time

    Kids need something to tell their kids right? Kids want to play. Not be locked up in a classroom all day fored to listen to a series of mumbles and old books. I want to be an architect when I grow up and my school has taught nothing about it. Kids need hands on experience and go out into the real world. Let the kids go outside not stare at the clock and being surrounded with smelly little brats.

  • The school system is flawed in so many ways.

    You learn the essentials in elementary and some of middle school. However, when it come to late middle school (8th grade+) it is complete non sense. If a child has a career option in mind, then the best way to prepare him/her is to give them real world, hands on experience where they can be prepared to make money and support themselves, when was the last time you used algebra in your job?

  • School is a waste of time!

    You learn nothing in school. You do need to learn English and Math. (Some math topics are pointless though but some are essential. Like the person's comment on top. His/Her exact words were, "Why do you think Fredrick Douglass escaped slavery when he got smart? Not only does an education help you in every way of life, it also teaches you things to make life easier." I was like What?! Knowing how Frederick Douglas got smart and escaped slavery does NOT make your life easier or even help you in life! School teaches you pointless things!

  • It teaches you things that dont relate to your future job

    I want to be a video game creator when I grow up. I have been in school for 9 years and I did not learn anything that relates to the job I want. I even asked my teacher if a video game designer job is good. The teaches said that kind of job is "stupid" and that I should choose another job that relates to what you were taught in school. It is a waste of time to learn stuff that you will not need in the future. I have to do a research paper on something stupid and boring and I had no choice. I cant even work on my game which I plan to release next year. School is a big waste of time.

  • Not everyone is going to be rich when they grow up because of school.......

    You can have a nice job and become "rich" without going to school. I do YouTube videos for a living and make money off of that. I get about $20 per video I upload on average. You can probably tell that $20 isn't enough so you can probably assume how many videos I upload...... I do it because it is fun. I like to do it and school didn't teach me anything that has to do with it. That is my argument, enjoy!

  • Abstract Point System that Teaches Nothing to Contribute to Society

    The schools base kids on how "smart" they are through their GPA or grades in the class. Colleges reflect on these and choose the "smartest". I have taught myself three foreign languages, cause and effects of human activity on the environment, and study international politics and relations every day, all of these on my own, yet because I don't care about math class, english class, or the same American history I have been learning since second grade, my GPA is low, inferring that I am not as smart as others. The high GPA and Grade kids just memorize facts from books and forget about it after. Then they go into college and life to contribute absolutely nothing to a society that needs change. We need people to be taught about the environment and not heavy math, international relations and cultural studies and not the American Revolution and the Civil War over and over again, and lastly to show that life isn't about the points, money, or useless material objects society deems important and successful. School's arbitrary point system leaves the brightest minds of individuals out and puts people who just want points ahead of everyone else. This is from an American high school junior.

  • Schools today are not teaching children the correct things.

    Schools today are not putting in the effort to truly teach children what they need to be successful in life. Today schools spend billions on teaching children how to do advance math, history, unnecessary English, ETC. Children are not learning things they NEED to survive in life, reality, adulthood. Instead of teaching them these worthless subjects, they should be teaching them how to get a job, how to make a business, how to make money, how to meet people/negotiate with people, ETC. These things will help them more in life than cramming tests, quiz's, exams, homework, ETC into their heads. This may not happen though, as schools seem to just want people to be memorizing freaks, who don't question anything, who don't have any curiosity or creativity, and who can't think for themselves...

  • Modern education is a joke

    I believe that school, especially american public schools, are a complete waste of time. The modern form of public education is an absolute joke. They just try to cram random facts into your head whether you understand the crap or not. I think that children should teach themselves. They will want to learn if they are taught that learning is a good thing. Public schools teach children that learning is a bad thing from the beginning, making them less eager to learn. Also it is a huge waste of time because that time I spend in school I could be using to actually learn. Modern education needs to be completely redone from scratch.

  • Some students are too intelligent to be placed into a cookie-cutter system. Also, some are already ready for a career/know what they want to do.

    Many students are too intelligent for a cookie-cutter system. They cannot be placed into the same exact system as their peers. For some kids, they are simply not capable of ever becoming a member of high-society, so they are completely wasting their tim in college, and arguably high school as well (they should just go to trade school and minimize their debt and wasted years aka earning potential).

  • Think about it

    Think about all the stuff we learned in school. Besides some of the math and maybe language when are we going to use some of that junk? Plus they repeat that same stuff every year. Then we have to wait 12 years to learn about the stuff we actually want to do. What's the freaking point?
    -15 year old girl

  • School is destroying the fabric of life that has evolved for 100s and 1000s of years.

    First of all I believe that learning is important. But not the way the school system does it. You can't assure learning without experience, its just not possible. As they say experience is the best teacher. School should not be tightly structured as it cannot keep pace with the passages of time. The system right now is constantly getting outdated. The system in place (in Americanized countries at-least) is still very similar to the ones used by Napoleon. Now their is nothing wrong with this, if the western world embraces traditional way of life. But sadly it does not as it has embraced an industrialized way of life. And that means that are society is tightly connected in advancement in technology and that are horizons are massively increasing. Therefore things that people want to learn can easily be accessed by a quick search in the web as opposed to back then when it did not exist. And people are now able to sophisticatedly educate themselves according to what they want to learn. Now this makes the current school system seem illogical. As it is mandatorily forcing an individual to absorb things that are irrelevant them. We can't possible know everything and thus we have to be selective on what knowledge we can use and what we can not, or else we will end indecisive and dull.

  • Kids and teens are constantly searching for escapes- and we wonder why.

    The school system today is based on constantly drilling kid with information as they sit in a desk and stare at a whiteboard, memorizing theorems and facts and dates that hardly mean anything to them. It is based on rating the kids and assigning their self worth to a number that someone who barely knows them assigns to their work because they are being paid to do it. Then, although school days are only 8 hours long, kids then go home (often after staying at school longer for sports or clubs, because it "looks good on a college application"), and sit at their desk and work on more homework for hours on end, often staying up to ridiculous hours of the night just to get the work done to prepare for the next day of school, which then repeats this whole process. I am a junior in high school now; this is a first-hand truthful account. Kids compare themselves and the grades or scores they receive to other students, which only results in extremely low self esteem and an atmosphere with overwhelming and unbearable pressure to be "successful." But what doe that even mean? To get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, make money, and have a happy little family who will repeat this process all over again. But what if that is not success to some people? What if to me, success is doing something radical that affects people lives and makes a difference in the world??? What if I believe my childhood and teen years are meant to be lived with my family and not for meaningless schoolwork? I currently live my days squeezing every last minute out of my days that I can spend walking my dogs, helping my mom cook dinner, talking to my sister who goes to school across the country, reading my book by the fireplace, going for a run, or spending time with my family. So many times, though, I never find time to do that because I have too much work to do for all my classes. And you may say, why don't I just take easier courses with less workload so I have more time? But that is not so easy to do when everyone around you is telling you that you need to push yourself and take all the hard classes or else you wont be a competitive classmate and will never get into your dream college. Nowadays there's also so many problems with alcohol, drugs, and other awful things that are making its way into our schools. Did you ever consider that kids are looking for an escape not from their friends or family or pressures but from the lull and dullness of school itself? School is absolutely a waste of time and there are so many more important things I could be doing with my life right now.

  • It only takes 10 hours to learn the basics of Math and Literature, not 12 years.

    If teaching a student who is eager to learn, they can be taught the basics of Math and Literature in a minimum of 10 hours...So why must people spend such a long time learning about the same things every day? Now it does not take 10 hours, since the system is so incredibly pointless; there are no students willing to learn. Also, most jobs probably supply a calculator when needed, or some other device/tool to make work easier; so why spend time learning to do it the way it was done so very long ago?

  • We don't learn anything useful for later life

    Admittedly, school generally teaches us right from wrong, but we would learn that sooner or later in life anyway. The lessons... It feels like the teachers/schools just make the lesson more and more confusing rather than useful, and certainly as I have gone up through school, it seems as though they care less, like they are there purely for their pay check, not to actually teach us.
    I couldn't care less about Pythagorean triplets and all this rubbish, I want to learn things that will be useful for me in life, how to pay the bills, how to buy houses, and apply for jobs. The lessons are also taught to us in a dull way. We have to do the same stuff lesson in, lesson out, copying off the board, and it just feels a massive waste of time, not only this, but the teachers see us as dumb, it is patronising, and it feels as though they are talking at us, rather than trying to teach us and care about our later lives. Only once in my whole school life have I learnt anything I feel to be useful, and that was a lesson on how to write a CV. School should prepare us for life. I feel as though I have learnt more from my friends and family than I have from any teacher. My friends teach me new things every time I see them, about the social aspects of life, and what do the teachers do...Teach us about quadratics...Thanks so much, I'm sure I'll use that later in life. You probably just see this as another ranting teen, and well, that's what it is, but this is a subject I feel strongly about. In my opinion, the school system needs to be changed, so the following generations feel like they had a full, useful 12 or so years at school and then all the others on top of that, spent at college etc. I don't want my future children to feel the same way I do about their school career. Charlie, 15 year old school boy.

  • It is also so depressing

    When I go to school for such long periods of time, I imagine all the things I could be doing at home right now. My parents are always pushing me to work around the house. I don't mind, it is a lot better than school. If I want to learn a certain skill, I will maybe go to school. But this 7-8 hour thing is a waste of time. I won't use half the things I learn in school. I don't think school should be forced, and we should choose what we want to learn. Maybe learn 3 skills, or possible jobs. Right now I am stressed out over school, and everything about it. I go to school, waste 180 days, and then I go home and think about how I have aged. In about 5 more years, I will be thinking about now. But please, I almost cry thinking about how much time I wasted. I wasted more time in school than I wasted on gaming. I know that when one thinks about oneself, they become miserable. But if I have kids, I don't want them to loathe every passing day. I want to enjoy life. I want to live to the fullest, and I can't do that when I am forced what to do.

  • School ruins a person's childhood

    I am 15. And all I ever do is stress out about my grades. I go to school, and I learn which stresses me out. Now English, and some math is understandable. History, and science might be good. Foreign language is probably necessary. English, well, as long as you are in America, it is necessary. I don't think I will ever need science, except the basics. Math, well to count and such. History is good to learn from our mistakes, but we always repeat the same mistakes over and over! I think that we shouldn't be forced to learn. We should be able to choose what we want to learn and learn it. But 8 hour school is unnecessary. I think about my childhood, but there isn't much in it, just 12 years of schooling. The only memories I have are the ones during the summer. I listen to one very old song, and I think about my childhood. It wasn't very great, and pretty soon the whole thing will start up for 2 1/2 years. Then I have college. I think about my future, I may have many years ahead of me, but my life is just slipping by. I haven't lived my life, and I don't know if I will. In the end, everyone one on this earth will die, but not everyone will live their life. I want to live my life by giving it to God. But honestly, when I get back from school, I still have thoughts of school. I want to know if I did anything useful with my life. I also am not saying EDUCATION and LEARNING are bad things, they are great things, but the concept of school is just overwhelming. In the past, people got by without school.
    MY thoughts are, cut school. Make it optional.

  • It was so boring and useless!

    My question is,"Why is a learning cap invented yet? Then we could have a 5 second school day instead of 6 hours of it. No essays, no homework. First, we get 6 hours of school. That eats up half of our day. Next is homework which eats up even more! Now we only have 2-3 hours of playtime outside with friends. Why learn when you could at least make things fun? My mom says that teachers try to make things as fun as possible. NOT TRUE! I just sit there listening to,"BLAH BLAH BLAH!" I was out of it!

  • It have a lot of flaws.

    Life is short and having such a long school system is pointless, you waste like a quarter of your life at school. School systems should be shorter and only teaches things that you actually need to know and it should be optional to have any school beyond elementary and middle school. School can also cause a lot of stress for the students and stress is not good for the human body, especially for kids. Also, a lot of people I know are sleep deprived because of how early school starts. Exams and grades are pressuring both the kid and the parent in a lot of ways. School is grouping people depending on how good they are at exams, this will make some people feel stupid and like they can't accomplish anything. So school should first of all be shorter, start at a later time and it shouldn't have a lot of exams, or at least no big exams, also it shouldn't be about grouping people.

  • In reality what does school teach kids?

    In reality what does school teach kids? Most the stuff schools teach are how to follow the rules and do your work, sure maybe there is occasionally something interesting or relevant that the schools teach, but most of that the kids could just learn by surfing the internet or talking with friends; does school teach community? I think not!, kids are trapped in a classroom most the time forced to work quietly by them selves on a project that probably has very little purpose for them to know in real life. And no one can say school teaches people how to elect good president of make good choices, just look at the one we have now,.. So the founding fathers would probably agree that school is bad education is good.

  • School doesn't teach important things in life

    The school system we have doesn't teach common sense. I know so many people who are book smart, but can't apply it to real world situations. School doesn't teach personal finance or how to be a leader. You can have a degree and have no clue how to manage your life...Thanks a lot school, you're so useful.

  • My school sucks

    My school sucks because of our school system. If you get phone taken up it costs money to get it back. Everything costs money, and what do they do with the money. The use OUR money for their phones. And don't get me started on the teaching. They try to take you on a "cool adventure" but really your'e writing dumb notes and everything like that. Classes they should cut: HISTORY, Science and Reading.

  • A waist of energy

    After we graduate, most of our careers do not involve using the knoledge we've learned during all our school years. What I mean is that knowing how to add (now a days we use calculators) or find the atoms involved in a covalent bond won't matter. You will learn how to serve a customer on the job, and having prior experience on doing so could probably help with getting a higher payed job.-linky boy

  • Yes, Yes it is

    Now first of all, for Spanish, we could just watch Dora... She teaches you to say hello and goodbye, also to count up to ten

    For Maths, we wouldn't even need math, we have calculators

    English, being an author That's basically the only reason to have English but only for people who want to be an author, which is definetly NOT me...

    Science, do we even need that,

    History, why do we need to learn about that, they're DEAD anyway,

    School is like a prison e.G. Dress code, walk in lines

    When I'm home, it's not freedom YET,
    Need to STUDY?!?!?!?!? 6 hours of school,
    And probably 2 more that's half our day WASTED

    Arghhhhhhhhh so many YEARS left......

  • It sure is

    It's a waste of time. We should be out learning from nature and our family. School is stupid and boring and the government forces us to go so they can earn more money from the school systems. They don't care about what the students want. They only care about whats their wallets, and so do teachers. I wish school was never invented.

  • School is a big waste of time

    Why should we learn Spanish if we will be doctors. School takes up 20 years of our lives and pretty much takes up 70 percent of our day plus homework. Lawyers, doctors, pilots, etc. Don't even uses math, science, English and history. The only thing we should learn and that we do use in our future lives is economics and politics. Not a day goes by where me or my friends have to use English math science or history in our jobs. School is prison where you have to sit down and learn useless stuff for 6 hours a day. People even sleep in class and still get A's because the information is useless. People drop out of school and still get good jobs in the future.

