Is school more about grades then actual learning?

Asked by: ModernMichael
  • Unfortunately, it is.

    Students in school are forced into a setting and made to absorb and repeat information they may or may not have any interest in, and which they often have little to no control in. The parents behind the students often--yet certainly not always-- place values on the grades and associate them with a student, as though the child is worth less for lower performance and worth more for higher performance. While this message might actually work as a form of encouragement, it does not associate personal worth with learning and knowledge. The parents often don't bother to look beyond the grades, as though the grading tells them everything. The emphasis is on these marks the student receives to fulfill a goal that may not have ever been theirs in the first place. As such, the motive instilled is "do better to satisfy people who have power over me" rather than "do better to be more knowledgeable". While making them do it because they're too young to understand the value certainly is acceptable--I'm not saying students shouldn't be in school, nothing of the sort--it becomes less clear when they so often never come to understand the value, or the reason it has value. School too often becomes a case of large quantities of rote memorization that rewards temporarily holding knowledge for immediate use and discarding it as soon as it stops having immediate use.

    Again, school still works and is crucial. However, while students can and usually do form goals much later, there's not too much question that the students who go there earlier on generally have earning little markings on pieces of paper they don't have any personal motivation for.

  • Children don't care about grades.

    It is unfortunate that grades are the motivator in public schools. It is a mistake though to say that children care about grades. It is the elitism of most parents that desires good scores. They want to see the Jimmy is smarter than Johnny next door. It's sad to see how parents corrupt innocence in this way. Last year University of Michigan's Psychology Dept published a study that showed that when children were not graded the overall class scores were actually much higher. I don't know what you do with this information. How about we get rid of grades in K-12 but then remove federal financial aid for college so things overall don't change too much?

  • Sadly, yes it is.

    While I wish it were the other way around, the truth is that most students and teachers just seem to care about the grade. That is why students cheat on tests, teachers rush "insignificant" lessons just because they provide a little challenge that may drop the class's overall GPA, and colleges look at tests and GPAs to grant admission rather than actually talking to them about their passions. As an example for that last one, I will use myself. For the career path I would like (preferably NASA), my GPA is low: 3.8. My SAT scores are medium, too. However, I have a strong urge to pursue my dream. I can point out a star by name, and if you ask me what satellite is going by at a certain spot right now, I can most likely tell you which one (or type) it is. The fact that there is no high school level test for this subject (and many others) that colleges can look at to determine who is the best scholar to admit is disturbing.

  • It's only about grades

    If you don't get good grades then you won't go to good college. If you don't go to good college then no jobs would hire you. All they see is grades and that's what school is about today. Students only talk about grades and don't talk about new stuff, creative stuff or new things that they learned today. Grades don't matter. Bill gates was a college drop-out.

  • More about grades

    Not saying that school personnel are thinking to themselves literally "grades matter more than actual learning". But they do focus on grades more, maybe because who has the time to go through and figure out who knows what with everyone? People just like the easy way out, especially when the decision won't directly affect them. It is easier and quicker to just take a quick look at grades and make judgments. Grades do reflect what you learn, but there are always other overlooked factors. This is a huge problem to me about colleges and who they admit. It's all about what's on the paper, but what about what's really in the person? What you see isn't all there is to it. Yadadada.... Blah blah... Etc

  • Sadly, yes :C

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  • Sadly, yes :C

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  • Sadly, yes :C

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  • Sadly, yes :C

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  • Sadly, yes :C

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  • We should learn

    I stongly belive that Learning is way more importent then grades yes we should work on are grades but not that much we need to focuse on learning! I'm guessing its certain with the teachers aswell that learning is more importent then grades. See my point is that we need to learn more not strech about grades just KEEP CALM AND DO YOUR WORK!!

  • No ok ok

    No! Education isn't just about good grades or test scores, it's about actual learning. I absolutely hate kids these days who hate school, they're just messed-up (and I'm 12!!). So yeah this is my supporting argument. Ok I need more words to finish this. Does that work? Nope. Okay. Done.

  • Yes, it is.

    In my school you have to pass every test givin to you. If you mess up one test and fail to retake it you fail the class. I feel like I'm being forced to memorize and not actually taught. I worry about college everyday. Colleges don't look for a personality or humanity. They look for a letter and GPA. As a student I feel like I am nothing more than a grade.

  • Be it a 6 or a 16 year old, if their child has incorporated the new ideas, why do parents get angry?

    From my point of view parents should have highlighted the importance of learning rather than grades because keeping their marks up without learning won't be of any use in the long run. Although the majority of parents understand this nowadays, if you ask around a school all the teachers would agree that their main aim is to help their pupils learn, not just improve their grades.

  • School is not only about grades but actual learning

    A school is a place where people get knowledge they learn something new.The teachers teach us not for the sake of passing the students with good grades but to give them the real knowledge on the subject.Ya thats true that grades matter but not more than the knowledge .The schools see the results of the students but they also take the admission tests before admitting the students to check what they have learnt earlier.

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