• Yes, Simon Cowell is woth $75 million per season.

    Simon Cowell is worth $75 million per season as talent show judge, as long as the ratings he can bring deliver in high advertising revenue. In other words, Cowell is a highly popular talent show judge that can attract a large audience. Therefore, advertisers during Cowell's show will have to pay a lot more; which could very likely cover the value of his contract.

  • No, because the job and the pay are mis-matched.

    A talent show judge gets to impart his opinion on other people and ultimately hold the keys their future success. The nature of the job is rewarding enough. This person does not need to earn a ridiculous amount of money, too. In my opinion, Simon’s “work” does not justify such a large salary. Courtroom judges should perhaps have a salary like his. Talent show judges should earn about $100,000 a year.

  • I don't agree that Simon Cowell is worth $75 million per season.

    While Simon Cowell is a talented entertainer, I don't believe his talents are worth $75 million a season. Who determines this figure? While ratings may be high on any show Simon appears on, the value of his talent will only be inflated by networks attempting to outdo one another. Networks have done this to themselves creating a dollar amount that is seriously inflated.

  • No, Simon Cowell is not worth 75 million per season to judge of a talent show

    No, Simon Cowell is not worth 75 million per season to judge of a talent show. He is a very famous personality who makes the show what it is, however, he is still not worth 75 million. There are other people who could take his place and make the show a hit.

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