  • Well, it just sucks.

    I really would of liked it if schools would let the children have a say on how they want school to be ran. I am currently wasting seven hours of my day learning things that will not be relevant for my life. I fully am aware that people dislike school, and that i understand. Schools should teach things that will be relevant to life, (like motivation and creativity) and the teachers should respect all the students. Surprisingly, school is a prison. It's just a wast of time that we could be used for something else. I would be happier, i would spend (WAYY MORE) time with my friends, and I would probably invented something by now…Or made an arcade like Caine did a few years back. Even probably made a business… I will never know in till I'm done with school.

  • I have wasted my childhood

    I have just finished year 12 and I can say that I have learnt nothing with a relevance to world matters. The only reason that I have street smarts was because of all the problems I have faced, but school has never helped me combat everyday scenarios. As a public school kid, our teachers were pretty average and I would like to know how geometry and the themes of Year of Wonders will help me in everyday life. School has no practical use for the masses and therefore it should be concluded that children should have a childhood were they play and learn things about life through trial and error. A classroom for me was nothing but a prison in which my most precious years of my life were taken away from me.

  • School fails to motivate people to learn on their own.

    The title says it all. Schools are based too much on the past and the things that were valued at the time. In this modern era, there are more important ideas and practices that students can learn from and apply to real life which are simply not taught in schools. Only individuals know what they want to achieve in the future, not the government. It should be the individuals' job to reach their goals.

  • Yes school is a waste of time

    I personlly think school is a waste of time because hlf the kids dont even py attention in school. M ostly ppl will be passing notes draqwing on the desk (witch is really fun btw) nd making stuff out of paper instead of listening so techinicly were wasting the techers time and our time by coming to a stupid bulding with a lot of books and crap like that when all were really gonna do is pass note draw or flick stuff at ppl and making stuff with tape nd paper so honestly if were only gonna do that we might as well just not hve school cuz we can do all that at home we can flick stuff at our mom and dad we can draw at home we can text our friends just like if were passing a note or we can just make stuff at home that is why i think school is a BIG WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!

  • Aspirations, google and The forced learning of irrelevant subjects.

    You spend at LEAST 80% of school time learning things that will never apply to you or could be learnt MUCH faster watching vsauce, minutephysics or crash coure videos repeatedly instead.

    If you dont want to do chemistry in your life... Why do it in school?

    There are people out there that cook complex drugs and sell them on the street, they probably googled it. (stupidly but still...)


  • Things I didn't learn in school: how to pay bills and taxes, and how to get a job. But thank god I know algebra!

    The government forces people to pay taxes and bills everyday. They also force kids to go to school and learn things like math every single day. But what kids do not learn is how to pay bills. How does the government expect kids to be able to pay bills and taxes if they do not .Earn it in school?

  • Schooling is misguided.

    I truly believe in the value of learning and education. However, school is full of contradictions, useless information and weak instructors simply teaching for a paycheck. Shakespeare really has little to do with any potential career other than perhaps an author, lyricist or director, non of which are stable careers. School also is more of a preparation for slaving as part of the work force rather than an opportunity to achieve intellectual potential. The brightest students and those who are struggling are forced into the same classes which teach for a median that is beneficial for neither. Many teachers care little for a crucial subject or care far too much about something useless. Many will tell you marks don't matter but then judge and critisize based on the number they assign you. Education places too much emphasis on arbitrary teaching to an arbitrary number that has little accuracy in predicting success in real life.

  • So you have a pHD...

    When the power goes out nobody cares if you can write a good essay or look at stem cells under a microscope. Trades: for the win. Too many folk get shoved into college thinking that universities exist for the benefit of the students. Well I got news for you kid, colleges and universities will steal your money, make you ridiculous sums of money for things that are fairly cheap here in the real world (not to mention tuition). Education qualifies you for one thing: more education. The sooner you "jump ship" and go into a trade the better off you'll be.

  • It's essentially a penitentiary for the innocent

    13 years we are forced into this system and we come out with no skills, no real knowledge, just a worthless piece of paper that most employers don't even look at. It's an area where children are locked up in cells when they would be learning more playing outside, there have even been studies done that show that children learn more playing than they do when they go to school. We are to integrate into society and are expected to act "normal" and anyone who isn't normal has to either fake a personality or become a victim of relentless bullying, we are forced to "learn" about concepts we'll never use and that are so abstract we can't even learn them, then we wonder why so many people are dropping out and abusing themselves. It's not the teachers or the students, it's the system: we are not allowed freedom of choice and not allowed to self educate because school is a business, and businesses need consumers so they force us to stay as long as they can force us to make the most money. Schools brainwash us and make us too dumb to question the world but smart enough to be a mindless machine.

  • Most people saying no are avoiding the question

    The question was not whether an education was significant or not it was was HIGH SCHOOL useful or not. And the answer to that question is no. By this time in a young persons life they should have a vague concept as to what they aspire to be. All basic skills like simple mathematics and reading should have been taught back in elementary therefore there is no need for these subjects to be reviewed. Teens especially are only trying to do things that fall within their interests so why force them to attend classes they'll never use again for 7 hours a week

  • Students are not learing

    No student learns the same as another, therefore trying to teach the masses curriculum based on the averages seems pretty vain. As a high school student i see this at home as well as with friends. The classes are all generalized for "gifted" "average" and "below average" without targeting each students special needs. Trying to force information into young developing minds could even be mistaken for brainwashing young students with what the government assumes all students should know

  • Just high school is a waste of time.

    Elementary and middle school are both very important in the development of children into adults, but once you reach high school, you start learning the same things you learned in middle school, and you also start learning pointless things you will never use, like algebra, or really any kind of math that isn't addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Once kids finish middle school, they should be able to either spend 4 years doing nothing, or take a test that determines whether or not they are smart enough to enter college.

  • It doesn't teach efficiently

    In my experience, I learn the required information immediately then am forced to answer question after question on it until it becomes mind-numbingly redundant. I become so bored that I do things like this, which I am typing in school after creating a pamphlet on the legislative, executive, and judicial branches for the fifth year in a row. What a waste of my time.

  • Our education system is a big joke

    I value education very much but our education system has become a big joke. I recently finished high school and am completely my first year at university. I realised that school was completely useless. Throughout high school we were told "you need to prepare for university" but they taught us nothing. Don't get wrong, I worked hard at high school. But it lacked challenges and had a lot of repetition. We were taught the same things over and over again for years. We were given useless garbage to do as homework - which I found unbeneficial and a waste of time. I was forced to learn things that was not at all relevant to my future aspirations. When I took days of school to study for exams - I accomplished more within 2 hours, than I did the entire day at school. I wasted 7 hours in a day relearning things I did not need to know. I mean we were learning mostly factual information which requires memorisation. I know someone who was a really good student, she got A+'s in everything - but she could not fill out a simple form at the doctors. What does that tell you?

    Furthermore schools fail to incorporate the various learning styles of students. Much of our system is aimed at group work, debating, class discussions etc. But different students learn in different ways. You can't line a group of different animals like giraffes, elephants and monkeys and expect all of them to climb a tree. Different people are adapted to learning in different ways and different things. I think group work is really important some times such as when you are working in a health field where communication needs to be developed with your team members for efficient care. However there are times when it is not beneficial - for instance introverts learn best when they are on their own, they get their energy from within.

    I have lots of things to say, but I will save the rant for another time.

  • It is a waste of effort

    High school especially is a waste of time. Too much time and effort is spent on things no one will ever need to use. For example, Shakespeare. I want to be an engineer, and at no point in my technical career will I need to know 15th century poetry. If I really want to learn it I can read it on my own time. Skills and topics of actual importance, like electrical knowledge, how to maintain a house, do taxes, or that the world doesn't revolve around ones self are not touched on. Imagine if we learned these things as teens, how much better would the world be?

  • Yes it is

    You learn nearly anything considering how much time you spend in school, if you were to focus the time spent in school into proper learning you could be a genius. I spend the majority of time learning nothing because everything is done so inefficiently and anyone can become a teacher easily enough so the standards are low.

  • Not efficient way to learn.

    The amount of time someone sits in school wasting away is outstanding. Many children have study halls and useless periods. Even putting these non-productive periods aside, the teaching is not efficient. A teacher may be good, in the sense that a student is learning a sufficient amount, but they are inevitably wasting student's time. I'm all for learning an instrument, learning a second language, or learning how to become an artist, but they need to be extracurricular activities. Schools, especially high schools, need to be a Math and a Science for 18 weeks, 1 - 2 hours per class, depending on the level of the class, and a History and a Literature/Language Arts/English class for 18 weeks. Children simply spend too much time sitting down wasting away. A solution to decreasing our youth's unhealthy habits is to keep them on their feet, not in a chair. Required schooling needs to be much more progressive and liberal as colleges. Schooling in the United States, as of right now, is a huge waste of time.

  • Some of the Greatest minds never benefited from it

    Let's see: Thomas Edison never finished primary school, he went on to be one of the greatest business men ever. Nikola Tesla never went to a higher education and he invented the AC current, and once said he could break the earth in two... No body dared him to prove it. Einstein has pretty much said he never learned because of school, he learned in spite of it.

  • School and education

    Are not the same. You don't need school to be knowledgeable. Libraries offer a wide variety of learning resources. Going out into the world and experiencing things first hand give you much more knowledge than just having some teacher lecture you about it. There is nothing anyone can teach you that you can't learn on your own. Teacher and educators are merely catalysts or conduits which knowledge or information is passed through.

  • We need it... For a while.

    Unlike the US, other countries mandatory education stops after 9th grade. After that you (or most likely the school and system of standards) will decide whether or not you want or are qualified for a professional job (doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc) or a vocational job (plumber, carpenter, painter, etc). Students, in this sense, have a choice: stay in school by working hard and benefiting economically and professionally in the long run, or slack off and leave to do what ever the heck you want besides being a well paid professional. The US gives every one an "equal" chance, where societal ideals and persuasiveness come into play. Colleges want you to apply to get money from you even if they don't accept you. European universities don't do this. Every one (at least in decently waged/salary areas) wants to or is forced to go to college by their peers and parents for what? To get a "proper job"? Money? We only need education if we are going to use it for our benefit. Other than that, its a waste of time, money, and energy.

  • We could be doing things that matter.

    We could be doing our 60 minutes of physical activity a day like we're supposed to and doing things we love the most. Normally, everyone is so tired from school that they can't go outside because they make you get up too early, lug around a bunch of weight and having to sit in boring classes that you already know all about or they don't explain it and you're confused. And what's with homework? If we're supposed to be doing our 60 minutes, that is a reason not to be doing it. They need to at least give us time to be outside. I always think that they should add a half an hour to every day so that we could get off earlier. Like in May. In my opinion, we should not be going to school because it is a waste of the short time we have. After school, we have jobs. We never get any time away from it.

  • Yes, we do not need school

    We all want to be successful in life, but school doesn't help you. We are not gonna grow up and use all this knowledge in the real world. Even if you do, it's not like you are gonna remember what you learned 5 years from now. Life is short and we should be more concerned with living it to the fullest. School slows you down and stresses you out when you are way too young to have those kind of problems. School stress is actually one of the leading factors to kids taking drugs. I agree that education is important, but school limits us to book knowledge, not the knowledge of life

  • Yes it should'int be here

    Life is short enjoy your life do all the fun things that you can do not just be bored and waking up so early also homework is a waste of time because you do the work in school then you do it at home what a waste of lifetime just think more about how much time you wasted

  • School should be eliminated altogether

    People only get good grades when they study the minor details for a test, only to forget them later. That means grades mean absolutely nothing. Some people who get good grades aren't necessarily smart, just that they study the night before and forget five minutes after they finish the test. I actually learned more from playing video games for an hour than sitting in school for seven hours. And I actually didn't forget it. When I played a racing game, I learned about different types of suspensions, engines, exhausts etc. All of which would be useful if I wanted to be a mechanic. War games taught me what it was like in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. Do I seriously need to know about stuff that happened 300 years ago. I don't care about the revolutionary war or the war of 1812. And the teachers force you to learn useless stuff 7 hours a day. When would I ever need calc 3? I don't want to be an engineer. Using the internet and video games to learn is a more fun way to learn and I learn when I actually want to, not at eight in the morning. And its actually doing something better than just sitting there and listen to a teacher blab all day. School is a worthless system that is thousands of years old. That was when it was effective, thousands of years ago. Now people don't care about math, stuff of the past, or writing stuff that I really don't care about. In English, they make me read stupid poems and analyze the to death, only to make fail the test because I stopped caring and got bored in the first five minutes

  • Qualifications that mean nothing

    I was told the other day that G.C.S.ES only last five years, this is a complete joke! Employers I am in contact with only seem to respect Apprenticeships or vocational qualifications in that industry and normally you have to pay for these.

    I believe that primary school are vital but high school is such a waste of time, my advice is pay for the qualifications that are relevant to your industry.


  • 12 yrs in school Give You NO skills, NO vocation, NO expertise in ANYTHING to support yourself, you only qualify for a MINIMUM WAGE job.

    School is waste of time because after you spend 12 years of your life in school you have NO skills, NO vocation, NO expertise in ANYTHING to support yourself, you only qualify for a MINIMUM WAGE job. School is waste of time because after you spend 12 years of your life in school you have NO skills, NO vocation, NO expertise in ANYTHING to support yourself, you only qualify for a MINIMUM WAGE job.

  • Yes it is

    It is a waste of time because its mostly the whole freaking day and most of this stuff we won't even need for everyday life it's boring and they need to make fun so that we wanna learn . Ugh people are going to start getting homeschooled because of boring old school ...

  • It's Completely Irrelivant and a waste of time

    When you go get out of school you realize something very important "I learned useless information for no apparent reason".
    If you disagree with this you are a blind fool, as what you learn in an institution is completely useless.

    All of the information you need can be found on the internet, you can find absolutely anything on the internet that interests you and trust me, you will learn more in a short 1 hour than you will in 1 month at school.

  • It is bad for us.

    I have been in school for 12 years and over this time I have realized as I grow into adulthood. I dont need anything I learn in high school I can understood school up to middle school but high school is purposeless to me. Ecspecially when college isnt a guranteed ticket to a job.

  • Why I hate school but love education

    Now in this world you need to be educated, but there is more than one way to be educated. In this world society will tell you that school will help you get a job and be successful and your life will be a lot less stressful, but is this really true? If there was a family tree hard work and education would be related, but school would be a distant cousin, because it rarely ever develops your mind to the point where it can perceive red as green and continue to go when someone else says stop. Education is about inspiring ones mind, not just filling their heads. We all have different abilities, thought processes, experiences, and genes so why is a class of individuals tested on the same means. I'm not saying school is evil, but just reassess your goals and know that school does not decide your fate.

    School is the teaching of education, but education is the information.

    Basically its not all just about school its about who you are and follow your dreams.

    (Point of View From A 15 Year Old)

  • Yeah it most definitely is a waste of time!!

