• People underestimate children

    We live in a society where children are treated as stupid, excessively fragile specimens, who will fracture and fall completely part at the smallest exposure to fear and pain. The popular claim is that spanking teaches kids that violence is okay. Kids, however, are not that simple, nor are they so stupid to understand the real reasons behind their physical punishment. Corporal punishment, if doled out correctly, teaches kids in a direct and forceful way that there are consequences that are not at all pleasant in any way, shape, or form. If kids learn from a young age the extremities of the consequences to their actions, by the time they're older, they will have discipline, understand right from wrong, and avoid doing "wrong" as much as possible. Because they'll the concept of consequence. That is discipline. Discipline is not abuse. Discipline is teaching. Of course not all kids are going to learn discipline the same way, since, obviously, not all kids are the same. But to treat spanking specifically as a "wrong" method of discipline is inaccurate and unfair.

  • Pain is an excellent teacher

    When a child, especially a young child does something naughty it is quite hard, due to their limited language skills to explain to them that it is wrong and you don't want them doing it again.
    When if I child does something wrong and you hit them across the back of the legs or on the bottom, it causes them pain. They will then associate the behavior with pain and be less likely to do it again.

    The biggest and only point I want to make here is there is a HUGE difference between hitting a child for punishment, and beating a child.

    I was hit regularly as a child and I have turned out fine, I hold no ill-will towards my parents for it and I will hit my children. If I was kicking off in a supermarket because I wanted some sweets and I got slapped across the back of my legs I soon learnt to shut up and do as I was told.

    Too many kids these days lack discipline and I blame the removal of the cane in schools and parents not hitting their children.

  • So what is the alternative?

    People have this idea of children as sweet, innocent and incredibly fragile. They may well be sweet and innocent - on occasion - but they are not as fragile as the do-gooders would have us believe. They can just as easily be devious, deceitful and highly manipulative - something they learn quite early. Experienced parents know that almost all children will occasionally go so far that the only appropriate action is a smack. In the case of my children, no more than once or twice a year. That was enough; at other times - again just a few occasions a year - the threat of a smack was enough. Smacks were NEVER administered in the heat of the moment. You need to be totally calm and in full control to give proper measured discipline. It is correction - NOT revenge; there must be no element of anger present in the parent. In a loving situation, the child does not feel resentment towards the parent. He or she should feel sorry that they have pushed you to such measures.
    There are indeed alternatives to physical punishment but few are anything like as effective in shaping a well-behaved social child, with due respect for others. Those that are effective do so by creating psychological pressures (i.E. Stress) on the child, which have much greater long-term adverse effects on the personality than the traditional "short, sharp, smack', where the lesson is quickly assimilated and the consequence put behind, with the slate "wiped clean".

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  • Let's them feel loved and makes them know you love them and don't want them to do the wrong

    Children have obviously hit other children so if you hit them then they will know how Mitch it hurts. This WON'T make them do that because they know the coniqunces of what they do. Therefore I strongly think that children should definitely be aloud to get smacked by their pearents

  • If you raise your child with physical discipline then they are more likely to be more successful and achieve more in school as they grow.

    Discipline helps your child know what is right and wrong. They need to be prepared to come into the real world growing up realising what goods and bad actions really are. I believe this is okay as children will be more successful and achieve more in life. Opinion based only

  • Hate to say it but it's a must. Either that or you do a Michael Kyle type of fathering.

    Either way discipline is a must. I have to say while I hate it and still do hate my parents for those actions even if the outcome is meant to help you grow. It's a must but with limits. Of course, hitting is one thing but smashing the skull is another.

    So with caution not till you kill your child. That's why I brought up the point of Michael Kyle. It's a tv character however the way they deal with discipline is not violence however more of winning children at their own game.

    However it is out of the question whether kids need to be disciplined. It is a must, the world does not revolve around their needs and the sooner they learn that the better.

  • It is awful

    You guys are all idiots thinking that it is ok! Think of all the supporting research! The physical pain of the children being abused. Imagine if you were being smacked by someone triple your weight and height, and especially if that someone is the person you love. Violence IS NOT a good form of parenting, and if anyone has ever hurt their child physically they should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Not very effective

    There's just better ways. We got sent to sit in the bathroom for 10 or more minutes, I was jealous of my friends that got a hit and sent on their way.
    Then there's all the debate showing that it promotes violence, which im only mentioning to fill the word minimum

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  • There's better ways to give discipline.

    I know this as a fact because I am a child myself. Children can easily learn from what their parents do. Like my mom sleeps early and wakes up early to do work, so I do the same. Kids are smarter than you think, and they can easily pick up bad habits from parents. So, the parents should instill good habits in the child instead of encouraging rebelliousness with hitting and slapping children.

  • Do not smack yo kids

    I do not like that it is evil, cruel, wicked, bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, foul, vile, dishonorable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, reprobate, villainous, nefarious, vicious, malicious and very very very very very rude!!! |Main reasons:

    Could lead to injury / death
    Could lead to children who become serial killers because of childhood issues with parents :(
    They might abuse their future children if they think it is normal.

  • Physical abuse is never an acceptable punishment.

    Smacking is merely an act of abuse that is disguised as something that is helpful when, in reality, all it does it teach the child that violence is acceptable, and they'll be more likely to be guilty of it in future to other people because they'll think that it's okay.
    Children will begin to lie to their parents about their life so they will not get smacked, which only creates a bond of mistrust and fear between the parents and the child, with the child withholding information and not talking to their parents about their life for fear of punishment. So, really, smacking is more harmful than beneficial.

  • I do not think that reasons of smacking/spanking children are well supported for it to continue happening.

    There are other things adults can do other then physically hurt children. Hurting a child will just teach them to hit other kids. Yes, they may stop what you don't want them to but they will just grow up to learn that if they don't leave a mark then they will do what you did, but learn more ways to hurt their kids without leaving a mark. Like they could rape children and not leave a mark. Just depends on how they do it. I think that child abuse is no where close to being a good way in disciplining children, in my opinion.

  • No no no

    Do you really want to hurt your child that is sooooooooooooooo mean. It would be horrible to hurt your own child. I it was me I would never even hurt a hair on my child. Why would you do that to stop your child being naughty you do not need to introduce pain!

  • Absolutely no way!!

    It is not a good thing. It causes the child to become scared of the parent as it shows they can physically harm them.

    There are better forms of punishment than violence, which is hypocritical. Better forms of punishment will be banning them from something, stop setting a bad example!!

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