• Snowden took a fall

    Edward was clearly in the wrong but clearly in the right at the same time.

    1. He shouldn't have broke the law even though the government broke itself

    2.Revealing privacy is wrong but they were doing it too so that was wrong

    3.You can't arrest all those guys at the same time

  • He is guilty but in the right

    The government shouldn't keep massive secrets like that, an he was right to share them with the public. However, it was a crime, whether or not it deserves punishment. Sadly, he is guilty but should be innocent by reason of public interest, which is a defence that I feel is needed in treason cases such as Snowden's.

  • Ego maniac lil twit isn't he?

    The traitor came right out of the gate making an ass out of himself.Lamo. He & greenwald will do whatever it takes to bring down the U.S. it seems. Patriot? Hardly. The countrys that seem outraged are a joke playing stupid. Don't they have inte?...No? Really? Or do they have thugs to get the info they need? God bless america

  • He is guilty

    He is guilty because only a traitor would steal from his mighty country and then flee and the sell that information to our enemies. The moment he is captured he should and will be punished to death. And I will throw a party the moment he is killed. He is no better and much worse than the most extreme of terrorists.

  • Snowden is guilty.

    Snowden admitted to stealing property of the US government, and he is currently in hiding because he knows he is guilty. He has petitioned the government for a pardon for his crimes so that be can return to the United States. Some people believe his crime was justified, but there is no denying that he committed a crime.

  • Snowden is Guilty

    Snowden is guilty of breaching trust issues with the National Security Council. Google has come under fire for providing the data of which the Internet conglomerate has denied any dealings. Snowden is guilty of providing information to enemies of America and s guilty of spying openly on the United States.

  • Snowden exposed a guilty government

    Snowden exposed a government operating against its own constitution. American's should first honor the constitution, and second support a government in compliance with it. If the two are not in congruence, it is our American duty to expose and correct the corruption.

    The United States is guilty of spying on all of its citizens, and the head of the NSA is guilty of lying under oath about it. Why hasn't he been prosecuted?

  • He is not guilty

    This information had been known well before his "leak." We didn't know to what extent they were watching us.
    Please notice the dates of these news articles and yet the government
    still only assaults Snowden and not these news companies.
    And the fourth amendment states

    Amendment IV

    "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
    Clearly the government is breaking its own law!

  • Snowden is NOT GUILTY!

    I do not believe that Snowden's verdict should be NOT GUILTY! My opinion is that I would do what he done if it saved all of the citizens of America. I personally would not want the stupid government to be reading my text messages, facebook messages, snapchats, etc. Edward Snowden... THANK YOU!

  • He is not guilty

    A friend mentioned that if it is wrong for him to go into the governments stuff , then why is it not wrong for the government to go into our personal business. Our government has been doing this for years and years. Then they will usually deny it. SO ANSWER ME THAT!!!!

  • He is not guilty

    A friend mentioned that if it is wrong for him to go into the governments stuff , then why is it not wrong for the government to go into our personal business. Our government has been doing this for years and years. Then they will usually deny it. SO ANSWER ME THAT!!!!

  • He's not guilty!!!!!

    The government was looking at what we do. Would you want people reading what you text or put online in your emails?? I don't think you do so there for he's not guilty think about it without him how we would of known that the government was looking at our personal things.. And we wouldn't of known that if he didn't do what he did..

  • He could not be Guilty!

    I personally believe he isn't guilty because the government was spying on people and he just informed people about it. I would not like someone to look at my emails or texts because as an American I have a right to my privacy, and when the government decided to spy they denied every American of their privacy. And that is not okay

  • He can't be guilty but in the right

    Edward Snowden helped the American people. He revealed that the government was breaking it's own laws and spying on its people. There is no possible way that he can be in the wrong. Without him, we wouldn't have known that there was a huge database collecting everything that we do on the web. How can revealing this be wrong? It's like a society being ruled by a person whom everybody thought was good, and when somebody reveals that the said "ruler" is evil, everybody still sides with the ruler because apparently, the whistle blower shouldn't have revealed that. It really seems that the government is making snowden look like the evil one so that they can seem less guilty.

    Also, Snowden never sold the information to any country.

  • He can't be guilty but in the right.

    Without Snowden, we would not have known about our own government spying on us. They are breaking their own laws and they would likely be looking at our activity (if they aren't already). How could he be guilty if he was actually helping us? How could people be angry at him for revealing the truth behind what the government is doing? It's like we were being ruled by a person whom we believed was good but is actually evil, and when somebody reveals how evil the person is, everybody still supports the evil person. How outrageous is that? They are making Snowden look guilty to make themselves look not guilty. It's that simple.

  • Should Be Pardoned

    Edward Snowden should be pardoned by the US government. It is an extreme invasion of privacy to have our electronic devices looked at 24/7. Besides, he didn't actually leak anything new, we already knew that the government was spying on us, he just leaked how far they go to watch the US citizens.

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