• The backbone of our society

    There is no argument to say that schooling is not helping our society. It takes every person the fundamentals of life. Humans would be monkeys without school. The great geniuses of our generation learned basic math and science in primary school. How can someone argue that schooling does not help society? All of the "no" people are arguing that school is not efficient. I completely agree. I think our schooling system is outdated and needs drastic improvement, but nevertheless is is helping society. This is not an opinion, its fact.

  • Not necessary as many educated people are self centred and often the ones that abuses their power

    Although school teaches people that when one has the capability to help others, they should always do so. Yet, although there has been increasing number of educated people, many of them abuses their power and do not take part in activities that contribute towards the society. For example, many of the politicians in corrupted country although are educated, they still continue to be corrupted. They only think about themselves and do not really care for the citizens in the country.This results in citizens from suffering. Therefore, it is not always true that education can help the society as there are many educated people out there abusing their own power and not taking care of the poor and the needed in the society. Only when people are caring and change their self centered attitude, then will education in school help to benefit the society.

  • What happened to the education system.

    Looking back at my schooling I can't say it helped me become the person I am today. In our system(Ontario,Canada) teachers are just awful and chase after paychecks nonstop. While in university I would often ask people in Drama or Political sciences "What if you don't make it as an actor" or "What if you don't get into law school" and I would always get the same answer. Teacher's college, which would lead to my follow up question, Have you ever worked with kids? To which they would almost always answer no. This is why we have such a rubbish system in Canada, the school system is full of people that are fed up with their jobs because they never wanted to be here to start with combined with frustrated that things did not work out the way they planned. When my parents were in school and a kid did not fit the mold he wasn't automatically labelled as ADD/ADHD,OCD, Bipolar and whatever teachers like to slap on nowadays, like seriously what is this. We also have a serious lack of accountability in Canada, teachers get away with doing whatever they want. Go on Ontario College of teachers and look up some of the investigations and I will let you see for yourself what I'm saying. Not too long ago an Ontario teacher had assaulted students in the classroom who according to him were misbehaving and he was suspended (with pay) for a year and all he had to do was complete an anger management course(needless to say a year later he was back teaching at that school and his anger management course was paid for by the school). When I was in highschool a few parents had launched a complaint on a chemistry teacher who was not teaching at all( and I mean he was literally sitting on his computer for an hour reading emails and letting us do what we wanted) and they were told that he was getting the students ready for university and colleges where we would be expected to learn on our own. There are so many things wrong with our system but it boils down to this:
    1) Lack of accountability
    2) Lax selection of teachers
    3) Awful government policy where teachers are given everything they want whenever they go on strike.

  • Schools prioritize money over bettering society as a whole

    I genuinely believe that our education system is the reason (or at least a major reason) why we have stupid people in this country. When people say that an education is not meant to be fun, then that's just a really ignorant statement. Of course there are some aspects that are not meant to be fun for everybody, BUT it does not mean the way of learning should be rigorous, unengaging, and restrictive. The problem with the education system is that its more revolved around getting a job or going to college after graduation. While i have no problem with either of those things, it really doesn't help when it's the only thing they care about, especially when they teach to a paper based test. A real test is based off of using what you've gained from actual experiences, to better handle things in the real world. Now all school is about, is 20% actual learning, and 80% pointless work. School needs to value more life-based stuff than just job/college stuff, like what happened to teaching things like parenting and driving? Is it because of money? Really? Oh wait its spent all on standardized testing, inefficient transportation, crappy school food, books, $10,000 smart boards etc etc. If the system is so concerned about job skills, things like OTJ Training exist! We need more classes in school that are there to better our lives, rather than make us memorize things up to a test, that probably wont help us much in the future. Parents wondering why their children don't want to go to school, it's not because they are selfish brats who hate learning, its because the environment there is unreasonably mundane and restrictive. It is not the same as it was in the 20th century. If you want kids to learn better, give them a reason as to why they should pay attention. Don't spoon feed them anything, but don't be a brick wall to the kids either. If kids complain about school, at least 65% of the time they complain for the right reasons. Of course getting a job is essential to the modern world, but it really shouldn't be the ONLY thing we care about in school.

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