• School is Worth the Education but Not Worth The Stress

    School teaches you essental things you need to know. But sometimes, teachers put excessive pressure on us students. You go to school to learn, not to be stressed to the bone. School should be an opportunity to learn, but not to be stressed all the time. School is worth it, but teachers need to loosen up and not stress students out so much with excessive tests and loads of homework.

  • Sure, teach us the "basics of life"...

    Then afterwards, let us choose what we wish to learn when we say we are ready, regardless of whether we are ACTUALLY ready or not, because we asked for it, and really, does anyone ever ACTUALLY know when they are "completely prepared" or are we only ever assuming things... But yeah, opinion is great...

  • You want a good job go to school want to work at McDonald's stay home and play COD

    It just makes sens to go to school. Because all though it always comes down to death make the most of your life and have fun. But to have you're going to probably some money to spend, and a minimum wage job doesn't give you enough income to have extra money to spend on what you want.

  • School is really worth it

    School is really a good place to learn because if we didn't have school then we would be dummies. I agree with children that think school is boring because who wants to learn about science, social studies, or comm arts. Overall school is good because it helps you get the job you want. It also helps you be more educated and learn how to do math, read, and write.

  • Yes. Education is always worth it!

    Yes. School is always worth the investment. In fact, people with a higher education typically earn way more than someone without an education. Although graduating from a particular school doesn't guarantee success, it certainly makes getting a better job a lot easier than it would be to attain the same job without the education.

  • School is a great opportunity for education

    Although school takes much time and effort to complete, the end result is almost always worth it as long as the education being received can be used practically. Even if the education serves no purpose, it is a very good thing to have members of society educated in broad things like history, science, and English.

  • School is excessive.

    Yeah sure, school is beneficial. All you really need to know is basic math, basic english, and basic science (if that). The fact that teachers and society think it’s ok to make kids stress out over work they assign that they will forget in the next month is insane. Once you are older, and you wanna learn something for your job that requires learning that skill then you can/have to take a class for it anyways. I hate the way schools work. Making kids get up in the morning every day just to walk into what is like hell, to try and get good grades while maintaining other outside activities, then if you’re bullied or struggle with depression, anxiety, etc that makes everything worse. It makes us crazy. If you stress a lot (almost everyone) then you’re garanteed a shorter life! Heart problems! Behavioral Imbalance! High blood pressure! And obesity! Fun! Anyways thought I should share. I could say a lot more but I have 3 tests to study for. Chao!

  • Sure, teach us the "basics of life"...

    Then afterwards, let us choose what we wish to learn when we say we are ready, regardless of whether we are ACTUALLY ready or not, because we asked for it, and really, does anyone ever ACTUALLY know when they are "completely prepared" or are we only ever assuming things... But yeah, opinion is great...

  • So not worth it

    School is in no way helpful or beneficial to students after they learn the basics. Basic math, writing, reading, and healthcare is really all that people need to get a steady job in today's world. Extreme equations and complex science has no benefit to the majority of the population who will never use those things.

  • Not much to help you in life

    Yes, I believe many parts of school are actually important. Basic math, basic science, etc. I do support the idea of teaching children and teens the basics; I just don't believe it should be mandatory after elementary school. I wish we could have the opportunity to take the classes we really want to take, not forced to learn a subject we have no interest in. I also desire a school that teaches the fundamental human rights and laws of our country. But at the moment, school isn't teaching or allowing us to learn this way. And until that changes, I believe school isn't worth it. It's a waste of our time; a waste of our life. We spend year after year learning complete bullshit, and for what? Am I going to need to know what a plant is made up of when I'm studying law? Am I going to find it mandatory to know all the different types of motions out there when I'm trying to save a life as a doctor? No. Nor you or I should be forced to learn this and be tested on it. It isn't important.

  • Waste of time

    I'm in 8th grade and I think elementary taught us more.Because so far I think of middle school is that it is so dumb we learn nothing.I don't think I'm going to be useing x(4-7) equal something in math we don't learn important stuff that we need to know when we grow up.Sometimes I pretend like I'm sick so I don't have to go to that hell holl.What I want to grow up to be a photographer a good paying job don't really need a education.

  • No School Is Not Worth It!

    I say no because school is seriously hell for me. Like I am in year 11 now and I find it a waste of time to be totally honest with you. High school is the exact same as primary. You're re-learning everything but in a complete different way. Plus some teenagers are not built for school. I am one of them. I hate it! I use to get bullied by just coming to school. It's like you're walking into the gates of hell.


  • School is not Beneficial!

    We learn useless things for no reason. If I want to be a Journalist all I will need is high-school writing and 4th grade math. If I want to be an Engineer, Writing has been a waste since 5th grade. So why do we even need middle school. GO AND LEARN ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!


  • Yes, school is worth it in the sense of socializing and learning important things, but no if you aren't interested in a "core class" job.

    I mean, yes school is worth it for the friendship and learning about things that "could" help you in life.
    I emphasize on could because, for me, well, I want to be an actor, after high school there really aren't any prestigious colleges that help you really get on the big screen, drama is a totally different thing compared to movie acting, and even if you get a degree in theatre at college that will barely help you.
    If you want a job like being an actor, or artist, or some type of entertainer there is just no point. You must take matters into your own hands, dedicate yourself even when you have failed miserably, and if that doesn't cut it, maybe it just isn't the field for you. There's no point in paying student loans if it really isn't going to help you at all, and that is just my opinion.

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