    I'm still in high school and let me tell you, I don't quite agree with school. For one thing, life is just way too short to be spending time solving equations that have already been solved and writing essays on things we don't care about. I think up to a point, its a wonderful thing because you need to learn how to think for yourself and all that but after that it just turns into a hellhole like for real. They overwork us and tell us how things should be and have to be. We cant disobey a single thing they say and don't have the freedom of living our own lives. They tell us we should go to college and get jobs so we can provide for families so that they can do the same damn things we did. Its all so stupid if you ask me. There are few people who do REAL successful things in life and honestly when is a success being someone who trades stocks or solves equations or finds out how to prolong peoples lives so the world is even more overpopulated? To me it isnt ever.
    And then there's the part where you think you have to change yourself to fit into society's perfect little world. You're sad, oh darn can't have that lets pretend its all okay. Just, ugh. It makes me mad. Just, whatever. Thats basically what i think :)

  • High School is a waste of Time

    Ok, I have to admit that elementary and middle school is necessary, painful as it may be, but High school is just pointless. Once you enter high school, the focus shifts to grades, which are useless. Students who get good grades feel pressured to continue to do well, which causes stress and depression. Students who get bad grades feel like failures. The students who get bad grades probably LEARN 90% of the material that students who get good grades learn. The reason some students get much better grades is that they study all the minor details before the test, only to forget them later. Even though they could memorize answers for a test, they did not LEARN the material. Schools needs to focus more on having good teachers to help students learn rather than testing students to see who studies longest. Moreover, the school day should be extended to allow for more LEARNING time, and homework should be all but eliminated. Why should school let out at 3 if all the students are expected to go home and continue studying until 12 just to get good grades. Most of the material that is studied is forgotten, whereas information learned in class is remembered.
    As the school system currently stands, going to school is a waste of time because there is not enough time for students to be taught, rather they are expected to go home and learn the material on their own (which they don't have much time to do because they spend all day locked up in school). Most of the information learned in high school is never necessary in the real world. Like calculus. Really?
    College is NOT a waste of time as it allows students to look into what INTERESTS them. College prepares students for their future jobs. High school on the other hand, is mostly either repeating stuff learned in middle school, or covering complex materials that should be learned in college.

  • We get taught all the wrong things

    I understand that without an education, you can't get a job. But with it, you're most probably being steered away from the things you love doing- that could lead to a happy, fulfilling career- on the accounts of "you won't get a job doing that." We are taught that life is a linear process where you begin here and if all goes right, you'll end up here. And if you go to college or university, everything will be all right and you'll get a job and live happily ever after. All rubbish. Besides that you don't actually just get a job for going to college, the fact is that not everyone wants or needs to go to college. It's not for everyone.
    Besides that, we areal treated equally, meaning that kids who are not average- whether below or above- suffer. In school we are not allowed to have dreams yet, and if we do, they're not allowed to be ambitious. We get taught that "not everyone can do it." The truth is that no one who actually believes that can.
    In addition, we spend most of our time doing nothing in class, and school is very depressing especially when teachers pick on you.

  • Yes, it is.

    I don't really think this needs to be elaborated on. Schooling is an ancient system made by the hay-brained people of the past. It's a rote memorization system, at least here in Nepal and other Asian countries. While there are good teachers & excellent ones as well in the Western part, here the teachers are utterly incompetent. They stick to traditional methods, never think of any better ways of teaching, and generally just 'follow along'. We need to have a better system to gain education than this. At the very least, in light of the new researches regarding studies, school ,and education, we could make this irrational school system better, and have better books.

  • I didnt learn a thing at school..

    In 1972 before going to school, I could read and write from watching Sesame St etc.. I could count to ten...

    In 1983 when I graduated I could read write, still count to ten.. Learnt my 12 x 12 tables (which I never use) and learnt something about cirrus clouds.... Had I been allowed to find my own way I eventually would have stumbled across computers ec and ended up as CEO of my own company now..

    School teaches you to conform... It kills your creativity.. Actually, the only thing school teaches you is how to begin a career as a teacher.

  • We need to stop school

    It's just a waste of time. Well maybe Elementary school has important stuff but the rest is pointless. Other than elementary school most of the stuff you learn is useless. I don't need to know about quadratic formulas. I don't need to learn about the American Revolution 4 times. Infact, none of those things will probably come in handy. School is also very inefficient. It takes up about 1/2 of my childhood (not counting sleep) and considering all activities that can be done while awake, school takes up a HUGE percentage. In school you have no freedom. You have to learn the teacher's way, not your way. School is a lot like prison, if you think about it. Metal detectors, security cameras, security guards rules you MUST follow regardless of what you want to do, no choice if you want to go there, and in school you have to work ALL DAY, so in a way school is worse than prison. Some studies have shown that playing video games actually results in you learning MORE than sitting all day in school. Stop sending innocent children to prison, er, I mean school. They learn naturally, and now that we have the Internet, if a child has a computer in their home and is curious about something, they can look it up. School was used in the industrial revolution when we had to get kids out of factories, but we are no longer in the industrial revolution. Children WILL learn on their own. In school, it takes a child about say 30-45 minutes to learn a fact and have it in their head (I mean to have it inherit memory for a long time). You could also look up that same fact on the internet and learn that fact in a short period of time, like 5 minutes. We need to stop sending children to prison and let them learn as they please. In school, they learn less, they hate their day, in other words, school is like a LOSE-LOSE.

  • The fault of the school system and government

    What do I learn in high school? How do I meet better friends? How to live life? Where are these things? Instead, we have to learn things like Geometry, science. What good can I use of these? I want to a musical composer. None of these will help me achieve my goal. School, in my honest opinion, is a complete waste of time. I learned English and Korean by myself. I need not the education of these "schools that are meant to teach".
    The teachers: They force you (deliberately) to take a subject. You sit down, do what is asked, and there, 8 hours are spent without meaning. Don't do it? Well, it will go on your school record, delayed for graduating your school grade, and still don't do it? They will force you to drop out of school and the education (let's say composition) is all gone. What is this. I've wasted a total of ~900 hours of school just in 4 years. I could've done a lot of things with that, also it made my life experience worse. It ruined my way of thinking horizontally, ruined my creativity, and left me alone with nothing. After all the hard work of school, I get NOTHING in return. It is very hard to believe that a government could lay such ignorance on their people, not knowing anything but their trust in money.

  • Education IS important, but school is not a required for an education.

    In some ways it may even be a negative. Academia can be an extremely insulated environment, and arbitrary academic pre-requisites can get in the way of someone achieving their educational goals more efficiently.

    The internet, work experience, and general degree inflation (note that a Bachelors today is worth far less than a bachelors degree a few decades ago) supersede academia by a long-shot.

  • I blame the curriculum

    I can understand that school can help with social knowledge, but the curriculum destroyed everything that probably made school a good thing. We've got these Standards we have to meet and all these tests that do nothing for our benefit and are just thrown at us for the numbers and to make the school look good. They don't really care about the students, they only care about their image and pushing us through to graduate through any means possible. It's not learning anymore, it's just throwing up information that in many cases you'll never need in the future. Kids are getting out of school not knowing how to balance check books but know algebra because that's the only way they'll be able to graduate. What good is algebra? There's no practical use.

  • Absolutely pointless time

    Schools are literally designed not to educate you but to mold you into a productive worker. Neither the teachers nor the administration care about your individual needs or wants, just that they hit a quote for number of students and percentage test scores. Anyone who thinks it's essential to advance in life is thoroughly brainwashed already.

  • More than 2/3's of the time I spend at school is wasted

    I understand that an education is important, but school is a giant waste of time.
    First of all, there isn't anything that I learn at school that I can't learn on the Internet. School has been the foundation for learning since it was introduced. But now that I think about it, I'm at school 8 hours a day, and I can barely remember anything that was taught to me! I genuinely learn more about life, history, science, English, and math on the Internet than I ever have at school. Now that we have the Internet, the possibilities are astronomical for educating yourself.
    Secondly, the action of giving homework out is a failure in itself. If the teacher has to give out homework over the subject, the teacher has already failed at their job. In the 45 minutes that I spend in each of my 8 classes, the teacher should be able to teach me something, let alone anything. Homework is a fault in the school system.
    And finally, there are many distractions in a classroom, so as much as I try to learn, the environment usually restricts learning rather than promotes it. If I could stay home one day from school, I could guarantee you that I'd learn more from the Internet than I ever could with this bogus curriculum that they are trying to shove down my throat.
    Wrong me if I'm correct.

  • Yes it is, all you really need to know is English and math.

    I get it, it is for us to have a wider variety of careers to choose from, but really. You don't need to know that Columbus sailed to the new world. You don't need to know that Einstein was a smart guy. You don't need to know the ingredients in a stool softener. When it comes down to it, all you really need to know is English, math and maybe a bit of science.

  • “...If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    I really like this quote and believe it is true. Not every kid is not the same, and they will not learn in the same way. I feel like schools are trying too hard to force kids to all learn the same things and take the same classes. If someone isn't learning the information very well, (and if we won't even use it anyway) why is that being taught to us? Let the kids choose which classes they want in order to help them in the future. A lot of the information we learn from elementary school is what we need, because that's the foundation that we build off of. When we begin getting into high school, we should start figuring out what we want to do for a career. I think we should be able to start choosing classes that are going to help us. Some of this stuff that we learn at school we're not even going to use. Even certain math subjects, the only people who will use that information is those who want to be math teachers! I also think that we should be taught useful subjects. I heard this kid at school one time say that they thought the Philippines were in Central America. A lot of us don't know where certain countries are, and maybe I'm wrong, but I think we should be taught useful subjects. I just don't get why we're taught Pythagorean theorems when we should be learning geography, how to balance a checkbook, or how to begin a business.

  • Could do this at home in half the time.

    My pal Eli and I realized that we could easily accomplish equal learning and more, simply on our own time at home, instead of attending meaningless classes with unintelligent and poorly motivated students. Often, we find ourselves in classes with no application to our daily lives, or even to the curriculum.

  • School is a waste of time

    School is a waste of time because it makes kids feel like their failures, it cost extra money, and it makes kids get less sleep. They are up later doing homework which means they get less sleep, less time to be a kid and get out or relax and spend time with family, thay cant even do that because homework makes them too stressed up !

  • Children turn into adults and should be taught that way, instead of meaningless facts.

    Children have been taught the same thing at the beginning of a new school year that they were taught in previous year. It is a rinse and repeat system. The schools focus on a laundry list of "important" lessons that the children must learn. They are bombarded with useless information to fill up the year. It should be teaching information that is needed and reinforcing that until it has stuck. Kids just remember the info long enough to pass test - think of finals... Everyone has to go through the info again to pass the test.

    It is a never ending cycle. Same thing year after year - advancing each subject at an incredibly slow pace. More than 3 subjects at any given time is too much.

    The school days are too long. The little one's are stuck in an 8:00-3:30 school day, 5 day a week. This is a full time jobs. Through in 1-4 hours homework 3+ days a week and it is ridiculous.

    The amount of school years are also ridiculous. 13 years of school - how much do you remember? Think about the show "are you smarter than a 5th grader?" Are you? This is all the proof we need. Adults living full and happy lives with good jobs and families, are not smarter than 5th graders, because 5th graders learned alot of pointless crap. They will forget it just like we did.

    Also final argument, kids learn more from computers in 2 hours than they do in school in days. My son is a computer wiz and he gets compliments from school staff for his vocabulary all the time. He is 8 and he did not get it from school.

  • School enforces bad things

    1) One example of this is homework. Kids are forced to do homework right? The thing that schools don't realise is that homework induces a lot of stress. Stress is not good for growing kids. Sometimes homework is confusing and kids don't do it so they get punished. It can be a lot of work other times and they get frustrated. I personally hate homework because I can get one thing from every class and spend hours on it. Why do we honestly even have homework. All kids are getting is
    Stress > Knowledge.
    Also, kids have about seven hours a day, it's practically a nine to five job for kids. I don't really think that they need more stress put on their shoulders when they're in the comfort of their home. The home is where they should eat, sleep, LIVE. Not be nailed to the ground by homework when they just endured seven hours of school.

    2) It uses a totally whack grading system, separating the "smart" from the "less intelligent". Really it's "I am proficient in this subject" or "I need help in this one". A 4.0 just shows that one is as good as the material given to them. It doesn't mean that they're super smart. Don't get me wrong, a 4.0 is great in my eyes, it just means you're proficient in the subjects.

    3) You have to take classes you won't ever use or apply in your life. One example of this is if you want to become a history book writer, you still need to take science and math. All you really need is to take English and social studies. I personally dislike art because I found how stupid it was being graded on expression. Something useful all around is P.E. And even though I hate to say it, math.

    4) School yes, can teach some responsibility, but that is the parent's job to enforce, kids should just start to gain it on their own. Same with manners, parents teach that, not the school. Schools are there to teach and give kids knowledge.

    My opinion on schools: Parents should teach their kids what they need to know (reading, writing, counting...Etc..Etc) until the kids know for sure what they want to be when they grow up and take the appropriate classes. So, you wanna be an artists? ART only! Want to be a scientist? Math and science! The school day could be much better because you don't have to go to a class to fail at, also you'd be learning the critical things you need to know for your particular job.

    Honestly, school shouldn't be illegal to skip...If the kids want to not learn what they're teaching, let them. People can get SOME kind of job without much knowledge. I've gone on enough so I figure I'm going to stop now.

  • Its drawn out.

    Now Elementary and Middle school, sure. But after that point instead of making students do the same general studies, High school needs to focus on figuring out what each individual is best at, and building their knowledge in that area. But putting them through 4 years of pointless extra requirements only hurts their education in the long run.

  • School is unfair and causes a lot of underlining problems in teenagers lives.

    We get up five days a week at 7:00 A.M. No matter how much rest we get or how much we have gone through the nights prior to school. A lot of us have stuff going on at home that we can't get through. But that isn't excused. You have to get there on time and you are expected to be there everyday no matter what happens. You go through literal hell. Believe it or not, there is so many cruel teachers and students that make the experience worse. We are supposed to live 12 years of this with no choice. No choice at all. We aren't learning anything. We are memorizing it. And we'll forget it once we leave. We have no free will. And we have no rights. Our respect and dignity are left at the door.

  • It's overwhelming and it drains me both physically and emotionally.

    Last night i wanted to workout and then chill for the remainder of the evening but i had 4+ hours of homework. School is detrimental to my health. I shouldn't have to choose between my grades and my health. One of the reasons america faces obesity and mental diseases. Absolute crap.

  • Brings kids down

    Tests having very high expectations and make kids feel like they're not good enough for the real world. And they don't teach anything related to your future career. Coming from a high school student myself... How can schools bring tests upon kids and require them to score the highest score because if not they're not good enough? That isn't fair in my opinion. We don't even have activities in school, we don't even have fun anymore. Teachers barely have time to explain other things other than what they're told to. It sucks.

