• Soccer players are a bunch of sissy's.

    Soccer players fall down at the slightest touch and when you trip them they act as if their legs suddenly broke and their in agony. They're a bunch of losers who can even take a single hit. If they get pushed they fall down in an exaggerated style and sob their eyes out. If the other team doesn't get a card then they'll stand up and start complaining. Soccer is a game of acting like a sissy and complaining to the ref.

  • Soccer/Football Is An Aggressive Sport

    Any PHYSICAL sport that has grown men with little to no protection fighting to get a ball into a goal as the only real rule is a badass sport. There's tension, drama (on matches and political drama), injuries, endurance, and a bunch of non sport fans (the minority) that make a sissy opinion poll and b*tch and bicker about it but never watched/played a sport in their life!

    You don't have to like the sport but you better respect it.

    Or you're a damn sissy.

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