• Yes its wrong

    Sex before marriage is definitely wrong. God wants the couple to be married before they can even do any sex. Disagreeing on this goes against what God wants and thus puts you in a problem with him when you have sex outside of marriage. You must wait till marriage it is better that way.

  • No, sex before marriage is not wrong.

    Sex before marriage is a very common thing in many couples relationships. Sex is a vital activity to keep us fresh and healthy and happy. If we are not having sex, then we are often frustrated. Sex can be a very enjoyable and intimate experience to share with someone you love.

  • I strongly believe that sex before marriage is a good idea.

    I strongly believe that sex before marriage is a good
    idea. Many marriages fail because of a
    lack of sexual satisfaction. One partner
    becomes sexually frustrated and strays away.
    There is too much temptation and too much porn nowadays for people to be
    getting married to each other before finding out whether or not they are
    sexually compatible.

  • No, there is nothing explicity wrong about choosing not to wait.

    Sex before marriage is an idea that some may find immoral, but everyone deserves the right to choose the right time for themselves, regardless of how other people might view it. Sex is a very personal thing, obviously, which means that the choice of when do begin having it is a very personal choice. Different individuals have different morals, which means that one person's choice may not seem right to another, but there's nothing intrinsically wrong about the choice.

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