• Social media is great

    -easy communication
    Kids can connect with friend and family far or hard to reach
    Kids are easily entertained with social media which gives adults time to do what they need to do
    -gives kids a source of information
    many social media users can give goo information kids can use every day

  • Social media is good.

    Social media and networks are good because, if you are home alone but your not because you have friends on social media to talk to. Social media can help your emotional health. Research shows there are more positive then negative impacts on people. So that means you can always talk to some one on social media

  • Facebook is good

    - Cause vision problems
    - Influences drugs and alcohol
    - Threatens teen safety
    - Contains inappropriate content
    - Broadens chance of cyber bullying
    - Becomes an addiction
    - Brings down school grades
    - Consumes our exercising time

    - Keeps you updated
    - Fast communication
    - Benefits businesses advertisement
    - Connects family and friends

    As stated in my Hypothesis, I have come to the conclusion that social medias are in fact a positive use of technology and other electronics devices today. Their existence has helped us in many ways and has provided us with open access to family and friends throughout the internet. However, there are many things to consider before using these sources. Many of the negative impacts of social medias can be resolved without actually getting rid of it completely. For example…
    - spending less time online can improve your health and limit your risk of CVS and help you keep fit.
    - If you start seeing signs of IAD than you need to stop what you’re doing and take a break from the internet.
    - If you’re IAD gets out of control you can also go see a doctor or specialist.
    - Parents should be more cautious of what they’re or their kids on reading and posting online.
    - I you’re not 13 than you SHOULD NOT have a social media account anyway.
    - Report signs of cyber bullying and don’t be afraid to tell and adult if you’re being bullied.
    As long as you follow these guidelines you will have nothing to worry about. And you can enjoy social medias for as long as you wish.

    What’s next!
    Throughout my project procedure I noticed that there were a lot of different angles you could look at this project. What I mean by this is that there are a lot of different reasons why social networks can have a positive and negative affect on us and it’s hard to pick a side when you view all of them at once. If I were to redo my project from scratch, I would start by picking a specific area of research like how social medias affect our emotions or relationships and go from there. Then I could go a bit deeper in to the subject and maybe have a better understanding of the two sides. I would also consult the public more about their opinions on the subject and relate that to everyday life. In the end there really is no good or bad side. It’s all on the way people look at it.

  • Social media is good so long as it's kept in the proper context

    Social media can be a very good thing for opening up and maintaining lines of communication. Businesses, individuals, and organizations can all benefit from this simple means of communicating. However, as with all forms of internet-based communications, it provides an easy means for abuse such as bullying, slander, and propaganda. Parents would be wise to monitor their children's use of social media.

  • It Can Be

    I feel like the premise of social media is a decent idea. It is nice to stay in touch with extended family members and some friends and in that respect, I think it is a good thing. I believe, however, that people who introduced social media, now want to use it as an advertising platform, and that, to me, is bad.

  • Social media is a good thing.

    Social media has brought many positive aspects to life which would not have been positive before.For example you can contact people far away that you might not have otherwise talked to.You can exchange valuable information even though you are far apart geographically.You can also catch up on the latest news.

  • Social Media improves human relationships

    Social Networking keeps people connected to their communities near and far. Connections made online often result in real-world meetings. It also allows people to easily expand their social horizons and create friendships with new people. These sites can cultivate true friendships because it allows people to get to know one another on a personal level without having to have face-to-face interaction.

  • Distracts from school, jobs, family, and every day life.

    Sites such as Pew Research Center say that more than 34% of workers use social media to take a "mental break" from their jobs. Also young people can be easily distracted and influenced by inappropriate material and drawn away from their families, "real friends," and school. Social media (in most ways) is just a distraction.

  • Social media is not good at all !!!

    Specially for teenagers, it's just like devil which teaches them to flitter with others and to learn slang languages from other people being friend in the social media. I really want everyone specially students to pay attention towards these statements. Here, the child generally learns how to blackmail and disrespect others. Other from that, they also get disturbed in their studies. I've seen most of the time whenever a student tries to study, he/she always get a distracted towards their cell phones and they stop their studies and pass their time by doing Facebook and Whatsapp only. Nowadays you will never find a single child without having Facebook and Whatsapp accounts. And the most dangerous topic which I will like to share is about crime and rape done by the people through social media. I know you will not believe and also will not like to listen, but still get known. There are some people present in this world who are the biggest lover of money and girls. I've seen some people like that in Facebook as well as in Whatsapp. They create fake accounts and use to send friends requests to girls, mostly and then after, they use to talk all abusive things which is not explainable for me. I hope you have understood? And in Whatsapp, just like disasters, if they get someone's Whatsapp number, they start disturbing them and doing things as done in the Facebook. And if you block them, they will do mischief with your phone number. It's really better to not to be in social media. It's harmful for every person living on this earth.

  • No, social media is often misused

    Social media is useful. It lets girls spy on their boyfriends,
    and grandmothers keep track of all of their grandchildren. That is, assuming
    everyone is willing to use fake identities, and be a bit tricky. How many
    grandmothers are pretending to be sweet sixteen? How many wives call themselves
    dangerkitty42? Actually, social media use is apparently falling off, at least
    on sites where it is too easy to snoop.

  • No it is not.

    Social media is the devil! Honestly though, social media can destroy lives and friendships. I used to use social media a lot. Now I just use it for games... I have seen too many arguments escalate out of control. Also, people become addicted. Sure, anyone can become addicted to anything. However with social media, MOST people seem addicted.

  • Technology is neither good nor evil

    Social media is neither good nor evil. It is a tool that people use as suits them. Some people use it for good, some people use it for evil. Applying values to a tool is not appropriate. What matters is how people use the tool and whether those uses add more to society than they take away.

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