Is Snoop Dogg doing a good job promoting reconciliation between police and citizens?

  • Yes, Snoop Dogg Making A Good Effort To Improve Police and Citizens Relationship

    Snoop Dogg is trying to improve the relationship between police officers and local L.A. citizens. He is trying to improve communications between the two entities. I think that this is a good thing for Snoop Dogg to do because people look at what celebrities do and say. Snoop Dogg should be using his celebrity for good. He is at least making an attempt to peacefully help an explosive situation, which is admirable.

  • Snoop Dogg is a working connection.

    Snoop Dog has a personal connection with regular civilians. This is a connection that is made and enforced through music. And as it is known, music is very powerful when it contains a message. In snoop dog's more general level, I think he is doing a great service in strengthening the relationship between civilians and law enforcement.

  • No, he is not doing a good job

    Snoop Dogg is not someone to be considered a reputable source. He does not promote good things amongst children, with his music and his actions and drug consumption. Snoop Dogg promotes reckless, selfish behavior and should never be considered someone to follow in moments of social unrest. Look to better examples.

  • No he is not

    I appreciate that Snoop Dogg and other fellow rapper "The Game" are trying to help this situation. They are trying to unite all races and societies to stand up as one and be counted, but unfortunately by telling women and children to stay at home, they are sending the wrong message. They say that it won't be violent, and it will be peacful, but by telling the women and children to stay away they are already preparing for violence.

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