• I personally like the game

    The game has pretty much endowed quests and leveling up. You can also get to choose from multiple races/characters. There's a civil war quest which is pretty fun, especially if you join the stormcloaks. Granted there's some nuisances such as glitches that get you killed, as well as forgetting to save can screw you in some circumstances.

  • Yes, skyrim is

    A good game. The graphics are amazing, and it's super realistic. Skyrim is one of my favorite games of all time! I would prefer Happy Wars better, since I only occasionally play Skyrim, but Skyrim is still a good game! I don't know what else to say about this game! It's amazing!

  • Yes, if judged in a vacuum

    Skyrim is a fun game with plenty to offer... Quests, exploration, armor crafting, enchanting, sword play, bow play, magic play.. If you play this game and judge it on it's own, i'd definitely say its good.

    Comparing Skyrim to previous Elder Scrolls titles is where it changes a little, and most people who say its not a good game will be people who can't stop doing this. I understand their perspective. Every single aspect of depth as far as mechanics and gameplay is diminished with each successive elder scrolls title, leaving each one more empty than its predecessor, although more graphically impressive.

  • I hate to say this.

    Skyrim used to be a very fun game in my opinion, it had a killer plot, heart-wrenching decisions and a heart warming ending which I am not going to spoil. But when I thought about it, this game is a bit unfair. The gameplay is not bad but there is just one problem, the game forces you to be something that you may not want to be. Yes I'm saying that you are forced to kill dragons. So I you're a gamer like me that hates dragon slaying then you'll know what I mean. I don't know why Bethesda even called this an RPG as the storylines in the game are fixed other than the ending. It is just amazing that one mistake can ruin the game completely.

  • In fairness, for what it is, it's terrific. Just not to my taste

    It follows the idea of quantity over quality a little too much for my taste. While vastly superior to that hideous Elder Scrolls Online game, I still find myself wanting to instead go on the Xbox One and take out Rare Replay, or perhaps Farcry 4 or the like, or go on the Wii U and play Mario Maker, or Galaxy, or Splatoon, or other such titles.

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