  • School trains you to be a sheep.

    School, to me, seemed to have a liberal bias. I feel like I was taught to think the way they wanted me to think, and not to think for myself. They did not encourage any form of debate, and many of our rights are violated by teachers with the threat of a detention. Not only that, but with 8 hours of school and two or more hours of homework, it almost completely occupies your day, leaving you no time to enjoy yourself. They wonder why kids are obese, but school drains you of 90% of your energy, and homework drains the other 10%. In school, self defense is punished, free speech is punished, questioning logic is punished. It's babying the kids of this generation so much that we wind up with people who have nothing better to do than criticize the NFL for being too violent. It teaches you to obey authority under any and every circumstance, and that's just wrong.

  • School trains you to be a sheep.

    School, to me, seemed to have a liberal bias. I feel like I was taught to think the way they wanted me to think, and not to think for myself. They did not encourage any form of debate, and many of our rights are violated by teachers with the threat of a detention. Not only that, but with 8 hours of school and two or more hours of homework, it almost completely occupies your day, leaving you no time to enjoy yourself. They wonder why kids are obese, but school drains you of 90% of your energy, and homework drains the other 10%. In school, self defense is punished, free speech is punished, questioning logic is punished. It's babying the kids of this generation so much that we wind up with people who have nothing better to do than criticize the NFL for being too violent. It teaches you to obey authority under any and every circumstance, and that's just wrong.

  • It doesn't teach you anything.

    Why would you force someone to learn if you know they don't want to. If they don't want to then don't go around trying to force people to go to school. Also school doesn't teach anything useful for instance if I go to a job interview and they ask me if I can weld and I say no, but I do know there atoms living inside of everything I also do know how to find the square root of something. People open your eyes!!!!! School is just a bid daycare for people.

  • School does not help unleash the talent with in students.

    I truly believe school is the biggest waste of time as it never helps the intelligent kids show their talent, nor does it help the average improve, nor does it aid the low achievers. School is certain to teach one thing and it is extreme hate in many students, they start to hate learning, people, and adults (as there are very nasty horrible, future demolishing teachers out there). If school was truly amazing then why aren't there genesis walking around our countries everywhere. If school determines what we would be in the future(or how successful we can be) then why have so many failed in subjects at school and became top known successful entrepreneurs ,whom include, mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs,Bill Gates and Einstein (he was not bad at school but however wasn't good at every subject) . It has been statistically proven that our school systems are actually not efficient ways of learning, young private schools have developed their own methods of teaching and styles of learning and results have shown greatly. In some European countries such as Germany and Finland I believe pay students come to school, and teachers have to be very qualified as if they are medicine students, teaching degrees can not be obtained in less than 5 years, there are no examinations or tests at all unless reaching age of 18 and even then it is not compulsory the student gets to choose, (this creates reverse psychology where it makes students want to study hard and take exams as a challenge rather than a mere chore that is routines, research has demonstrated that these countries have the highest rate of smarter and more educated students outperforming all countries in universities. Schools are nothing but government buildings that are designed to raise enslaved citizens who only know how to obey rules and memories but can't think for themselves.

  • Teaching useless things

    As far as getting into college and recieving a job, school academics are next to useless. Why do they have to teach useless contents in school, when they can clearly teach skill? How many adults these days remember their prefixes and suffixes from biology class? How many adults and graduates today can speak spanish? These things should be taught to biologists or people who wanted to visit the country of spain for actual use, not to schools where everything gets learned and then thrown out of the mind after college.

  • Schools teach the wrong things, the wrong way, for the wrongest time.

    The only things I personally think that schools should be teaching (besides simple shapes, numbers, letters) are:
    MATH: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals
    ENGLISH/READING: How to read and write (obviously), make proper sentences, what nouns/pronouns, verbs/adverbs, and adjectives are, and devices like periods, commas, apostrophes, etc.
    That is all. They should NOT be cramming all this other crud down these innocent young peoples' throats, let them decide what they think will aid them in the future, and if you do, they'll most likely be more successful and motivated at what they want to do and will do.
    Not only that, the way they teach is atrocious. Grading them simply isn't the way to do it. It makes them stressed, which is something that they shouldn't feel when learning something, and it only makes them want to do good to get over with it. And talk about HOMEWORK! Don't give them that! It reduces their social life, darn it! And you know what else? They have to put up with this garbage for years REPEATEDLY, bashing any childhood they still have in them. Just make 'em go for maybe 1-3 years at the most, and I'm pretty sure it'll get the job done.
    The verdict: school simply isn't as effective as it's made out to be. Make school year round, my @$$.

  • Yes and no

    I dont think school is completely useless i just think that there are many things we have all been forced to learn that are completely irrelevant to us when we look back ,,i also have a major issue with the ammount of time it takes to be educated formally .Just think about it nowadays you need atleast a second degree or masters in order to get a well deserved job and that takes almost 35 percent of time from the average humal life expectancy ,you school,school,school and by the time you actually achieve any thing of significance you will be old and unable to even enjoy life .
    Some how this babylonian ways are derailing us from the true meaning of life ,ive even heard suicide levels are growing in exponential levels as things are going aury throughout the world,youth have a sense of insignificance and lost the motive of living under this modern slavery regime where majority labour with their fruits of labour being consumed by few .

  • Schools don't teach what people need in their jobs.

    Alright since when did you have to do algebra in a job. School doesn't teach politics or better ways to get money. They give you tests and make you memorize facts from books and cram their students with homework and lots of tests but do the tests say anything about making money or getting a job?

  • More Yes than No

    I think school has its benefits and drawbacks. But in general, I say its more wasteful than not.

    I think schools are beneficial for learning the basics (reading, writing, understanding the concept of science). It is also very useful for providing kids with social interactions with their peers.

    However, when you factor in the cost of an education in schools, the output related to the specified field of study and the required input in a real life job scenario. Then schools are useless.

  • It is boring and pointless

    All that matters in this country is how much money is in your bank account. Nobody cares about what your grades where. Or how great you were at football. It's just things nobody cares about pointless classes. And in the end you get a diploma that's basicely worthless you have to go to college to be considered serioulsley . You just sit in school waiting for it to end. It's like being a jail cell. Everybody wants out.

  • Schools are the cause of children dearth

    Teachers just concentrate on finishing their portion fast. They dont see whether the child is getting the point or not. Majority of the children fail in exams and suicide. Even after studying so hard, they dont pass because they dont understand. Why dont they? Teachers dont teach properly. They do not understand a child's mind. Exams after exams. Student cant take this pressure anymore!

  • It sucks so much

    It is really frustrating and it almost never teaches us anything new and the only fun things in school are P.E and woodwork and metalwork and yeah school just sucks so badly i just hate it so much except for friends and socializing and P.E and cool electives and the teachers are always so angry and always gives homework which makes us stress.

  • My honest answer

    School so far has been nothing to me but a giant social experiment. Learning what/who you like and what/who you don't. To add to it there are added some teachers to through papers at you and tell you how important there class is when its clearly not. Its like in 3rd grade when you first learn cursive and they say once your in high school that's all your going to be able to write in.

    To those people who say tests are needed I say this "the one and only reasons these tests are necessary is because of school." that's like saying your an answer to a problem you created.

  • The current school system is flawed

    Elementary schools should be used for the purpose of teaching you how to speak English, basic math, and maybe some history.

    Middle schools should get you ready to select a career choice for that later point in your life.

    High school should specifically focus on your career choice and things you actually need to know (i.E: finances, buying a house, etc.)

    Colleges should all be optional and not be needed to prove that you can perform a task.

  • College especially is a waste

    After high school, which you wasted 13 years of your life to get a piece of paper that NO employer will ask to see, you are sometimes, not always, give the student the opportunity to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and waste more of their time to get another worthless piece of paper

  • Schools were not created to educate, but to dumb down

    Schools are most certainly a waste of time. At least with the current educational system, and here is why:
    1. Schools were never created to educate, they were created to dumb down people and create obedient workers for the growing needs of the industrial age. Research it. Check John Taylor Gatto!
    2. Everything else is details - for example, a total lack of practice in schools, only harsh theory, which is ridiculous.
    3. Too much time spend in schools - no wonder kids get bored and loose interest to study, quality is needed, not quantity of 6-7 hours a day in a dusty room with people you might not like, and on top of that, you get homework and you get barely any free time.
    4. Not much of what we learn in schools can be actually used in real life.
    5. Important knowledge like first aid, financial advices, motivating you on a daily basis and other are totally missing from schools.
    6. You are not allowed to think, and learn how to think, but are being taught what to think. Governments need stupid people to control them, they do not need intelligent people.
    7. Many people in life have succeeded without a high school diploma. Famous and rich people. In school, they make you to think that the diploma is everything. Clearly, it is not.
    The list can go on and on...A drastic change is needed in the school system, one based on freedom, also democratic schools and other alternatives are needed. The world needs good people and educated people to go forward, not people who only know how to take tests. Think about it and research it if you desire. And try to "wake up" as many people as possible.

  • Schools were not created to educate, but to dumb down

    Schools are most certainly a waste of time. At least with the current educational system, and here is why:
    1. Schools were never created to educate, they were created to dumb down people and create obedient workers for the growing needs of the industrial age. Research it. Check John Taylor Gatto!
    2. Everything else is details - for example, a total lack of practice in schools, only harsh theory, which is ridiculous.
    3. Too much time spend in schools - no wonder kids get bored and loose interest to study, quality is needed, not quantity of 6-7 hours a day in a dusty room with people you might not like, and on top of that, you get homework and you get barely any free time.
    4. Not much of what we learn in schools can be actually used in real life.
    5. Important knowledge like first aid, financial advices, motivating you on a daily basis and other are totally missing from schools.
    6. You are not allowed to think, and learn how to think, but are being taught what to think. Governments need stupid people to control them, they do not need intelligent people.
    7. Many people in life have succeeded without a high school diploma. Famous and rich people. In school, they make you to think that the diploma is everything. Clearly, it is not.
    The list can go on and on...A drastic change is needed in the school system, one based on freedom, also democratic schools and other alternatives are needed. The world needs good people and educated people to go forward, not people who only know how to take tests. Think about it and research it if you desire. And try to "wake up" as many people as possible.

  • School prevents natural development!

    After spending over a decade in the education system and now in my final year, I have come to realise that I am incredibly emotionally and mentally unprepared for life's real challenges. I truly believe that I am wasting my time by attending school. Yes I can write an essay in under an hour, yes I can recall the first 20 elements on the periodic table. But the painful thing I cannot do is name a personal passion or direction in my inexperienced life. Maybe if the young generations of today were left to be develop as children and then with the guidance of family and community gradually taught the values of a mature and well adapted adult then they would plunge into the big scary world with enthusiasm and confidence. Although it seems that millions of other youth like myself are struggling to find our own direction in a society that encourages us to follow the herd. I only hope that I can reclaim the years lost to sitting in a class room. I want to strive for spiritual growth rather than a grade average!

  • School is a waste of time

    Most people don't use most of the stuff they learn in highschool later in life. For me, highschool was getting in the way of other things I did that would actually help my future, like learning languages and learning about the world by interacting with it, not by going to school.

  • You learn by LEARNING

    Can you learn in school? Sure. Can you learn outside of school? Considering I taught myself how to program from the internet alone and now I am currently a Software engineer; yes. Going to school does not equate to learning meaningful things.

    I couldn't agree more that school is a system of mostly regurgitation. The internet brings a wealth of free or cheap information that allows you to explore and learn whatever you need/want. Teach children to continually learn on a specific track that highly interests them. You will get the most motivation, excitement, gratification, and genuine long term results when someone is learning things that are directly applicable to a goal they have in mind.

    Sure there are benefits to spreading yourself thin and learning a lot of things that won't be every directly applied in your life. My question is, can you really afford to spend that much time on arguably trivial knowledge? I wish I could have started doing what I really WANTED to do when I was 12 until now instead of only doing it in my spare time. That is precious time to waste on things like learning Roman Numerals.

    If the argument is learning for learning's sake....Why not allow the child to learn for learning's sake on the path that's interesting or relevant. It is just such a stronger argument to pursue knowledge in person by person relevant areas.

  • Takes up to much time, and is about memorization and regurgitation

    I want to be a advanced computer programmer, music writer, artist, animation writer, and story writer. But I certainly can't do that when all my time is taken up by school. Sure, I have the weekend, and 4-5 hours every night. But that is NOWHERE near enough time, especially when you add the homework and studying. Oh look, now I have 2-3 hours. And I want to take a break from that stuff sometimes! I want to see my friends, play games, etc. And the weekends, same thing. 2 days a week isn't enough time to learn all of what I listed.

  • I learned chemistry from breaking bad more than i ever did in school

    In school you learn to hate knowledge you learn to hate reading you don't get educated it gets you bullied and more than anything else it teaches you to hate yourself i believe in self education where you dont have to study from one book that you have to agree with how am i supposed to think outside the box?When you give me an X if i didn't answer the answer that you want. You read out of curiosity and wanting to know how 1+1=2
    so yea i believe that it is a huuuuuge waste of time and life

  • It really depends, but for the most part school is a waste of time.

    I'm currently a high school student. It feels as though I have wasted 12 years of my life being talked at and forced to do things I don't want to do. Of course there are some exceptions. Say a kid wants to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a therapist, then it would make sense for them to go to school. What about the kids that want to have a creative future? Kids that want to live their lives and explore the world a bit. That is what I feel we are lacking by dropping kids in schools. It is like if I took you and said, "I'm going to teach you how to build a bench", and then you said, "Well I don't want to build benches, I want to fly planes or be a race car driver." Then I go, "Well you don't actually have a choice, I'm teaching you anyways, and you have to sit here and listen for 6 hours every day for 12 years." That is just unfair, right? So think of it like that. If a kid enjoys school, then good! It is cool if a kid wants to learn all of that information, but if a kid has no interest for any of the information whatsoever, then what is the point? It just wastes time for the student and the school. That is just my opinion, so do with it what you will. I just feel that kids should have a right to choose what they will be learning or experiencing for 12 years, you know? No matter what side you're on, I'm sure you agree on that 100%. Sure I can't change it, sure the debate does nothing for anyone, but I hope that people read this and understand that school just holds a lot of kids back in life.

  • School IS a waste of time

    School prevents children from learning what they want to learn. A couple of researchers found out that children actually learn more easily without peer pressure from being taught by a teacher. Parents may get real mad at their children because they're failing classes and they think that they just don't want to learn. That's true, because they're receiving too much pressure from school.

  • Programmers (Especially young ones)

    I am 13 years old, and I work for one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the world - soon for money. School has helped me in no ways whatsoever in the things that I need to be able to develop plugins. I learnt so much of Java on my own, and I'm doing well with my MC server work. Why should I have to be interrupted? This is real life! I need experience, and more of such will mean better chances of more jobs in that area. There is no logic in scool.

