• Sex is Good

    Yes, sex and sexuality are good and beneficial for humanity. It is through sexuality that the species is propagated. Not only this, but sexuality can bring about feelings of intense pleasure and closeness between its participants. These feelings are healthy and normal. All of this together shows why sexuality is a good thing.

  • Yes,sex is good.

    The vast majority of people would agree that sex is good.First of all it feels good and helps you be more intimate with your partner.Third of all it helps you procreate which is the ultimate goal of the human race.So if someone says that sex is bad just don't believe them.

  • sex is natural

    Of course sex is good. Its a way for us to reproduce as well as vent our emotion. It is also a way for us to relieve stress, and to make our partner feel accepted, as well as giving them a sense of felling needed and appreciated. Its a way to connect on the most personnal level.

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