• Smoking is catastrophic

    Smoking is a catastrophic event. It starts out as a choice with the first puff but quickly becomes an addiction. There are still too many with lung cancer and other various forms of disease caused by smoking. The power of this disease is so strong, everyone knows the risk but many can't stop once they start. Yul Brenner comes to mind when I think of the hazards of smoking. He was a great actor that played the pharaoh in The Ten Commandments that died a horrible unnecessary death from smoking. He did a public service announcement begging people to not smoke and avoid his fate. Even he, on his deathbed, knew it was extremely bad for one's health.

  • Smoking is bad for your health

    Smoking is bad for your health. This has been proven with decades of research, and is indisputable. Aside from causing lung cancer, there are a host of other health issues that can be directly linked to smoking. These include throat cancer and heart issues. There are exceptions, but independent health studies have shown the majority of smokers will develop severe health issues.

  • Smoking is detrimental to one's health

    I agree that smoking is extremely unhealthy. As a smoker myself I have experienced negative side effects of smoking in my physical and mental health. The mental health effects are far more noticeable in myself as when I stop smoking I become irritable and rude, experiencing mood swings constantly. Lung cancer can be a direct result of smoking and I saw my friend's mother recently pass away due to her smoking habits and I have experienced second-hand the devastating consequences of a lifetime of smoking.

  • Smoking is disastrous to one's health

    In the early 60s, smoking was promoted as a perfect choice for one's health. Several doctors recommended a certain brand of cigarettes as their personal favorites. As time has gone on, however, smoking has been revealed as causing lung cancer and several other health problems. It shouldn't be promoted as a good health choice.

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