• Schools have improved society more than they have harmed it.

    Although one can argue that schools have become corrupt and that they are only after money, one must also not forget the benefits they bring to society. Firstly, they educate children. Even though not all the subjects students are studying will help them in life, some certainly will. A clear example of this is the language courses offered at schools. Being able to communicate one's thoughts and ideas well is crucial as it helps us interact with others. Other subjects also enable students to have greater general knowledge which one can argue as being beneficial. In addition, schools can enable people to see what they are interested in, which they might choose to pursue later on in life. Although many students can be uninterested in school, other aren't, meaning that some children become more passionate about learning because of school. Moreover, schools help give students the opportunity to interact with a variety of different people, giving them social skills that can help them in the future, therefore improving society. If there were to be no schools, then not as many children would be given the opportunity to learn new things that can benefit them later. They may also choose to prioritize work over continuing education. This shows that another important benefit of school is that it reduces the percentages of child labor, which is an issue that harms society greatly. Some schools also make students aware of current global issues, helping them understand how solutions can be planned and thought of. This should create future citizens that want to help their communities, therefore improving society. Another thing I think schools can help with is exposing children to situations they might encounter in the future. An example of this is failure. Good schools are helping students understand that failing at something is not the end of the world and that there are ways to learn from our mistakes. Furthermore, schools help students become more organized and better at time management. They are given several assignments with different due dates which they can choose to do at different times of the day. They also get into the habit of keeping up with tasks and get used to the idea of having responsibilities. Tardiness is also an issue that schools help a lot of students with. Due to the fact that there are consequences to being late, many students get into the habit of getting to classes and meetings on time or even early. Although several institutions of education are corrupt and can harm students more than benefit them, overall schools are improving society by educating children and preparing at least a big proportion of them for later life.

  • Yes but at a mediocre/low level

    It comes of as a good surprise to see people in equal proportion being against the topic. I would like to move in its favor. I believe that although schools are not in their best forms to be nurturing a system of betterment within society , we cannot snatch credit of making children into responsible citizens to an extent. Adding to that , if we compare nations such as Japan and Palestine , not much time will we take to realize the drastic difference in their financial and social health. This difference we hugely owe to education that more or less comes from schools.

  • School improves our society

    School is not what many kids believe it is. It is a place of learning new information. But, it is also a place of training skills. You fail a test. You study harder. You pass the test. You gain skills that will help you in real life. Most people who say that the school's paper based tests are stupid are actually right. But, they don't see the entire picture. Again, these tests are for training skills that you will use later on in life. You can't test skills like that directly so you test them indirectly.

  • Good schools guide us to develop ourselves.

    Although some people would say school would just give students paper works, pointless test and memorising lectures. But those are some of the case, not all the case. Schools included kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and universities. In many places, this kind of traditional teaching methods are changing. Our education is changing to focus on the personal-development. For example, in kindergarten, teacher provide different kind of activities for kids and let them know what are their strength and weakness. And teacher give them love and care.

    Education is not just about future career, but communication skills and self-development. I agree that students have to take exams and tests in school, but this is one kind of the evaluation. There are different kind of evaluation. Such as projects, presentations, homework, etc. different kind of evaluation improve different skills. Studying in school is the process for you to understand yourself and develop your interests. For example, you can join different interest club, like football, singing, debate, etc. School have that resources for you. And the facilities are diverse, such as libraries, play ground, meeting rooms. And if you have any problem, there are many teachers can help you. And you have different classes, such as language class, math, PE, etc. maybe you think some of the lessons are boring, but still have some students are interested in it.

    School is a place that make you stronger. You may meet some good people, bad people in school. You can learn many things in school, not just about paper work. You can have some lifelong friends, improve the interpersonal skill. You can learn different knowledge from different lesson. You can develop your interests. You can know more about yourself.

    YES, schools are improving our society. It helps us to become a better person. We can improve our skills, know about our goal, and know about our interest.

  • No. No. No. No.

    Our education system is terrible for a number of reasons We need smaller classroom sizes, to start teaching kids more complicated subjects at an earlier age, providing better sex education, to stop teaching kids biased and political based ideas, for the government to invest more in education than war, among other things.

  • Caring only about money can only go so far

    I genuinely believe that our education system is the reason (or at least a major reason) why we have stupid people in this country. When people say that an education is not meant to be fun, then that's just a really ignorant statement. Of course there are some aspects that are not meant to be fun for everybody, BUT it does not mean the way of learning should be rigorous, unengaging, and restrictive. The problem with the education system is that its more revolved around getting a job or going to college after graduation. While i have no problem with either of those things, it really doesn't help when it's the only thing they care about, especially when they teach to a paper based test. A real test is based off of using what you've gained from actual experiences, to better handle things in the real world. Now all school is about, is 20% actual learning, and 80% pointless work. School needs to value more life-based stuff than just job/college stuff, like what happened to teaching things like parenting and driving? Is it because of money? Really? Oh wait its spent all on standardized testing, inefficient transportation, crappy school food, books, $10,000 smart boards etc etc. If the system is so concerned about job skills, things like OTJ Training exist! We need more classes in school that are there to better our lives, rather than make us memorize things up to a test, that probably wont help us much in the future. Parents wondering why their children don't want to go to school, it's not because they are selfish brats who hate learning, its because the environment there is unreasonably mundane and restrictive. It is not the same as it was in the 20th century. If you want kids to learn better, give them a reason as to why they should pay attention. Don't spoon feed them anything, but don't be a brick wall to the kids either. If kids complain about school, at least 65% of the time they complain for the right reasons. Of course getting a job is essential to the modern world, but it really shouldn't be the ONLY thing we care about in school.

  • No, schools and universities are becoming overcrowded.

    Schools and universities are no longer teaching anything of particular practical use. They have begun to push ideological agendas, take for example the fact that in some universities in the USA sociology or gender studies are compulsory. The main issues is that these institutions are becoming overcrowded. Too many people going to university is not a good thing, as when more people who are of mediocre capability have certain qualifications, the qualifications become undervalued. Take A levels for instance, they have become much easier and are starting to mean less. The same goes to university qualifications, we live in an age when we have courses of no social use such as gender studies.

    As for school in general, you see increasingly the pushing of narratives or agendas. Subjects such as RS have become compulsory. At the same time, schools fail to encourage intellectual curiosity to the extent they should. They have taught people how to be force-fed, but are failing to truly inspire.

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