  • School's too boring

    Clearly, school is just a waste of time, giving out an annoying amount of homework which you could just spend time on playing , hanging out with family members or relax. Not only that, why do students need to care about going to school?? They could learn stuff on the Internet for free!!! Instead of wasting at least $400 for UGLY-LOOKING school uniforms and some additional $100 just for USELESS EDUCATION!! I am a student myself in my second year of high school and I know what i am talking about. To be honest WHY DO STUDENTS HAVE TO GET DETENTION FOR NOT DOING THEIR HOMEWORK?? ITS PATHETIC!! ITS ONLY A PIECE OF PAPER, SO WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL??? THAT'S WHY SCHOOL IS A WASTE OF TIME

  • Yes school is a waste of time

    I believe school is a waste of time not education first off. I believe you learn by going out into the world not behind a desk. Most of the stuff you learn in school is useless in the real world. School prepares you to be some one elses worker thats why its a waste of time

  • Yes school is a waste of time

    I believe school is a waste of time not education first off. I believe you learn by going out into the world not behind a desk. Most of the stuff you learn in school is useless in the real world. School prepares you to be some one elses worker thats why its a waste of time

  • Yes, school is not good

    School is just a bunch of people telling you what to think. There has to be another way than that. They won't let you talk about your beliefs or haritage because they say it may "offend" others. They add on extra stress of homework, essays, and tests. Not to forget about the social pressure too. Yes, it is a huge waste of time!

  • Our poverty rates would go down if we learn what is needed and what we want.

    The reason there are many poor people is because of jobs with minimum wage, minimum wage is just like "Oh I see you are new to working here so we'll give you some money to try and see if you like it," however, many people work for minimum wage for years, or even their life until they retire. You may ask "Why does this prove school is a waste of time?" This is because of school, yes, school teaches use stuff that is not used in every day life, such as history, do you ever go up to a friend and have a conversation about the revolutionary war? 'course you do! Why? Because you would either be studying for a test or doing homework with a buddy, but you won't have the revolutionary war as a topic for a conversation in college and in life outside of school. Now, why would the poverty rates go down if we learn what is needed, such as some parts of algebra, at least one language (specifically Spanish, being one of the most commonly spoken language, English is good too) because, say you get a job in another country that speaks a different language or if you have a job that requires travel, and practically everything in science? Well, those subjects ARE USED in every day life, for well-paying jobs especially. Now, "What about the stuff you wanna learn," well you should CHOOSE to take classes like history and algebra if you want because, well they aren't used all the time but some people might enjoy learning about the U.S. history or algebra, history is taught so people won't ask why's this why's that, even "Where we came from." well we should learn some history so we wont ask those questions, but we should take history until you've learned about the revolutionary war, then choose if you want to continue history or not. I hope that this helped you.

  • It's a load of BS

    Not only do the kids not learn what they need to, but they're shut up in a building all day with limited time to "develop" social skills. Not to mention that the school system is SO flawed. It's ridiculous! I've never used algebra, trig, or anything else I learned while I was a student. Not to mention that they want to extend school times because ACT scores, another useless test that will make or break you. Maybe they wouldn't be so low if you taught them how it work and gave them the tools to pass the test. They need to start teaching these kids the essentials. Cursive, how to cook a meal, take care of a child, etc. Because what they're doing now, isn't helping the children at all. It's actually setting them up for failure. Knowing size of a triangle won't change a child's diaper or pay a light bill. Just saying.

  • We need change.

    School limits kids. It pressures kids into picking a career that they really are not interested in. In our world today the only way to be "successful" is to go to school, get a degree and get a stable job. It makes kids bow down to authority, not take risks, do everything the "correct" way. It doesn't allow room for creativity, people to explore their interests, people to take risks and invent the next big thing. It just brainwashes kids into thinking there is only one way in life. We need change, and we need to teach kids that there is more than just school. You can gain knowledge thousands of ways outside of school. Go explore what you're interested in, not what society wants you to be interested in. Who knows, you may be the next Steve Jobs.

  • We need change.

    School limits kids. It pressures kids into picking a career that they really are not interested in. In our world today the only way to be "successful" is to go to school, get a degree and get a stable job. It makes kids bow down to authority, not take risks, do everything the "correct" way. It doesn't allow room for creativity, people to explore their interests, people to take risks and invent the next big thing. It just brainwashes kids into thinking there is only one way in life. We need change, and we need to teach kids that there is more than just school. You can gain knowledge thousands of ways outside of school. Go explore what you're interested in, not what society wants you to be interested in. Who knows, you may be the next Steve Jobs.

  • When Will We Use The Subjects We Learn?

    I am a 14 year old high school student and I believe that the things I am learning right now are pointless. When I grow up I would like to be an English (and possibly French) teacher in Japan. Can someone please tell me why I should waste my time studying Pythagoras' Theorem right now? When am I ever going to use Trigonometry? When will I ever need to know how a plant cell functions? When will I ever have to know about how Queen Mary Of Scots became the queen?

    Personally, I think that young people who have some idea of what they want to do with their lives should have the freedom to learn what they need to know. Teachers should help students realise what they need to be learning to get where they want to be in life, and if they're not sure of what they want to do, teachers should focus on the subjects that the student excels in and suggest possible career options.

    I am having to teach my self Japanese at home since I'm so keen on learning the language, I have asked my school for help or even just a website to help but they gave me nothing. I don't want to waste years of my own life learning things that I will forget by the end of school and never use again. Couldn't I have been learning something more useful and productive during that time?

    This is why I hate school but love education. Please comment your opinions, I'd be happy to listen. :) ~Alyssa

  • Teaches things an individual doesn't care to learn and will never use

    School doesn't cater to the children on an individual level. There are billions of children and they are all different. Let people seek out what they desire to learn on their own instead of having them wait around to learn something that someone else wants them to know, that won't even interest them. These people in decision-making positions think they know everything. How could you possibly know what's best for someone else? You are not them.

  • Children should be inspired

    Instead of just forcing things and trying to teach kids something that doesn't interest them it should be about inspiring them and having them advance in their interests. Why is it that all these famous people like Steve jobs and bill gates or even Leonardo da Vinci profession in the work they did or do? They were inspired, you could ask any professional or person who is good at what they do, why they do what they do. They will likely always tell you it was because they were inspired. You must inspire kids with something they are interested in and they will surely make something of it.

  • ^ nuff said

    We learn about pythagreoms theorem and how some leader of a village 6,000 miles away decided to put a bridge over a small stream, but we don't learn how a mortgage works, how to save money for retirement! After grade 8 we should be experimenting with different jobs and watching the daily lives of people In those jobs to see how they work, not trying to cram useless facts in your head that you forget a week later

  • Education without Application is USELESS

    Majority of what we learn in school, we don't apply in our lives, therefor we forget it all. It is a waste of time to learn useless things that we will never need to know. Students should take very basic courses and have the option to pursue advanced courses. Only those interested in pursuing math should take advanced math courses.

  • Schools ought to motivate kids how to manage their finance wisely and teach kids something FUN that meets their dream or goals.

    Im 44 years old and graduated high school with diploma. I honestly never really learned anything back then and thought it was a waste of time. The ONLY valuable time I have learned so much is to focus on my goals and researched on what companies are looking for based on skillsets. Most companies are looking for skillsets or work-experience instead of college degrees. Im a sr Web developer/designer for 20 years without college degree. Im doing pretty well now.

  • 12 years in school is a big waste of time.

    Kids should still get an education from their parents. 12 years in school is a big waste of time. Kids need to have fun also. And college for me was too expensive so I dropped out. I got my education by eighth grade learning factorials and stuff. Its too hard for the human mind to consume and it sometimes creates stress for kids. And also in school there are sometimes bullies. My child got bullied and came home crying his eyes out just because he has down syndrome. He has a big and amazing heart. It breaks my heart that he is being bullied. In school the bullying lead to suicide. That also breaks my heart.

    And that is Why school is too long to be in>

  • Where's The Freedom?

    A lot of adults in the education system never fail to say that it's "our" (the student's) education we're throwing away whenever something doesn't go the way they were brainwa--... I mean taught to do. It doesn't become "our" education not one point in this terrible system. We learn what they want us to learn when they want us to learn it. Maybe when I can choose to learn something like "How To Support A Family 101, How To Be Decent 101, How To Do Taxes 101" I'll regain the interest in this system I somehow found interested to when I was younger and ignorant.

  • Education needs demographics

    A small percentage of schooling is very important. Most of it is negligible. The time spent teaching a future artist, calculus at sixteen years old, could be better spent nurturing her artistic tendencies with the proper schooling. If one has dreams of designing mansions, I don't think its necessary at this age to try and fill his L1 with anything that wont make him a better architect

  • Prevents you from Professionalism

    School curriculum is a broad, flat, and generalist form of education. This is actually important during early education where children learn concepts that are used throughout their lives. Once you advance further into the educational chain, you are forced to take classes that you will never use. Essentially, a waste of time. This particularly starts during Middle School. During this time kids are bored to the bone on terrible and irrelevant subjects that they clearly show no interest in. Once a youth selects their wanted career, the school should narrow their education to selected classes that will actually help them, and be of importance during their profession. They will be more interested in learning and start to be fondly interested in school. They'll take part in more activities, follow more rules, study, and work hard to earn the perfect grade. Teaching them what they want to learn is what will secure their sought-after jobs, and give them the tools of knowledge for them.

  • Waste of childhood and Adolecence

    Instead of being able to pursue your dream job as a child or young age, you are forced to go to a giant building that wastes about 12 years of your life and in my opinion, kills anyones imagination. I think school should at least let you choose your classes that relate to your wanted job

  • Kids are not getting a real education

    Education is extremely important but what we learn in school is not the same thing as getting educated. Everyone is unique and has different likes, interests, and ways of learning which is why "educating" the masses through conformity is so ineffective. All kids are expected to work hard and be "successful", but how can one do that if they dont care about the subject or have different views/values that differ from others? School just teaches you how to be like everyone else and to do what your told, and that anyone who goes against this establishment is a loser or a slacker who "won't get anywhere in life", whatever the hell that means. The system has gotten so broken and corrupt that all that matters now is your grade and not if you actually learned anything. People wonder why kids are so miserable in school, wellp

  • Most of school is unnecessary bs

    Of course everyone needs to know basic math and reading/writing skills, but a lot of the stuff that goes into an advanced curriculum is complete garbage. School, especially high school, tests your ability to memorize pointless information and nothing more. We're taught things like the Pythagorean theorem instead of useful information like how to take out a loan or how to buy a house. School will always be boring to me, but it would be a lot better if I actually learned something useful.

  • Worthless. Seriously worthless.

    We don't really need anything up to the first few units you learn in 7th grade. We only need to know how to write,how to do taxes,how to do money stuff,everything up to long division and advanced multiplication. History should be completely optional,as well as all the super-advanced stuff. Only the TRUE essentials are needed.

  • Does not contribute or guarantee to later success

    The things we are taught in school are pretty much irrelevant in every sense of the word. I agree that we do need to learn essential learning skills. But we need to also be taught other life skills, things that we eill be expected to perform every day as an adult. I believe that the areas state educations are pushing for do not lead to success. Many students are under prepared by the time they enter the work force with their student loans and inexperience. School is meant to conform you to being a model pupil while minds gifted in other interests are chastised. The system blows on the whole. You will probably never need to use what you learned.

  • Years of your life you will never get back

    Sure, you learn a couple of useful things during your 12+ years of being in school, but besides being able to adding up basic numbers and learning where the continents are, but so little of what you are forced to learn is going to help you at all. Antonio and Bassanio in Shakespeare, really? Analysing the reliably of an extract from Olaudah Eqiuano's autobiography or learning how to simplify complicated equations? Are they really necessary? Although school involves so many friendships, memories and shaping of who you are, it's not worth the thousands of hours sat at a desk and writing a load of things you will never even think about again. School isn't pointless, it just wasted so much precious time when we could be living our lives. If we do only live once, why use so much of that life stuck in a classroom? Every second is important, and it's time we started appreciating that.

  • School? No no.

    School is a place where you should learn, but learning what you already know? Doing EVERYTHING that you know? Such as doing first grade work, being in school doing things you've learned already isn't good for your future job. I mean if your gonna be like a architect your not gonna use math or science. Schools just a big waste of time.

  • I'm in school and no students actually retain any information taught.

    Even though teachers are "teaching", you wake up early in the morning, 5 days a week, and come sit doing absolutely nothing but useless busy work all day. Also, we all know that tests are what determines most of our GPA's in high school. Even the best student in my school right now just memorize as much as they can the day before and then forget about it the next day and repeat.

  • Why Should we conform

    People who believe a set standard is going to judge a human being due to the fact they didn't ace a test. But when they get home they are a god at anything that includes your interests. When you request to study something that interests you, they instantly deny both you and your request. What does all these formula that even the teachers know you will forget to to help. With all these classes and homework, children are put under high stress at a young age. Stress can actually kill people if it over powers them. School also takes away the creative and independent thoughts from children's minds. The system is outdated to the age of industrialism. We need a new system were everyone is free to learn and find their passion their way, and not by some B.S standards.

  • Yes it is

    School is a BIG waste of time all you do is just sit in chair for like 9 hours and half of the class never pays attention so yes and the teachers are SO MEAN all they do is just yell at you over and over if you do one freaking mistake!!! Stupid teachers and school you half to wake up at 5:50 and thoes stupid catholic schools you half to wear freaking uniforms so yeah school sucks

  • School is one of the things I hate most

    I hate it when people encourage me for school,and all the crap saying"school is cool". It does not make sense going to a building every single day.It is about nine hours. Yes I know it can teach you,but can not we teach ourselves through books with our own interests? School has no freedom at all. Espically homework. I heard people say it tests you while the teacher is not around but that has caused several problems,it was on the news come you have to agree with the news.Anyway it causes children to be tired,and when you are tired you get a bad sleep and when you get a bad sleep you can perform poorly the next day.My third part of this is public school and creativity.Public schools kill creativity into thinking about the media and junk like that.Creativity is extremely important. If your little brother or sister says something like "Watch out!There is a creeper behind you",do not discourage that.Bye

  • School is one of the things I hate most

    I hate it when people encourage me for school,and all the crap saying"school is cool". It does not make sense going to a building every single day.It is about nine hours. Yes I know it can teach you,but can not we teach ourselves through books with our own interests? School has no freedom at all. Espically homework. I heard people say it tests you while the teacher is not around but that has caused several problems,it was on the news come you have to agree with the news.Anyway it causes children to be tired,and when you are tired you get a bad sleep and when you get a bad sleep you can perform poorly the next day.My third part of this is public school and creativity.Public schools kill creativity into thinking about the media and junk like that.Creativity is extremely important. If your little brother or sister says something like "Watch out!There is a creeper behind you",do not discourage that.Bye

  • Half of the crap i learn I don't need to know

    After school i want to be an it technician, witch means installing hard/soft ware and fixing computers. There are no classes in my school that teaches me how to do this. Instead they are more concerned with teaching me whats in the air and how to be a chemist, witch I don't need to know to and I don't want to know.

