• SHREK ISDRE|||CK normies

    Robbie Rotten and shrek are literally my life, if you want to say that shreky is not drecky you should probably go suck on a butt plug. JEWS AND NAZIS CAUSED THE PLAUGE! Kill jewish fags and normies, then go to 4Chan /b/ for moar mems, i like shreky dreky niggop poop faggots kill

  • Shrek is dreck

    Fuck shrek jews jews nazis and jews are best freinds ever world war 2 was a joke theholocaust was cool william young is dreck and he killed shrk and wears his face like a mask while he kills fiona and her kids fuck shreck nazis and jews hitler was cool

  • Shrek is never dreck

    He is a kind and gentle soul, but he will show no mercy to these blaspheming non-believers. He will remove their layers one by one and damn them to an eternal sentence in his swamp. May Shrek have mercy on their dirty and non-believing souls. All hail the mighty Ogrelord.

  • Uh no way

    Our lord Shrek is not drek! All blasphemers will be punished swiftly and justly. The smell of onions will overtake all who speak against sir Shrek. My Knight. My king. He will lock you in his outhouse of justice for years to come if you all do not come to peace with our Ogrelord. Shrek is love.. Shrek IS life.

  • Shrek is not dreck

    Shrek is to be worshipped. Shrek is our only ogrelord and he is not dreck, not now, not ever. His pungent onion reign shall be for eternity. I was only 9 years old. I loved shrek so much. I had all the merchandise and movies. Shrek is love, shrek is life.

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