• It's Cheap Labor That Could Benefit An Economy That Needs It

    While I understand what my ancestors have went though being enslaved and treated as cattle herd, there is a usefulness for slavery. It would be hard to build up an expensive industry that could benefit others or make most people lives easier until there's a better way.

    Right now, we complain about Latinos illegal immigrants stealing our jobs and those poor chinese mothers who only get to see their children a few times out of the year working 12-24-32 hour work days sowing up closes for Walmart but we love low, low prices and the ability to buy everything we want and need.

    Slavery should NEVER be the permanent solution, only a means to get things done that would've never happened otherwise.

  • How about no?

    Everyone is different yes, but that is NO reason to enslave creatures that will cry when in pain. I don't care what you are, black, white, feminist, muslim, jewish, etc. I refuse to enslave innocents. I do believe though that manual labor (slavery) should be a PUNISHMENT. NOT a normal thing. If you are a murderer, you either are begging for death or you deserve to suffer in slavery. I know I'm gonna offend a LOT of people with my thoughts, but I do not stand for the slavery of innocents.

  • The real question is why would anyone even think that it is a good thing?

    It is outrageous that someone would even consider it being a good thing. This is 2016. We are all humans, and we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What life is there to live being a slave? How could someone possibly be happy in that situation? We should never resort to something so horrible. I thought we learned that lesson already.

  • It's not right to treat humans like that.

    It's humane and simply wrong. Human beings shouldn't be treated like this, it's just not right for people to be treated so badly. If we decide now that slavery is needed to stabilise the economy, that opens the door for people like Hitler who end up using that as an excuse to do horrifying things. If you like, we can debate this and go into further detail. Just send me the request if you want.

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themightyindividual says2016-06-25T18:30:30.407
No votes on this poll. The Kardashian poll got votes. :/