• Science is bane

    It creates pollution which depletes the ozone layer. If the ozone layer will finish than UV rays will directly harm us and we will have skin cancer etc. It is very harmful for us. So we have to use bicycles not cars, bikes, etc. Which creates population so sci. Is bane

  • No, of course not.

    While there have been negative side effects to scientific discoveries, the good that science has brought to us and our society has far outweighed the bad. Science has allowed us to visit the moon and send probes to Mars, given us computers and the internet, allowed us to extend our life span, to find cures and to prevent diseases and many other benefits.

  • Science is our universe.

    Science is our universe. Science lets us understand the world we live in. Science gives us life, e.G. Medicines, vaccines. We have learned so much about science. Sci-fi books are based on real science. Science took us to the moon! Science is the advancement of the human race. If it wasn't for science we would be trying to move with square wheels. Anyone who thinks otherwise is honestly a blind, non intelligent idiot. No offence.

  • Science makes us who we are and is the reason we can put our opinions on sites like this

    Science is by far the most useful and amazing thing... It took us away from ridiculous god delusions and is the reason we have such advanced health care and disease prevention.... It's the reason we understand the universe the way we do and it's the reason we live such great lives... Science prepares a person for the greatest number of jobs and the concepts are fascinating and life changing!... And it will also be the thing that saves us from climate change!

  • This is just ignorant.

    Anyone who claims science is a bane to society should run along and live in a cave away from all modern conveniences, catching and preparing their own food with a chipped rock tied to a stick. Because basically our entire modern society is the result of scientific research.

    The fact that the poster typed this from his computer, on the internet, while using electricity in a heated home wearing machine manufactured clothing is pretty hilarious.

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