  • School system is broken

    School is such a waste of time. We learn stuff that we will never use in the future past middle school. Why do we need to know what is in a cell, or about the Renaissance, or even statistics. English is even a joke. When was the last time you read a book and wrote an analytical paper on it. Unless it pertains to what you want to do in the future, you shouldn't have to learn it. Half of the stuff I know today are the things I taught myself, like C# programming and electronics. The other half is stuff I learned pre high school. I could also do half the stuff we do in school in way less time. It amazes me how it takes us 3 weeks to read a 100 page book, whereas it could take me an hour. The reason we have to do summer work is because we forget what we learn, and the reason we forget what we learn is because it is not used in our daily lives. I remember basic math, how to read and write, and stuff about our history because I use it everyday. Homework is also the stupidest idea ever. Teachers go on about how we should stop wasting their time, yet they believe they can just give us homework every night, including our "breaks," while we could be doing something that might actually help us in the future.

  • We don't need it

    Education is great, I'm not against that, I just believe we could save so much time doing our education at home. Countries that are in poverty, there next best thing for education is school, whereas we are living in the 2ot century and now have technology therefore we can use the computer and television to educate ourselves at home. Our parents could also teach us nowadays.

  • We have Google

    We have Google and I have no idea when we will use the following: Algebra, Chemistry, Ecology, speak Spanish, Geometry, speak French, speak Chinese, Art, Music, or have to write a book.... Nobody will use any of that. School is such a waste of kids time! Heck even Google tells us answers to everything.

  • The grading system is corrupt

    Schools grade a students intelligence by a paper or spoken test, but that isn't actually using the brain. Because of the repetitive curriculum, students make a habit of only repeating words instead of actually analyzing and creating a constructive thought. If a humans brain is to be graded like livestock by a peice of paper then what are we to the world? What is true intelligence? And if this so called "intelligence" that a grade A gets a student judges whether or not that person will be wealthy in the future, how many intelligent people who are smart enough to realize that the system is unbalaced have suffered by their bold actions?

  • Einstein was intelligent

    The smartest man the world has ever seen was Albert Einstein. Many people don't know this but he dropped out of high school and he was dyslexic. He struggled with school and yet he is still the smartest man. This shows school is useless if you can teach yourself. Sorry for people who disagree.

  • Schools Test, Terrorize & Treadmill

    ... And rarely ever educate. I missed 25 days of Grade 12 and still ended up with a 95% average. I wished I'd missed every day and showed up only for exams. I could have spared myself a fortune in psychiatric counselling. The entire system from K to 12 is a big, nasty bully. Get out ASAP and return to college as a mature student when your head is screwed on straight and you know what you want out of life.

  • Teachers don't care!

    Most teachers don't even like their job and don't care enough to help the kids learn the right way because they just want to get through the day. If teachers did care, maybe kids would like school more and learn faster and better. They just don't care what they teach.

  • Honestly, more than half the things I learn are useless towards what I want to be when I grow up.

    I want to be an animator. I want to focus on improving my art so I can achieve this goal. And every kid is different! Some kids might want to major in english and be an english teacher, others enjoy math or chemistry and maybe want to be a scientist or a doctor. We shouldn't be confined to the same box as every other kid. Everyone learns different, and everyone's going to grow up to be someone different. I think schools should be less about what they think we should learn and more about what we want to learn. Maybe then kids would look forward to going, and maybe we could all be more focused and less stressed over things we're not particularly good at.

  • It's all about test scores now.

    The whole education system has put so much emphasis on doing well on tests, and trying to be no. 1 in education that they forgot what learning really is. Have you ever sat there in a semi conscious state with the teacher instructing you on how to do some method that seems just so far off from what future job you may have in mind? The funny thing is I've passed tests, gotten awards, but really haven't learned anything. You know why? Because I don't care and do it just to get by. I really only retain the information just to pass a test. Homework is a little overwhelming at times, and waking up early in the morning just to start it all over again. The environment there is awful. The social hierarchy and peer pressure that influences kids often changes them and their future. School is not the place to go to pursue a specific career and is not only a waste of time, but can cause kids to give into being like the popular kids.

  • Some Classes Aren't For Everyone

    I don't understand why schools force you to take certain classes when you clearly have no interest in them. For instance any foreign language class. I have no intention of leaning spanish. I can almost say with complete certainty that I will never move to mexico or ever use the language outside of school period. Besides you don't even learn the language well after 4 years. Also classes like grammar. Probably the biggest waste of time ever I'm pretty sure I will never have to know the type of every single word, phrase, or sentence. They have you memorize all that and I've honestly forgotten it all even though I spent a good half year learning it.

  • Kids spend most of there time in school and theres no time for fun

    School are not good for are kids because they cud get bulled at school with out you knowing it and they wont even tell you wats rong with then they all so get mad at you for things that happen at school. They hide there fellings from you and the rest of the wrold. They should give childern pick if they want to go to school or not.

  • School is inefficient

    All I need to know in life before college is english and math. Everything else we learn is useless. I take five classes in school and two of which actually matter. Alot of the stuff we learn in those classes are useless. The other three should be about something I might want to take a career in. Why go to school for 18 years and learn a bunch of useless things. History is sort of important but why waste time learning things I do not need to know. For example, for a month ive been learning about ancient history and culture. Absolute uselessness.

  • School causes anxiety and stress disorders

    I am currently a student in 7th grade and I have learned more during school breaks from friends and family since sixth grade I have been extremely stressed about school and had developed an anxiety and stress disorder that has been driving me to suicidal thoughts and I have had panic attacks over the summer because I did not want to go to school. School has tought me few things but none of it will help me in life. The teachers try to shelter the kids and not tell them anything that's going on in the world. So in my opinion school is a huge waste of time

  • Students are unhappy and unmotivated in school.

    Many students are unhappy in school. For most this happens in middle and high school. Discipline should be taught by your parents and they should teach. That is if schools continue to run as they do. The schools should change their system, because I know not every parent has time to teach their children. This school system we have leads kids to be unmotivated and procrastinate. Also teachers should be taught things that interest students to continue to be excited about students everyday.

  • Stresses kids out!!!!!!!

    School can be lots of pressure and will really mess up a child in many ways and stress from school is one of them. If the child gets bad grades or fails a test the parent/guardian of the child will get angry and may or not punish the child. Therefore the child is worried about his/her grades and his/her test scores and will be thinking about it a lot creating a lot of stress in his or her mind. So school is a waste of time and I do not like school personally as a high school student and 10-40 years from now were not going to remember much of what we learned.

  • Schools kills creativity.

    With nonsensical, repetitive and unessential topics, most of high school is bent upon things that would most likely not assist you in your career. You really learn the essentials in elementary school and middle school including basic STEM like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and grammar, spelling, and vocabulary in English. But past high school, a lot of the math courses are better designed for people who are going into math-related careers, such as engineering and computer programming. I feel that high school should be a lot less STEM based and more career based, offering electives and career options and practices for the real world.

  • It's extreme nonsense.

    When will you ever need to know calculus or chemistry in your life? A job application will never ask you to find the electron configuration of Magnesium. Seriously? My job application sure didn't ask me that. My father is doing just fine (actually great) in life, and he dropped out of high school. He's the manager of a DEF Plant and all he does is simple math if that. By the way, its all on a calculator.

  • I aggre because

    I hated learning in school but I love school at the same time. School is not teaching me how to cook,clean,ect or blance a checkbook or pay the bills. It a waste of time I don't learn by the state test I learn about topics,news articles, and ABC news. I don't need school I have the internet to teach me what I need to learn.

  • 75% you don't need to learn!

    In the school I went to, we learned a lot about our society, things that are related to science around the world, but as I finished highschool pretty much most of the things that I learned never benefit me now, most of the things were pointless to learn, in social we learn to much about the past but who gives a f##k that was ages ago I wanted to learn about new things happening now

  • School is bad

    The teachers are just teaching you usless things. Five days a week, you have to walk into a prison that expects you to do your best each day. You try, you try so hard, and the teacher tells you you're not good enough. Shame is put upon you and you become miserable. We are not taught the essetials anymore. We are not happy anymore. We must live a pointless life it seems. No happiness is just pointless.

  • Life is too short

    It's obvious the first few years of primary school are important as you learn to read,write and count. Reading and writing are something you use a lot throughout life, no matter the occupation you have, but things like algebra, history, science and P.E simply wastes your time. You may need these things for certain jobs but whats the point of P.E? Keep fit you say? Well its more a reason for people to laugh and point at people because maybe they aren't very fast or are bad at a game or are just because they may be overweight and I thought P.E stood for physical education, we dont need to be tought how to play games like rounders because you are rarely going to have the time to play games while your working or just simply surviving. Science is fun and all but when are you going to use anything that you learn in science in everyday life unless you want to be a scientist. There are many things to complain about but what should happen is children learn the essentials get a taste of history, maths and all other subjects and get them to think what they want to do when they are older or just what they are intrested in and then tailor their school schedule to what they wish to do. And lets face it are you going to remember all the things you learned at school, my dad forgot what verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and all the stuff related to this because he works at a university where he sorts all the technical stuff out like setting up speakers, putting projectors up and transporting things to the university and in his job which has a decent wage requires nothing to do with more advanced english. And even worse in the uk (where I live) we have to stay at school or training until we are 18 and then to get a decent job you need a degree which means you spend 3 years or more there and if you want to be a doctor it takes 7 years by then you are in your twenties and you have wasted a quarter of your life learning usless things aside from the few years you spent learning the essential things at primary.

  • It is Evil!

    Teachers are hypocritical morons that only want power! Everything that you learn after primary school is completely useless! It doesn't help you achieve your goals and it doesn't ask you what you want to do with your life! It just simply pushes you on a path that is considered good for you.

  • How can boredom be a way to teach?

    Its not a waste..But parents have full understanding about how your kids learn. If kids were taught by people that know how they learn like their Parents aunt ect. Then mabey kids would enjoy school. Also kids geting bullied is a problem as well. If kids dont want to go to school mabey theirs a reason..

  • Depressing and degrading.

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”I am a student in sophomore, and I'm not as academically smart as my peers, I feel as if I am more towards the creative side and school is slowly stripping me of it.I try my hardest in school and It's never enough. It's not only hurtful when I'm teased, but it makes me feel dejected and worried about my future, and I'm instructed to trust that I will never succeed in life if I'm not a straight A student. You can't imagine the pressure.

  • Irrelevant information stuffing

    Besides mathematics, language and basic knowledge of psychology, human body and environment, school is full of useless information that no 16 year old needs to learn, e.g. chemistry, biology, advanced mathematics,... Etc.

    Exams that require the regurgitation of information, without building interest or purposeful understanding, makes young people feel inadequate.

    To fix this, I would go as far as paying students for tests, just like your boss pays you for your employment. There must be materialistic payoff of some sort for youngsters to be interested, we always say in marketing that we must give first, and reward our clients, ... Why do we think that children are lucky to go to school? I think we are lucky that they go to school, therefore we must reward them by building their emotional response instead of information stuffing and pointless grading.

  • Irrelevant information stuffing

    Besides mathematics, language and basic knowledge of psychology, human body and environment, school is full of useless information that no 16 year old needs to learn, e.g. chemistry, biology, advanced mathematics,... Etc.

    Exams that require the regurgitation of information, without building interest or purposeful understanding, makes young people feel inadequate.

    To fix this, I would go as far as paying students for tests, just like your boss pays you for your employment. There must be materialistic payoff of some sort for youngsters to be interested, we always say in marketing that we must give first, and reward our clients, ... Why do we think that children are lucky to go to school? I think we are lucky that they go to school, therefore we must reward them by building their emotional response instead of information stuffing and pointless grading.

  • Learning complex and boring subjects that you will never use in your life

    I hate school. I personally think it is a waste of time and energy that could be well put into other things. I can see why you would need to learn how to read, write, or other things that don't make our society dumber than it is, but honestly I think that we don't need education beyond 8th grade. In my opinion, at least for me, is that it gets extremely difficult. I've been to hell and back with my freshman year. So glad I'm done with it. I've had fights with my parents over grades, I'm forced to do so much pointless work for nothing, and I just see no point in learning subjects that you won't ever use in your entire life. I believe that you don't need this much difficult education. I've been through depression caused by this, because it defeated me. It ripped me apart, but I survived. I wasn't doing well, so I just imagined what my life would be like when I'm older. I'm horrified for my life, horrified that I just may one day live in poverty because I failed. Because I never made it through college, never was able to get a job because I never had a college degree. Horrified that I'll just be alone, never make any money, be out on the streets, or in a shelter, or somewhere depressing. My parents have plenty of money, but they probably won't let me move back in. I don't even want to know what may happen after that. Yes there are jobs you can get without needing a degree, but that's not really enough to support myself. I have aspergers syndrome, with an IQ in the range of 140-150. I was able to memorize all states and capitals of the United States when I was 2 years old, yet I still have so much trouble in my school. The sad thing, is that nobody knows what I go through every day. I struggle, I fight, I get stressed out, I sometimes would rather die than do this work because it's too much for me to handle. I'm probably the only person with this problem in my entire town beside me. I don't even know how these people in honors classes do this, because I'm in regular and special education classes. Which leads me to my next point, I hate these special ed classes. It's more misbehavior than disabled. I'm not disabled, and I barely need these classes, but I'm almost the only one who is well-behaved in these classes, everyone else is basically psychotic. I feel like I can never get anything done. It's a crazy world. The sad thing is I still need these classes, because without them I would fail. I feel like once you are stuck in this pattern and in these classes, you can't get out. Which is why I encourage everyone to do their best in school, because you will have better success than I have.

  • School keeps you in a Box.

    The most successful people in the world generally were not academic scholars, but people who could think freely and input ideas which society needs. School teaches you to follow the crowd, after 12 years in full time education I now feel unprepared for work life and unable to push myself into a new way of thinking. ITS A WAY OF CONTROLLING SOCIETY.

  • School sucks a lot

    I really hate it. All I do every day is get woken up from a nice dream I was having, have to drowsily get ready, feel miserable in the process. And when I get to school, my drowsiness gets worse. I have to go through World Geography, which teaches me nothing I need to know, Gym which is just as big as a waste of time as School itself, Math which breaks my brain to pieces, thus leaving me defenseless against the other classes coming to attack me.

    And to make matters worse is that my dream job is being a cartoonist, and I have to go through 4 years of High school learning stuff I dont need to know. Sure theres the basic math, science, and world geo. But after you learn the basic stuff, I dont see a need for anymore of it unless your dream job requires it.

    Ever since Middle School, its been a nightmare. I just got to Highschool and things are worse. Ugh...

  • School is such a waste of time

    Half the time students are just looking into space thinking what they could be doing outside. Why are teachers telling us students to study when we should already know it at school, homeschooling, you can be taught the same thing and way more on your own pace and much more. School just belittles all the learning a person can do as the school selects what to teach us, students have no say. Also, social skills are not learnt at school because most students only have friends inside of school, they don't know how to make friends outside and are stuck with the same people for way too many years, homeschooling gives children and teens more time to go to clubs and meet new people.

