• Is think yes.

    First social networks are fabulous because I can keep in touch with my family and friends.
    Secondly, I like looking, Liking people's photograph, The funny or sad publications. I like talking with my family or my friends who live far.
    It's helps us communicate. I know that I have a least one friend who communicate exclusively throught Facebook. I have got in contact with contact with childhood friends.
    Thirdly, Social networks are dangerous because anonym our people talking but not very well. The publications, Photos and videos are very personal and we become addicted to social networks. Finally, We can tweet to celebebrities, Share photos and add filters, Whatch videos, Protect we personal information, Set her profil to private.
    My conclusion is there social networks are very good, It's util but protect profil.

  • I think is good!

    I think is good because you can chat with your family and friends.
    You can post, Comment and like or dislike pictures with your friends social networks.
    You can express your opinion and debate with differently poeple nation.
    You can also sell and buy things like clothes, Games. . .
    You can protect your data by changing your passeword regulary.
    For Children you can mett a parental control and in your option you can meet your account in private for more sécurity.

    If you use them well social networks are very good

  • I think yes

    Yes, I think social networks are good thing because we can communicate with our friends, We can meet, We can share our live and passions.
    I agree social networks are dangerous for there hackers and intrusive. They are peoples who are addicted to social networks.
    For me, Social networks are dangerous but if people protect their account, Personnal information are not dangerous.
    I like social networks because we are be aware of actuallity.

  • What I think is that there are many reasons that we should use SNS.

    First of all, There are lot of useful information.
    I know that there are many harmful things too.
    But we can prevent bad things beforehand using some Apps.
    In fact, Over the 50% of my knowledges are from SNS (like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook. )
    Furthermore, There are not only interests but hot news including something like government’s event or global problems in SNS.
    For high school students, The average time that school ends is almost 10 o'clock. So they don't have much leisure times to watch news in TV.
    Then, The best solution that we can know something like hot news is using SNS.
    Lot of informations give us opportunity to thinking deeply about something.
    I think it is why that many people is using SNS though they know about disadvantages to use SNS.
    Second, Already SNS becomes our lives.
    Just as activities such as the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Winter Pyeong Chang Paralympics relay cheering campaign were generated by SNS, Now SNS is creating a culture. SNS is already a big part of our lives.
    Therefore, Now we should think about how to use SNS effectively in the future, Not trying to be reluctant SNS by looking at the negative aspects of SNS.
    For the last thing that I want to say is ‘the SNS is needed as a communication space suitable for expressing the people’s opinions. ’
    In the past, There were many problems to communicate with someone.
    But thanks to technological advancement, We can talk to someone on the other side of the earth with using SNS.
    The people's right to express their opinions freely is constitutionally stipulated, So SNS, Which encourages freedom, Is a necessary place for young people to communicate. So, There is no reason to oppose using SNS.
    Thank you.

  • If you use it wisely

    There is always going to be drama over social media. But it can be a good thing if you use it how it was intended to be used. If you use it to connect with friends and family and meet people with common interests, or advocate for something you believe it, social media can be a great thing.

  • It absolutely is!

    It helps us communicate. I know that I have at least one friend who communicates exclusively through Facebook. I have gotten in contact with several childhood friends who I otherwise would never have spoken to. It makes communication readily available, I mean, it's free! One could argue that social media companies are doing a lot of pretty sketchy things, that just means we need better social media.

  • Advantages of Social Networking.

    Social networking offers many benefits. It is now easier than ever to keep in contact with old friends and colleagues. The professional networking site LinkedIn even allows users to request introductions to business people who are known to their contacts. The potential of this enhanced connectivity is huge; whereas once you would be left sifting through business cards after a networking event, trying to remember details about each person, you can now easily look up a connection’s credentials and business interests on their social media profile.

    LinkedIn is a particularly valuable business tool; over 200 million people are members, including hiring managers from many top companies. Your profile is designed to function as an online resume, detailing your education, career history (with recommendations from your colleagues), and creative portfolio. The platform encourages users to connect with people working in their organizations, and to endorse their colleagues for the skills they display in their daily work. You can learn how to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer with this LinkedIn Training Course.

    Social networking is particularly vital for entrepreneurs. Freelancers can find contacts via professional groups on LinkedIn and Twitter, while business owners can make use of the large user bases of Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services. Facebook has a range of services designed to help businesses market themselves more effectively, including the ability to target advertising at the precise demographic groups that are likely to respond favorably. Find out how to Create a Successful Facebook What about Twitter? Business owners can also use this service for effective promotion, as explained in this Twitter for Business online course.

  • It is harmful for all.

    Its very harmful for everybody mostly children. They increase far relations but decrease near relations. They increase loneliness and mostly they decrease face to face talking, emotions, sympathies and human relation-ships. It is good only when we use it in a good manner but it is not used so in that way.

  • Be careful the SNS addiction

    Some people might says that "SNS are useful to communicate other people who lives far away from sender" actually, i agree with this idea. However, we mustn't underestimate the attractiveness of SNS. Today in the modern society, Various students are having SNS addiction that interfere the student's concentration. SNS is useful to us, on the other hand, it can causes SNS addiction

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