Is school even about learning anymore (yes) or is it just about grades (no)?

Asked by: hans215
  • School isn't about learning anymore

    School isn't about learning anymore, its about passing. Its not what school used to be like , i feel like high school has so much stress in it and students aren't able to learn the way they want to learn or should learn. I see all of these high school students that are so worried they wont pass, many of the those people are sleep deprived or depressed, which does not help there ability to learn. I could go on and on about this topic

  • It's all a competition for students.

    These days if you take a test and get your grade back. Students like me treat is as a competition. First they will ask "Oh what grade did you get?", then you reply with the grade you got and after that they will just shove it in your face on how they got a higher grade than you. Anyway, grades don't reflect what students are like in the classroom. For example, a hard-working student who gets top marks and tries their best at everything might get a bad grade in a test because they don't do as well under pressure and in a time limit.

  • Yes, in the name of improvement

    Sadly, I have to say that I believe this is true. It is my personal opinion only, but I believe the growing emphasis on standardized tests is contributing to this trend. I routinely see teachers leaving the profession because they feel they can no longer teach the way they need to. I believe this strategy places an unhealthy focus on preparing for the test rather than on a full understanding of the subject matter. I don't mean to imply that all standardized testing is bad; it's a matter of focus and over-emphasis.

  • They're all after reputation

    All schools want now is a good reputation, so they can receive more potential students which also leads to a higher chance of receiving more money from the government (I'm referring to English schools when I say this).
    The children that want to get "good jobs" or "dream jobs" only strive to get good grades so they can get into top universities, which also inadvertently makes their school look good in the process. Learning comes as a by-product of that.

  • Good Grades is what they want

    If someone wants to learn they can go to a library. To attend school only gives one credentials such as High School Diploma or a Bachelor's degree. Learning has been and always will be free(we learn everyday) whether schools choose to promote it or not. Schools are more focused good grades in today's time.

  • Good grades, credentials

    People want credentials so they can get the job they want. This applies even in college. I'm finishing up my first degree but realizing I really want to enter a different field. So I'm going to study on my own time, and build myself up so that I can easily 4 point everything when I go back to college and get the career I want. It's always better to study before you take classes. That way you know everything and can get the best grades.

  • Whats more important, passing or learning?

    I feel like most kids are so worried about getting a good grade but aren't as worried about if they're actually learning the material for the long run. From experience I have done anything to get a passing grade and didn't worry about if I would even remember any of the material in a coupleof weeks.

  • Fuck school it's dumb

    I dropped out in year 8 and I have everything I need a lovely family and my own house.
    My son is in yeah 11 and I hate seeing him so stressed. He comes home and I say what did you learn today and he no joke looks at me and cries because the teacher yelled at him beacuse his assessment was to short..Fuck school

  • School is about getting the passing grade

    In the minds of most students, we're probably awake in class but we aren't really there mentally. Our objective is to get the assignment, and get a passing grade on it by any means necessary. Whens the last time a students actually said "I care about what my teacher is teaching right now". Think about this...As long as you get a passing grade, it doesn't matter whether you learned what was going on or not. Who can really argue against that? If school was actually about learning stuff instead of getting passing grades how many people would have to retake high school or middle school. Math is probably the MOST HATED subject ever created, nobody really learns anything in a math class, you just wait until you get the assignment and you get a passing grade on it thats it. No argument

  • The School System in a Nutshell

    I've been pressured to pass so bad by my unsupportive family for a long time. Most people from my school are fake and most of my teachers are stupid. All school cares about is their reputation, not you. Hell, school even turns me into a psychopath sometimes. It's funny how dumb teachers always deny when some people already exposed this truth about the broken school system. I seriously need to get out of this prison called school. That's all I have to say here.

  • It's a rat race

    Back then, school was about learning and trying your best. Nowadays if you get a "C" your parents will ground you. The school and all of society will frown upon you if you so dare to let an "F" exist in one single assignment. Schools are being more and more strict and push to get "good grades" and attempt to scare us into getting good grades because of the "importance" of college. I find it ridiculous. It is a rat race now just because we are falling behind in education. So what? Doesn't mean we're dumb. Just means we are not as advanced as some other countries.

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Wonton15 says2014-01-10T05:20:39.350
Why is this an only "yes or no" option? Yes or No to what?
2Sense says2014-01-10T05:36:57.907
Good point, Wonton...