• yes, I think Scott Walker's future is compromised

    Scott Walker, gov of Wisconsin, remains popular among the Republican base voters here in wisconsin, but his approval generally throughout the state has cratered. Therefore, if not esteemed in his own state, he cannot bring out another any national or provincial terms. The last find raise proved that his power has declined over the years.

  • I sure hope so

    The irony of Scott Walker is immense. The guy claims that he's not a career politician, but his entire career has been in politics. At one time maybe he could have thought of himself as the plucky outsider going to change the system, but it's clear that he's just become part of that system instead. I hope he enjoys a nice early retirement.

  • Yes, Scott Walker's career in politics is over.

    Yes, Scott Walker's career in politics is over. He failed as presidential candidate and will fail again if he tries to run in 2020. All GOP nominees should lose their jobs in politics after letting Trump rise to the top. Walker should start looking for a new line of work after this year.

  • No, it's not

    No, I do not think that Scott Walker's political career is over. Sure, some people hate him and everything that he stands for, but their are plenty of other people that love his unconventional approach to politics. I will say that the needs to make some changes before he would be accepted on a large scale.

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