• Lit is apart of science

    Look it up it true . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Science is more important than language

    My opinion is that science is more important than language because first of all, passing down knowledge about science doesn't have to be recorded in words. People often prefer looking and learning instead of learning by words because they get to experience it. Learning by language makes people think they are blinfoalded

  • Science is more imporant than language.

    My opinion is that science is more important than language because language in itself is inherently a science with rules, functionalities, and methodologies. While I personally don't believe that science is superior in any explicit way, it's importance over the importance of language is still apparent. When faced with any kind of linguistic communication barrier, we can still communicate with scientific symbols such as arrows, or mathematics.

  • Valuable asset to enhance and bring about effective communication

    It helps to bring about increase economic opportunities for individuals and the ability to engage in scientific research. Intercultural understanding can bridge the gap between countries, contribute to international diplomacy, promote national security and successfully engage in international trade. Without language as the medium for communication, there would be no exchange and sharing of ideas which facilitate the growth of science.

  • No, Well versed science could not exist without language.

    Argument 1:
    - Language is the most crucial tool for teaching and conveying ideas in human society.
    - The growth of scientific advancement is dependent upon prior knowledge which is used to test hypothesizes.
    = Therefore language is the limiting factor in the growth of science.

    Argument 2:
    - Language is the medium by which science functions.
    - Science is largely dependent on widespread communication to test a set of findings/ideas.
    - Language is important for recording accurate scientific findings.
    = Therefore language is crucial to practicing science

    Conclusive Argument:
    - Language is the limiting factor in the growth of science.
    - Language is crucial to practicing science
    = Therefore science is dependent on language
    - Language is an art and is not dependent on science
    = Therefore language is more important than science.

    P.S (Language can be expanded through science, to greater fit the needs of humans. As has been done to art many times before.)

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Shubhu says2013-08-24T03:20:22.077
Now a days science as well as language are becoming most important than ever for achieving goal.Both are playing very important role in their section.The centuries are passing and with the passing of the centuries the technology is increasing and becoming the boon for the nations where as if we talk about language,it is the national language of some of the country and very important to achieve the goals for the people of country like india where there is a great competition.However the language is necessary in all over the world.The best way to communicate and also with the social views.