  • Modern schools do not give you an education.

    As a high school student, I can give you a first hand account of my life as a student. I wake up in the morning, get ready, eat, and go to school. When I get to there I am awake for maybe the first three classes before I gradually find myself fighting for consciousness. After my six hours of sitting around are over, I get to go home. Riveting, right? During that time I am subject to pointless lectures over things I understood last week, taking notes until my hand hurts, and dealing with my fellow brain-dead classmates. And to top it all off, by the end of the day, almost nothing I did actually made me any smarter! Crazy, right, because you'd think that locking me away in a classroom for six hours would make me smarter *sarcasm*. The only thing that school has taught me is how to conform to the lifestyle of some dead-end office employee. I learn more by reading and educating myself than I do from the people that are being paid to do it. Believe it or not, being an American teenager does not immediately make me some low life scum with no interest in learning. In fact, I love learning! However, as I have come to find in the past years of my schooling, school is not the place for it. I am almost convinced that they have designed schools as a sort of prison to keep us locked up until we are no longer our parents' problem.

  • The college system can be summed up in these words: Legal Robbery and a waste of time

    I am appalled at the college system in America. Not only are students required to take courses that are completely irrelevant to what they want to do in the future, it is also a debt-maker...Not a dream-maker. It takes years to accomplish a degree and a lot of hard work studying subjects that are impertinent. I am a mother of a toddler and have been slowly making my way towards my Bachelor's in a subject that I am not interested in because it is the fastest route that I can take in order to get my BSN. What I want to do is to become an ultrasound tech, but I cannot get into a program without a BSN or 2 years of healthcare volunteer work. It is ridiculous and I will be thousands of dollars in debt learning subjects that all I have to do is remember during test day, not in the long-run. Learning should be about, learning. Duh, not memorizing in order to get an A grade to get into the program you want. I'm so disgusted in American politics showing up in the education world.

  • School is a waste

    School is a waste of time because we are learning things that we will not use in the future, and we are spending more time in school than what we really need to. School is a waste of time, that's what I think and the other 89% of the other people who think so too.

  • School doesn't equal education

    Look guys, you're all promoting school as EDUCATION. So, essentially, what you're saying is that an iPad isn't a computer, and only windows computers are. I've taught myself with the internet how to draw, how to do year 8 math, and how to code in grade seven. Also, if you guys really need proof school is useless, then take alook at how much the USA spends in education, and which country is on the top of the system....

  • School =/= Education

    Look, even Albert Einstein said, "Don't let your schooling interfere with your EDUCATION". You people don't seem to realize that education is knowledge, not random dates, or the name of that one guy who did something. If you really wanted an actual education, you'd either 1: be homeschooled, or 2: internet schooled, or self taught. I'm teaching myself how to code, and the grade 8 ciriculium, all while bein in grade 7. So, I don't see why you guys hail school as the god of all mortal men.

  • School is domestication

    Everything "taught" in school is designed to allow for students to eventually be able to "teach". This is unnatural; no other species would dare to shackle each other to unnecessary tasks like homework and test taking in the hopes that this torture would eventually pay off. High school made me view myself as a a failure, and I became apathetic. It made me want to die, so I decided to join the Army. I am currently working on becoming a Ranger, and I suppose that school has taught me one thing: civilization is pointless, and humanity's customs are absurd.

  • Can't we all just be happy?

    We all are living on earth as a species which has been formed into an unpleasant experience. Why can't we live in a world where we don't have to worry and be stressed all the time. Lately school has been robbing the childhood memories of kids. Half of the lessons they teach will not be used in real life. School is a waste of time and in my opinion is unnecessary.

  • Half The Stuff We Learn Isn't Necessary

    I always find myself asking my history teacher " Why is this important to me if what I plan to do in the future involves no history?" And they never have an answer..

    Point is, school could be helpful, but most of the stuff you learn isn't even required in the field that you want to study. Thus, being a waste of time

  • Teachers make all kids feel bad, even the good kids!

    I was in class today and yes, my some people in my class were talking, but it was like half of them! She gave us ALL detention. I never talk. I never doze off in class. I never turn my work in late. And what's my reward? Another hour of my time wasted due to school!

  • Teachers make all kids feel bad, even the good kids!

    I was in class today and yes, my some people in my class were talking, but it was like half of them! She gave us ALL detention. I never talk. I never doze off in class. I never turn my work in late. And what's my reward? Another hour of my time wasted due to school!

  • Middle and High School, Yes. But elementary school is ok.

    Elementary school makes sense, it is not a waste of time. But starting at middle school, it is a real waste of time and energy. I have been wasting my whole middle school life spending after school at home and never enjoy myself the life. I didn't went to the Gym or malls. I have been spending hours and days at my home and never got to do some good with my teenage. In my middle school I was bullied and never got good grades, mine were satisfactory. In High School, it was somewhat like in middle school, but my Junior Year was awesome, since School could stay at school and my privacy was free from school life. Then my senior year became a terror; I have been with teachers who were morons. Of course the teachers who are morons are those, who don't know how to do the job or have any idea what they are doing. One of my teachers was my physics teacher, who acted at first goofy and then complained about the class being disruptive. I mean that teacher was a complete joke, since she started at first being silly and then brought the class to think about being able to be goofy too. The there was a day, when talked about her personal stories from her dating experiences and clubbing. I mean, what is that?! First, it's not the time to talk about personal stuffs. Second, that allows students to be in front of the teacher like being under some homies. And third, it's school and not social hour time. Then it is the class and school environment, most kids are obviously playing on the phone or doing something else. There was one day, where I had issues with a lot of teachers because I was like thinking more in a college environment-perspective. However, High School only taught me how to follow rather to be someone who can do things like in a college environment.

  • Over half of what we learn won't be used in real life.

    Can you tell me why I have to take geometry class? I already know what a quadrilateral is and what angles and vertecies are. They briefly went over that seven years ago in fourth grade. And why do I have to take chemistry? I'm not going to try to set invent an invisibility potion in my back yard. How about biology? If its about health, then just tell us to wash our hands and practice good hygiene. It's not like I'm gonna be dissecting my goldfish or anything. And how about algebra? How many times do we need to "solve to find x"? I'm tired of finding x! Real life is not about looking for a letter that's supposed to be a number. Can't we just stick to the basics of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing? I could ask you about a lot of other classes, but what I'm saying here is that school wastes my time with pointless classes that I will never have to apply to real life. Also, in high school and middle school, there are about seven classes a day on average. The time time they give you to get from one class to the other is five minutes on average. So that's about 35 minutes a day spent walking around the school. That's 175 minutes per week. Imagine how many per year. Also, there is no such thing as childhood or teen-hood anymore in America. I'm 16 years old and I've been in school since I was three. I've spent 14 years of my life in school counting the the three years of prep school before first grade. I spend seven hours a day at school. Then we're expected to pay money to go to college. That's school for another four years +. So clearly, school is most definitely a waste of time and energy.

  • School and the education system is a waste of LIFE

    Speaking as a current high school student, YES. School is absolutely ridiculous. There are so many reasons but I'm only going to cover a few. What do we accomplish by forcing kids to go to a building and do nothing for 7 hours a day? It's an UNBELIEVABLE waste of time. The entire curriculum can be taught in less than a week. I literally cannot fathom how much time I'm wasting while I'm in school. They drag it out with extreme amounts of useless information and details NOBODY will remember. I can learn more from the Internet in one day, than what I can learn in an entire school year. I actually love learning, but school seems like the complete opposite of learning. I feel like I'm "learning" the same thing over and over again. Math, Science, English, History year after year. Elementary school teaches the basics, but after 8th grade, it becomes nonsense. Memorizing nonsense just to to forget it soon after. 12 years of this is insane.

    The only thing school taught me how to do is think like a robot and memorize pointless information. WHEN will I need to know advanced algebra?? Forcing kids to learn about subjects they don't want to could be called brainwashing. It also goes without saying that school is extremely stressful. I have to wake up at 5:30 AM and drag myself to school. It's torture. How do they expect everyone to function the same way? I am literally unable to function before 10AM no matter what time I go to bed. Last year I was an honor roll student with straight A's but that was before I questioned the system. Why do I want to get good grades? So I can get into the best college? So I can be thousands of dollars in debt? So l can be a wage slave for the government for the rest of my life until I die from a heart attack in my 50's? I don't think so. How could anyone genuinely believe that how well you perform in this fundamentally corrupt education system determines your overall success in life? I don't care about superficial things like money and socioeconomic status. I don't need anyone telling me how to think, what to buy, or what to believe.

  • Children and teens alike are becoming slaves.

    When was the last time children had free time. You could get education in fun ways without needless work. And when you go home, the day doesn't end. You have homework, projects,and studying. I wouldn't be surprised if people stopped bathing to take time to do their work. Intelligence comes from how you can solve a problem logically, not how you remember what type of hut a villager lives in. And they try to prepare you for life, but honestly if they were they would teach us how to balance a checkbook or TAKE CARE OF A FREAKING CHILD! Your childhood is where your life starts, it shouldn't be where your spirit dies.

  • Schooling has done nothing for me.

    By the time I got to middle school I'd learned most of what they were teaching from my parents and older sisters. That continued into high school. I don't see how someone is great in a field and has experience in it can't get a job because they don't have a piece of paper saying they're certified, and people who are certified are way less experienced and get the job. I am smarter then most of the kids in my year; not because I had book sense (which I have) but because I have common sense. Sad truth is kids now-a-days can regurgitate information a teacher feeds them no problem, but you ask them what it means and how it applies to the subject and they just don't have a clue. They even admit that most of the stuff they learn probably won't help them in their future field. We don't need to learn most of the stuff they teach us but we should at least learn the basics.

  • You Never Use Anything

    Oh, what's up kid... What do you want to be when you grow up? A professional gamer, artist, musician, anything unique and creative? Alright, let's bombard you with geometry, history, chemistry, and every other piece of crap we can muster up, and reduce your worth into a few numbers. Yes. That's right. We see you as nothing more than a few digits. You're not a human. You're a machine. A machine meant to slave away the majority of your life to feed the same corporations that exploit you. When have you EVER heard your parents talk about how glad they are that they learned chemistry. "Wow, son! Look at that acid nomenclature! Now I feed you guys, using my sloppily-taught knowledge of carbon atoms!" Never. Admit it. No-one has ever said that. Every argument is completely illogical. Let's start with the "It teaches you how to learn!" argument. Okay, humans are born to learn. It's something magical called CURIOSITY. The next ridiculous argument is that it makes you a critical thinker. Since when was not being allowed to disagree without getting a citation, and regurgitating what your prison warden wants you to say critical thinking. I think ... NOT. The third ridiculous argument is that is makes you well rounded in knowledge. Hello? For god's sake, this information will never be used. It's simply useless trivia. The fourth argument is that it's a good social experience. Yes, you can also get a good social experience in prison, or anywhere else for that matter. There's a much larger, and more offering world and universe outside of this grey-walled dump. The fifth argument is that it gives you a good future. Frankly, if you're independent, and don't rely on your shepherd to hand-feed feed you and the other sheep pitiful wages, then you'll realize that school is purely useless crap. Colleges look at your resume for high school grades, because they only indicate that you are afraid to be independent, and will slave away without questioning the system. It's not because you're intelligent. Anyone can spit out what someone else said, without even thinking about it. It takes a truly intelligent person to question the system, and push for a change. School will not be removed in the near future, it seems, and it's a valuable tool for the government, in controlling the masses. You don't think those boards care about you, do you? The teachers MAY ... If you're lucky, but overall, it's just a system to exploit you. Don't bother wasting your in that hell. To parents: Save your kids, and let them find what they love, and teach themselves, and make a living having FUN. That's what we live for, right? Not just to spend the last 10 years of your life crippled, and useless. Enjoy every moment of your life. Don't let the government and the private entities control you. Be yourself, and forget what others do. You are you. You are valuable, and unique.

  • I believe that.... (From a kid)

    Okay my parents punish me when i get a bad grade.. Well i try my best on everything because of that.. I also get even more stress because i'm in the academy (Gifted) class.. And whenever i make even a C, yes that is right.. A C... I get all my stuff taken away.. Also one time this idiot tried to steal my notebook that had personal info in it. Also why would i need to know about world war 2, or the crusades, or better yet.. The indians, to live a good life. Also Homework is a waste of time.. I already have to sit through boring classes from 7:45 AM to 3:08 PM so why the heck do i need to do MORE stupid stuff at home when i could be HAVING FUN or CATCHING UP ON SLEEP I MISS WHEN I GET WOKEN UP AT 6:00 AM. Also we can't forget about the bullies, and the black kids that act all hip hop and slang (it's actually idiotic people.. Cmon look at yourself and your personality if you are this), Oh and don't forget the fundraisers.. One time my school raise NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS in a fundraiser.. And just guess what they wasted it on... A STUPID BRICK FENCE AROUND THE SCHOOL!!! Also if you are home schooled you could do this stuff in like HALF THE TIME IT TAKES TO DO A NORMAL SCHOOL YEAR.. Oh by the way my school is taking off for spring break and all the holidays coming up (like memorial day) to be MAKE-UP DAYS no seriously STUPID FREAKING MAKE-UP DAYS... Yep school is just a waste of time...
    P.S: who needs Social studies and Congruency In Real life?... NOBODY DOES!!!

  • It teaches conformity

    Public schooling has never consisted of any thing more than the forced memorization of boring dead facts that have no relation to real learning. I am not saying I am against education I am against school. You learn some useful thing from 3rd or 4th grade under ,but after that it is useless. If a group of children are forced to engage in the same activity regardless of what the actually want to do, then they will never fight back as adults to there 9 to 5 job that tells what to do just for money. The children have to be some where at a set time by bells. Say a child is in math class there just about to finish there work ,then the bell rings now you have to go to English and think poetically.

  • School isn't a waste of time, High school is.

    All we need is basic math, grammar, and some history (know where continents are, our country, and what made us what we are today). We never learn how to apply for jobs, pay bills, write checks, ECT.
    Also about half the people I know don't even know how to sign there name. We should learn the stuff we r really going to need especially if we know what type of careers we may go into. During elementary and middle school we learn how to express ourselves. High school (freshman year) should be when we learn our grammar, math, ECT.
    Sophomore, Junior, and senior year should be spent experimenting on what they want to be later, what career they want to pursue.

  • Most things learned in school you will never need.

    90% of the work you do in school K-12 you will never use in real life and will forget not to long after graduating. You should be learning what you'll be doing in life, not other pointless BS you will never need. School systems are far to liberal and restricting, it's just stupid, it needs a total overhaul. Thanks to pointless liberal school for wasting life.

