• School is needed.

    School is needed because if there was no school then you would not be smart enough for a job and then you would not have money for that house of yours.If you didn't have a job your family you may have made will be homeless and poor and do you want that to happen I hope not.

  • It kind of depends. (Question is also very localized)

    I do believe that primary school is needed. Especially since most of the things that you will use in your life is covered under those first 6 +2 (Kindergarten) years. However, some of the things that you might learn throughout high school isn't necessarily needed. For some, the add on work causes a lot of added unneeded stress. Wait I am saying is, I don't think I will ever use Trigonometry or Linear Equations. However, as a general statement, school is important.

  • I don't believe that that is a genuine question.

    With respect, that is one of the most stupid questions that I have ever heard. At school, we don't just learn things from lessons, you learn things from hanging around with your friends. There are so many things that you learn which you don't think come from school. Without school, you wouldn't have the qualifications that you need to get a job. Life would be so much harder because you wouldn't know half as much as you know now. I think that school is 1000000% necessary and always will be. Without education, the world would still be where it was before Jesus is born.

  • It is isn't needed

    We should learn naturally in our own way not what other people teach if you believe in God just ask your mommy or daddy but if others teach it might make life BORRONG doing the same thing nearly every day SERIOSLY how rude forcing us to learn you can learn without school school isn't necessary it would be more achieved ng to learn yourself if your so desperate for knowlange just homeschool

  • It should be up to who knows each child best: The Parents

    Some people aren't cut for formal education. They just don't have the patience to sit in a desk and listen to a teacher teach things they don't have an interest in. These individuals can function in life without school, doing skilled physical labor or running a business. A school isn't required for the amount of education necessary for these occupations. Parents could teach them basic things like reading, writing, and math, and the rest can be learned through experience. If the parent decides their child would thrive in formal education, they can make that choice also. It should be up to each parent, who knows their child's needs best, not the government.

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