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  • No, science is not the same as spirituality.

    I do not think that spirituality and science are the same thing. I think that science is something that is based on research and trial and error, while spirituality is something that is based on faith and a belief. I think both though have a place for modern people and society.

  • No, but it should be.

    Science and spirituality are not really at odds, because science explains the physical world and spirituality seeks to be okay with the places of mystery. They can go hand in hand because there will always be more mystery to explore and some will never be explained away by our limited human minds.

  • No It Isn't

    I do not believe science is the same as spirituality. Science is very formed and it has a very clear definition that pretty much can't be broken. Spirituality can mean very different things to many different people. It does not have a well defined term, people usually use it to define where they stand in a religious matter. While some people may associate their spiritualism with science, that doesn't mean it applies to the term directly.

  • They are different.

    No, science is not the same as spirituality, because science is just a way of using a certain method to determine what the truth is. Spirituality has more to do with the way that a person chooses to live their life. With spirituality, a person can choose to believe something, regardless of how much evidence there is.

  • They are different.

    Spirituality is a ridiculous myth, based on emotions and unfounded opinions, while science is based on subjective findings. Science is about truth and understanding, always doubting and reaching for more. Spirituality is an explanation. Spirituality implies a complete, explained and finished world. This is impossible, and thus even without evidence, science wins on plain logic.

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