  • School is prison

    Each classroom is just another cell where a teacher forces every kid to think the same. Heck-that's worse than prison. Tell me something valuable school can teach. All it teaches is how to follow instructions-how to do exactly what someone tells you. School is full of the biggest lies-and it's a shame that so many kids are being brainwashed by this system. What kids really need is the knowledge that they don't have to be limited to what school has to offer, but that they can be anything they want to be- even without school-because that's the truth. We learn best through experience and hearing about other's experiences. We don't learn by being held captive.

  • Life or prison

    We spend most of our lives trying to go to college and school and this all leads us to one thing,jobs.We all want a job and that job is the reason why we want to go to school.Going to college doesn't determine that you are set for life as a person it just gives you a starting point.Its our choice if we want to continue to pursue our education after college.Remember though we all die and death is our endpoint and we only have one life and we dont experience life throughly because were distracted but things like jobs money and its all stressfull do you really want to spend your time sitting and listening to teachers .One thing is for sure though we all die

  • School is depressing and and makes kids little robots

    I am a teacher and I became a teacher to help kids and make them happy with school. I love my job but I can't stand the stuff I have to give my kids I swear at least 6 of my kids cry during school because its hard this is mainly during math and I teach 4th grade this stuff is hard for me with common core. Kids are also bullied more at school, sure school is where kids make friends but every kid is bullied at least once in the year. Kids also don't get to see their parents, I spend more times with my kids than with my daughter who is home schooled and she is totally happy she used to go to school but every kid bullied her so we pulled her out. My point is kids are miserable

  • Waste of Life

    Children in the modern day education system are given so much work at school that they are forced to grow up at an incredibly fast rate. Children now do homework in the morning before school and when they get home from school with no free time. They do homework form sunrise to sunset. Children back then had less homework, therefore they were allowed to be kids. They turned out fine and the '50s was one of the happiest times for Americans for this reason.

  • Children waste away their life at school

    Other than math and English, you do not need to know anything you learn. I am learning chemicals on the periodic table and how the bond. If I had no life, I might need to know this. I could learn important stuff and be bored but at least it is useful. What I learn now whether I understand it or not I will forget because I won't need it after the test on it.

  • Children waste away their life at school

    Other than math and English, you do not need to know anything you learn. I am learning chemicals on the periodic table and how the bond. If I had no life, I might need to know this. I could learn important stuff and be bored but at least it is useful. What I learn now whether I understand it or not I will forget because I won't need it after the test on it.

  • School is useful, but a waste of time.

    School can teach you a lot of things. Not only how to do math or how to read a book, but you learn social skills and things like responsibility. However, you can learn everything you learn at school on the web, or really anywhere else. Everyone is different, therefore some of us take a little more time or perhaps much less time to achieve a common goal. In school, everyone is forced to go at one steady pace. And if you fall behind, you're looking at an extra 12 weeks or sometimes an entire year just to get back on track. This costs so much time and money. People should be learning at their own pace and completing assignments when they want to, not when the teacher says. To learn, we must take our time and we must do it right. Sometimes kids and adults get stuck re-learning things they have forgotten. Again, they have to endure the amount of time it takes for EVERYONE to understand what's going on and pay for their class full-amount, even if it's just a few simple rules of math they need to refresh on. Students who want to excel are constantly held back because they have to finish a history class or get this good of a math score to move on when the career they are chasing has nothing to do with said subjects. There has not been one person that I've made contact with who has finished school and has said "I remember everything, especially all the rules in math", yet those who are still in school are forced to remember everything or else they have to restart, or they can't get the degree to get the career they want. With the amount of time it takes, the money it costs, the books, the needy ability to remember redundant information, school is a waste of time and money. What we need to do is focus on our careers because that's what really matters.

  • We learn useless information.

    Why is it that i am at school for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week 190 days a year and all i learn is about h x and y, how to label a bumblebee and the history of china? When do we learn how to submit applications, care for a baby, how to pay taxes or morgage? School is an utter waste of time. I'M SO sick of it.

  • School is the white mens way of trying to control everything in the world...As usual.

    Schools don't teach anything. But to brainwash whats reality. They cant even explain Black History the appropriate way. Teach about the African kings and queens that roamed the world befor slavery! School teaches us to constantly think the negatives of black history and no enough acknowledgment of the African culture. Teach your kids at home, they are safer that way. You wont have to worry about a physcho whit person shooting up the school one day.

  • School is a Complete Disappointment

    School has taught me nothing that I couldn't have easily learned on my own. Most of the teachers are arrogant, selfish egotists who care more about their own pride than the learning of their students. It is a waste of perfectly good time for more important activities, such as learning things that I don't already know. I constantly find myself hearing lectures and lessons about things I already know, and I am still forced to sit through them.

  • We need to pass tests.

    Getting a job relies on getting qualifications, and all that school teaches you are extremely basic things like counting and how to pass tests. It is extremely difficult to get a job if you flunk everything. The vast majority of children whose parents cannot afford school want to go to school, and a much smaller percentage of people who go to school want to leave school

  • Education provides opportunity.

    Really? So if Bill Gates never went to Harvard, and Tim Berners Lee never went to Oxford, you think you'd still be typing on this forum? I'll simplify it:

    -No Windows operating system
    -No World Wide Web

    The education system exists to provide opportunity. Without mandatory education, otherwise ambitious children would be forced into their parents' careers and we'd go back to feudalism in no time.

    Doing well in school provides opportunities for children to CHOOSE their trade when they reach adulthood. Will they all use that algebra or calculus they had to learn? Of course not - but several might. The world needs engineers, physicists, chemists, buisinesmen, etc. How to write an essay? Doesn't hurt to have a good understanding of language. Reading comprehension? I hope parents would want their children to have basic literacy at least. Our world needs writers. Of books, of magazines, of speeches. History? How can you understand current events without knowledge of the past?

    Without a school system, we wouldn't have many of the fruits of technology and industry which we take for granted today. Without a school system, children would also be doomed to whatever career their parents are able to teach them.

  • School is never a waste of time.

    School is the number one place to learn; whether it is elementary, high school, college, or post-secondary, going to school is a wonderful endeavor. If you don't learn, you stagnate and are resistant to change. In our emerging global economy, Americans need as much schooling as possible to keep up and pull ahead of foreign competition.

  • Not at all.

    School is a place for development, both academically and socially. Socially, because there, we meet all sorts of people with different backgrounds, therefore opening new doors of influence. Think of it as a training ground for what life has to offer in the future. It IS definitely possible to 'succeed' in life without having to study in a proper school, however, it isn't bad to consider all your options. To quote Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken: "I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

  • Make world better

    Think about all of you complain about how school os so bad when it really opens up the most entertaining pathway you could imagine. Sure it can be boring and i have to admit some days i do wish i could go home, but If there was no education would there be video games, NO would there be computers,phones you name it. So saying school is not needed is very stupid and leads you to nothing unless you just want to sit up and do nothing your whole life, which is really much more of a waste of life then going to school plain and simple.

  • Seems like it, but not really.

    In school what do you learn? Here's an easier question: What did you learn out of school? School may be boring, but when you think about it's where we have learned almost everything. Without schooling, everything would be simple. Why do we have computers? Back in the Great Space Race, the way we participated is by getting an education. Why do you think Fredrick Douglass escaped slavery when he got smart? Not only does an education help you in every way of life, it also teaches you things to make life easier.

  • They teach you relevant information for your career.

    School is where you learn knowledge on things relevant to society. They teach you things that will help you in your future career as it introduces you to the concepts and topics you will come across in higher education as well as provide opportunities for part time and full time employment.

  • No it isn't

    There are some that would say so, but they're in a lunatic fringe of the GOP that even a majority of the GOP wishes would shut up. Education is important. I hated high school when I was there but I can't tell you I'd be better off without it because that simply isn't true, I fear those that think I would be. They exist. Know them, do your part as a citizen to vote them out of office if you have an opportunity to do so.

  • It helps kids develop various interests

    School is a wonderful way of allowing kids to fully develop several talents, schools have sports fields, science labs, art rooms and music rooms that are not found in the regular house hold. They have teachers and coaches ( who can be really mean at times) but they have opportunities that they wouldn't have otherwise

  • WTF Why yes?

    How can it be a waste? If you want a job and a nice future/economy is it really a waste of time? Yes, if you read the meaning literally but NO if it is for the world's and yours future. So why is it a waste? You meet new people and learn new things, is it a waste to learn, should you just be a human without any logical thinking, grammar, knowledge etc? No.

  • Yes, you may not use every single thing you learn in school but it is still important

    You may not solve equations everyday but it is still important to do good in math as well as all your other classes because it provides an outlook on how hard you work, how hard you think, and how willing you are to succeed at what you do. School also builds an important skill out side of class. That skill is social interaction. It will teach you matters such as please and thank you or holding doors for people.

  • Definitely not a waste of time.

    Everything you see and do is thanks to educated people. Perhaps high school is less than optimal for those who dislike learning, however anybody pursuing a higher level of education must recognize that things learned in high school are essential to being successful in university (at least from the math/science side of things). Without engineers who take the time and effort to learn "useless" math, we would all be living in smouldering craters in the ground amongst the animals with no technology or source of modern entertainment. Also, unless you are some kind of genius you will not be learning advanced calculus "from the internet" to any kind of adequate degree necessary for even the simplest of applications. Anybody with the actual determination to self-teach themselves knows they can learn at an institution for less effort while obtaining a socially recognized degree which will broaden their career opportunities giving them a more comfortable and fulfilling future. Maybe school is not your thing, but be aware that you are largely impacted by those who embrace it.

  • Studying is NOT a waste of time.

    School sharpens our knowledge, skills. If we don't use our brain and think, then we will just be a bunch of trash in the world, making no change and we will not be able to solve problems. We can only make some. I mean, how do we live without it?

  • No it is not if you take it seriously.

    Whether it is a waste of time depends on how much effort you put into it. Of course if you don't put in any effort to learn, it is a waste of your time. It is also a waste of taxpayers money. But, if you have the right attitude then school is not a waste of time.

  • How is it?????

    Imagine that you didn't go to school. You wouldn't have friends, you wouldn't be able to read or write. You wouldn't be able to read books or send texts because you cant spell. You wouldn't be able to add 2 and 2 and you could never get a good job. People say they hate school but its crazy because if you get out of school with no qualifications you're just gonna have an awful life with no money no job. School is like 14 years of your life and even if you don't like it that's just 14 years? If you don't try because you don't like it, the rest of your life will be bad too. Its just stupid

  • World relies on education

    If it were not for school and education, we would be living a life like what it was in the very early days... Numerous of the humans say "i cannot imagine my life without Facebook"..Well for Facebook to exist it's because of education! Literally everything depends on education and education can reach us through school!

  • School helps u communicate with others.

    School is not a waste of time because, it helps u make friends. If you are at home, you will never be able to communicate with others. Students can learn a lot at school but if they stay home, parents will have to stay home and watch them. Thank you.

  • Making great memories

    Don't just think about the educational side of it, some people meet the love of their life at school or the best friend you'll probably have forever. You have drama and you may even lose friends, but this helps you cope through all the drama you may run in to after school.

  • You guys are serious

    School teaches you the basic of grammar , maths and reasoning. As well as sharing the own experiences from reliable adult professional, not only that but helps you relate in a open community with other people. Lastly you need to have a basic level before going out to the open world if you do not then you are going to be swallowed by the real giant competitive students.

  • It is helpful.

    If you don't go to school you will not get good jobs and with no good jobs you cannot feed your family. School maybe isn't the most fun but without school, honestly, would you have a lot of friends, not really, school gives you all of your social ability's so please stay in school or work at McDonald's.

  • You need to learn.

    You need to be able to know what you need for your job in the future. With that money you get from your job that you earned from going to school you can feed your loving and supporting family. That is why I think school is in fact a good use of time.

  • You need to learn.

    You need to be able to know what you need for your job in the future. With that money you get from your job that you earned from going to school you can feed your loving and supporting family. That is why I think school is in fact a good use of time.

  • School is inefficient

    All I need to know in life before college is english and math. Everything else we learn is useless. I take five classes in school and two of which actually matter. Alot of the stuff we learn in those classes are useless. The other three should be about something I might want to take a career in. Why go to school for 18 years and learn a bunch of useless things. History is sort of important but why waste time learning things I do not need to know. For example, for a month ive been learning about ancient history and culture. Absolute uselessness.

  • How is this even a question?

    If you voted 'yes', you're either an angsty teenager who hates the system or a trade school worker. School is a waste of time for those who have no potential in life and people who have the primary ambition of fixing toilets and/or sinks for a living. This is such a brazenly absurd question that it hurts to answer it seriously. Go read a book instead of crying about how the school institution teaches your brats to conform or doesn't let you be creative.

  • I would almost agree, but the argument to the contrary (that school is a waste of time) takes things for granted, which can't be overlooked.

    I'm a software engineer focusing on legacy embedded code, and I'm gainfully employed, making an above-average salary at $102500 as well as a hefty commission based on the success of the projects I am responsible for maintaining or engineering.

    I'm also completely self-taught.

    In high school I learned calculus and trigonometry (thanks to a fantastic teacher), but self taught the rest; I took my first programming job at 15, picked up an electronics hobby, and have been doing that ever since. I never took any programming class.

    It's sad that throughout secondary-school, most of my time was frankly unproductive. Yes, I waited through most of my twelve long years.

    Academically, it's always feasible to teach yourself a skill without help, but school has a number of other purposes which shouldn't be overlooked:
    1: School is a place to leave children when they are too irresponsible to stay with the parent or at home;
    2: School is a change of scenery for the students, who may otherwise be stuck in an environment which does not encourage creativity, learning, or curiosity (If the school doesn't either, then that's a problem);
    3: School and by extension, the government, can provide for students who might otherwise be lacking;
    4: School offers opportunities that the student might overlook -- in my case, it was a music program -- music, and mathematics, which kept me from dropping out;
    5: School provides social contact and therefore life skills to children who may otherwise be doing something other then learning in there free time;

    In a case like mine, it's easy to take for granted that I was brought up in a household which fosters curiosity and had the resources to allow me to develop intellectually and socially. In the absence of that, I feel that school provides a chance, at least (even if it's not extremely effective) for a student in trouble at home, socially or economically, to find an interest and therefore a way out.

    Even in my case, however, I would be lying to say that school didn't help me socially -- and uni was a whole different story from the unproductive waste that high school was.

  • School Teaches You Important Life Skills

    At school, you learn many important skills that can prepare you for adult life. You learn to work hard for results (ex. Grades in your schoolwork) and having to study and balance schoolwork with other aspects of your life can teach you the skills of dedication and time management.
    Another important skill you learn is how to work with other people, and when you make mistakes, you have the opportunity to learn from them.
    Sometimes people complain about how "I'll never use this 'stuff' in the real world," but they're missing the point. For example, many of the mathematic theorems, rules, skills etc. may not apply directly in many situations after school, but in learning them, you create and widen new logical and intellectual brain paths, which you can use to your advantage in almost every other situation! Lessons at school help you build your general brain power.
    Abby S, Gr. 9

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