• Yes it is, and it isn't fair.

    I think that school is made for girls more than boys. With the Ib program there are 6 categories and you have to pick one subject from each of them. Category 6 is like a elective class but the classes are not very physical. Boys need to have classes that they can do physical things like football and basketball. For a human body to stay healthy they need exercise.

  • Yes it is

    Public education means a lot of sitting still, following directions, being polite, obeying orders, and not rocking the boat. Not surprisingly, most little boys find public school to be a crashing bore. Boys face more disciplinary action than girls, and are frequently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorders and prescribed drugs to keep them calm.

    This is the case because public school teachers are trained to regard girl's behavior as the norm. Boys will necessarily differ from a feminized norm, and so will get into trouble more often.

  • Boys are not designed to sit still for 8 hours

    In the common high school, there is no recess or any other time for males to relieve energy. Males are wired differently than girls and need to get up and move more often. Consequently males do not excel nearly as much at a younger age unless they are given the ability to relieve energy.

  • Studies prove this point

    There was a study done that had teachers not know the final average score of their students. They were asked who they would give a better grade to: a girl or a boy. The catch was that in reality the girls and boys all got the same average grade in general. The teachers, however, always rated the girls much higher than the boys. Many of the arguments against this state that school was originally intended for boys. The issue with this is that school has evolved to be more girl-centric rather than how it originally was.

  • It is designed more for girls.

    School is designed more for girls than boys because they don't want girls to have the wrong impact on boys. If you see dress codes at some schools, they are mostly talking about the girls at that school clothing and what they can and cannot wear. They say girls aren't supposed to wear jeans or pants with rips above the fingertip length or above the knee. Girls get busted right when they walk in the school doors if they wear something that doesn't apply to the dress code, if you notice sometimes in dress codes they say boys can't wear basketball jerseys without a t-shirt underneath but boys wear basketball jerseys without a t- shirt underneath and they don't get caught as quickly as boys

  • Yes it is

    Boys are always prejudiced too be bad ¨bad boys.¨ Boys are naturally more ruff than girls so if rules are set around sitting still in class for hours its not fair at all. Not to mention that almost all teachers are sexiest and love there perfect little girls who can never do anything wrong.

  • Look at collages.

    A lot of collages have more girls than boys. Why? Because girls probely dont get as bored. Plus Boys get in trouble more because a lot of teachers are woman, some of those woman are sexist. To be honest they really need more man teachers but lets be real thats not going to happen. Plus a lot of teachers are pretty trash at there job. Not in my school. But at other places.

  • I think it should be for both genders

    Cause kids shouldnt fight which gender is better.Kids are silly but shouldnt say there gender is better cause many actors say that they went to a all girl school or boy but many say public cause it accepts both genders and people should be happy about that cause that is life

  • Yes and no

    Bcuz girls are respectful and calm but some girls are crazy about Fb well I'm a girl but I'm not too crazy about Fb...I love Fb but I don't waste my time on it...Mostly boys also Fb tii much talking to girlfriends and puting up photos...Boys talk too much boys flirt too much...No vense..I'm a girl I love to study and work hard,some boys are lazy to go to school and work hard..And of course girls are wayyyyy smarterrr than the boysss....

  • Yes it is

    It is because girls are more calm while boys are way more active I would know because I am a boy and I live with three sisters they are way more calm than me and for school I have a more active learning style. Another reason is schools support more calm learning style

  • School Is Designed for both Genders

    I believe that school is designed for both genders because it always says that boys cause problems, boys disrupt the class boys don't work but the only reason they realize that is because the girls know that the teacher will be focusing with the boys and not them so they are the ones that tend to be more chatty and disruptive but teachers don't realize it.

  • It is for who wants to learn

    School at time may seem like it is for one gender more than the other, but in actuality it is really just the thing you are studying. Like boys tend to be better at math, girls tend to be better at English. You also have to take into account that this is not the 50's where it was catered to men

  • No

    School is designed more for neither gender, but rather for specific learning types. I believe that each gender has the capacity to gain the same amount of positive or negative experiences from school. While I have read that girls tend to like school more than boys, I think that has more to do with personality differences rather than how school is "designed," per say.

  • I think its more for boys.

    Now i only really think this because we have all these schools with very strict dress codes because boys cant control themselves near girls that's why us girls have to wear polo shirts an jeans when we rather be wearing our leggings and tank tops. But yet since boys cant control their hands and focus to much on us girls to care about their work or pay attention they give us these stupid dress codes. Therefore i think it is actuallly more for boys, because you don't see us girls drooling over the guys wearing their tank tops and shorts.

  • No its not

    Its not because school was originaly made for boys. So the ciriculum built of for the guys. Most of the classess back then where made for boys. It's history was boys than girls so girls didn't get to go to school back that. Boys where designed to go to school.

  • Me and you

    I think girls and boys are both good at school and can do every subject in there own ways... We can all do it we just don't always try hard enough. Its all dumb but we can all do it easy enough we just dont think so but we can

  • Its your choice

    Are always getting in trouble and being lazy, but at the end of the day, its your choice. A teacher can open a door for you. Girls are really active and they are the good kids they are not as lazy like the boys are. Girls act like they are the bomb.

  • Ofcourse not it is designed for both genders

    We all know that schools are designed for both genders not only girls. Every school needs to be balanced, by girls and boys. Boys can be more educated than girls, this doesn't mean that girls are not educated they are educated and more. Sharing genders in a school increases the communication skills. Which can be used as an advantage in the future, While if the school was only made for girls their confidence wont be as good as with boys, it would result many problems in the future. However if the school was only for boys it will also result the same problems.

  • Consider PE !

    School is not designed for either, and obviously, no one actually designed it. If you look at it, every thing is balanced out. Sure, there are long periods, but the boys could at least try harder. I know its hard(*cough cough* my lecturing math teacher). Seriously, what about PE though? In case you didn't know, boys are developed with bigger hearts and lungs, which allows them to endure, and be more athletic(by nature, I'm not saying that girls are bad athletes, there are really awsome ones!!!). So PE is free points for you guys.

  • Of Course it is

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