• I feel he tells it like it is.

    He states facts not opinions. Journalist are no longer journalist there opinions get in the way. Truthful news is something of the pasts because personal ideological opinions get in the way. Well opinions are like rear ends and guess what we all have one. Just because you say it doesn't make it so.

  • Yes, he tells the truth like he sees it.

    Yes, Sean Hannity is a fair and honest reporter, because he does not distort the truth as he sees it. Hannity is credible, and able to connect with his audience. He has a working class background, and that resonates with a lot of people. He reports truth, along with his commentary. He is a fair reporter.

  • He's not a reporter he's a partisan commentator

    Sean is not a reporter he's a partisan commentator who crafts a narrative to fit his and his audiences beliefs. He is deceptive in what information he includes and what he omits often employing spin tactics to deflect and avoid. He will refute and deny accusations that were not actually made instead of actually addressing questions or issues at hand. He also frequently perpetuates unfounded storylines and conspiratorial motives. His tactics often result in hipocritical positions which he glosses over and actively ignores (most politicians do this). Sean also spurs the combative nature of the current two party systems and sees those with differing views as a hostile opposition that aims to destroy the republic. If you have any sense of skepticism you will realize many of these traits.

  • Propaganitty nowhere near credible or unbiased

    The guy is a walking, talking spin machine and conservative apologist. He appears unbiased by entertaining people with varied viewpoints, then blasts them with his agenda and prepared talking points. Also, the guy is clearly not being honest with how he presents the "facts." He is good at what he does, I will give him that, but has zero credibility.

  • Most biased reporter I've ever seen

    If its not already obvious how he twists truths and bends things the way he chooses to portray them then i would already be wasting my time typing a supporting argument on this matter. Don't take my word for it, just watch one of his segments and make up your own mind. I'm not on an island with my opinion

  • No, he panders to conservatives.

    No, Sean Hannity is not a fair and honest reporter, because he reports specifically for his audience. Hannity has an audience that is mostly made of conservatives. He speaks directly to this group in ways that they want to hear. He is not fair because he interjects his personal views into his reporting, in order to attract the crowd.

  • No,Sean Hannity is not a fair and honest reporter.

    No,Sean Hannity is not a fair and honest reporter.He is the furthest thing from being neutral so his reporting is very suspicious and can never be considered fair.He is very biased against anything he considers liberal and will tell any kind of lie to support his point of view no matter untrue his perspective might be.

  • Sean Hannity Not Fair or Honest

    Unfortunately, Sean Hannity couldn't be considered fair or honest as a reporter. He has shown time and time again to fall back in a biased manner. He doesn't allow his subjects to treat him in the same manner. With that in mind, Hannity is nothing close to fair or honest.

  • The answer is none of the above.

    Sean Hannity may think he's fair -- I don't. Sean Hannity may think he's honest -- he isn't. But I doubt Sean Hannity would consider himself a reporter these days, and on that we both agree on. The man has been on Fox News since the 1990s, and he doesn't have enough journalistic credibility left to call himself so much as a copy boy.

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