• Yes, it is.

    Sia has made some pretty powerful videos that are both memorable and make a statement. The video for Orlando is just as powerful and makes just as much of a strong statement as many of the other video's Sia has made. It is most definately worth watching and thinking about.

  • Yes, Sia is a megastar who made a video for Orlando

    Yes, Sia is a megastar who made a video for Orlando. It is worth watching the video one time to see what it is about and show support for the incident. There is no reason to not watch the video at least once. It may be a hot topic very soon.

  • No, I don't even think it makes my top 5 favorite Sia songs.

    I admire Sia's musical talent -- way back to the coda at the end of "Six Feet Under". But to be honest, creating an obviously political video which avoids mention of the extreme violence against gays, women, Jews and other ethnic minorities (who do not belong to a particular crescent moon-worshipping ethnicity) as perpetrated by the Death Cult otherwise known as RADICAL ISLAM, is a huge cop out.

  • No, the Sia video for Orlando is not worth watching

    The music video for Sia's single "The Greatest" is an artistic use of 49 dancers who represent the killings in Orlando. She may be sympathetic to the deaths that occurred in the night club but the video is not a good performance. There are other ways to pay respect to the victims of this tragedy.

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