Is socialism a better economic system than capitalism?

  • Capitalism & socialism are both not that good. But i'd prefer to live in a socialist country.

    Socialism is missing the motivation that capitalism has for innovation and personal gain, but socialism focuses more on keeping every one in the country equal and alive. Capitalism is more for the individual and the people that want to be rich. Neither Socialism or capitalism are good systems, we really need a new system that is better then both.

  • Ultimately Yes

    Capitalism allows for more personal freedom and awards hard work and innovation. Unfortunately, with that rewards system comes the high potential for greed and corruption. Immoral businessmen propogate underhanded means of prospering, and making our society very materialistic and competitive. Socialism is ultimately better for most people, levelling the playing field, ensuring the greater good.

  • I think socialism is a better environment for development of economy.

    Compare to capitalism, which is the system that most of property is owned by few percents of people in the whole country, the money in socialism community is basically controlled by the government and public facilities. This means the quality of people’s life will be improved faster in the future, and the business will not be limited in a specific class of society, which is lead to the result that the rich people get richer and the poor people get poorer. On the another aspect, when an economic crisis come, the government can always adjust the policy faster than people, and avoid as much lost as possible. Those are the reasons I hold to support the idea that socialism is a better environment for economy.

  • Socialism is more sensitive to signals of wealth inequality.

    Socialism is far superior to capitalism in telling us that a specific member of the electorate is being left behind and that a gap in the wealth distribution is widening. Moreover, it provides both the rich and the poor with equal outcomes. Therefore, it is more fair, organized, and political.

  • Not old models of socialism, but new ones we have yet to devise!

    Anything to save us from the rapacious and resource-destructive 'free market capitalism' that is currently destroying the planet. The compassion-free search for bottom line profit; the pandering to the basest of all the possible human motivating forces (ie greed and self-interest); the abstraction that is so embedded that we often fail to see it, ie that the world exists for us to conquer and use for our own ends; and.... Well, already that is a lot of strong arguments against capitalism!!!!

  • What is on ground?

    To me, capitalism is all about the dangling-carrot theory. Or the jewel at the bottom of the very deep but transparent ocean. While it tells you what you may get, only very few ever get to it. Why has the gap between the rich and the poor been ever widening? Why do people who have two jobs find in hard to survive in America? But do not tell these people that the government seeks to control the wealth of its citizens so that the have-nots will have more? Why should very few people pay more taxes than the rest? People just don't get it.

  • In a long term - after your life yes

    If a system is closed /like it was before 1989/ and if no one from the socialist society knows what is going on on the other side. In the long term like 200 years socialism can actually become a good political system. That can only be valid for reach countries with enough resources. Poor countries can not develop a good socialist society, Socialism needs to be able to develop effective production and products with enough technological development and not trying to make enough goods for its people, that will actually never be enough and people have to be on the waiting list for years to get an ugly car. Once a reach capitalist country starts to spare for its low income citizens then you have a socialism. You do not need to make private initiative against the low, to have socialism and that was the mistake of the socialist countries before. China and Vietnam already saw this and now they are going to have the new best system, after they worked for the world for more than 15 years. Country with its best control for its people and products and country that also manages to make everything all other countries do and country that still keeps its socialists benefits is China. Example and proof already exist on or planet. Just go there and see it for your self. I was there for a long time and saw it for my self. I used to live in Socialism for 20 years and in capitalism for 15 years, so I know it. Best Regards. Svet Spassov Bulgaria/UK/China and back to Bulgaria where life is easy and cheap, but the democracy is so real, that is actually an anarchy and I do not like it. I only stay here because in EU expenses are so much, that is even more difficult to live, than here, where wages are the lowest in EU.

  • Socialist Market Economies DO Work Better!

    Okay think of this: The difference between a Socialist economic model and a Capitalist economic model. Yes, the market does generally work better in guaranteeing profits and competition. But what if there were no regulations or controls upon them? There has never in the history of the human race an entirely deregulated model, although there has been an entirely regulated model. It just doesn't work, even Capitalists know this. I believe that both Communism and Capitalism have failed this world. No matter how much Capitalists say that their model works, the never ending search for short term profit over long term profit renders the Capitalist system defunct. Look at America, Capitalism failed there. I am in favour of a more Socialist model, where anybody can make a decent living off something useful. Capitalism is all about self, and the international situation where the top 1% are defeating everybody else has no need today in the modern world. That is what Capitalism is. Capitalism is a brainwashing method by the rich to defeat everybody else. There are many advantages of a Socialist system over a Capitalist model. No questions asked.

  • The question that needs to be asked:

    It wont be long before mushrooming automation technologies have rendered the vast majority of the population redundant . We will then be faced with question of whetherto put everyone on welfare or to get rid of the useless eaters. The first option is clearly more efficient in a totally automated economy, and we didnt fight a war against it either.

  • Leaning rather than full-on

    In a socialist leaning, emphasis on leaning, country it is possible to have individual motivation for economic growth and the state can make sure that the gap between the wealthy and the poor is lessened by allowing everyone in the state the same opportunities such as the same education value so the rich kid doesn't get a better opportunity simply because of the birth lottery and later on the person better suited to be a doctor will get the top position at the hospital. Longest run on sentence ever.

  • History has shown

    Look at history. All socialist states/countries limit freedoms of individuals. Take away incentive to be productive. Take away a chance to become more or better and eventually fail. Look at China. Outside communist. Inside becoming capitalist. I predict they will move to a free market society as more citizens want to be able to have and do more.

  • Of course capitalism is better

    The amount of variety that America delivers is outstanding. Consumers can always pick from what airline they use or what fast food restaurant they go to. This variety is due to companies having the opportunity to compete with one-another. If the government was the only industry supplying a product, consumers would have no options to pick from. Also, no competition would be available. When there is competition, people have personal incentives to increase their amount of supply and demand. When there is more supply and demand, again more jobs are created and more money is circulating in the economy. Also, more technological advances are proven to occur when there is an increase in competition. For example, the jeep was created by the allies in WW2., along with many other weapons and technologies to help try and win the war.


    No other system has ever generated an increase in the absolute wealth of a country and its citizens. People get caught up complaining about a wealth gap and its increase through capitalism but fail to realize that the absolute wealth, even for those at the bottom increases with capitalism. At no time in history have so many people enjoyed such a high quality of life as they do today in the developed world which is mostly built around capitalism - for example, families or individuals described as poor nowadays can still own two cars, travel abroad at least once per year and own several televisions. All we need to do is look at history to see that capitalism is THE most successful system known to man even though it still has some flaws. Facts don't lie. People do.

  • Free enterprise

    Free markets create the incentives to work hard, innovate, invest, and be efficient -- all for a profit. This self organization of the economy creates more prosperity for everyone in it. Business expansion is good. Say a company X has a store A and builds a new store B elsewhere. This new store will require labor to construct, labor to occupy and maintain, labor to create the goods that will go in the store, and creates demand for labor to transport these goods, create the various parts of the goods that go in the store, etc. All of these mechanisms increases employment and makes wages rise. Both are good for the middle class. Private investment is the fuel for this and is the reason the economy grows. A growing economy helps everyone as well. Socialism eliminates the incentives to work hard and succeed.

  • Hard work is the key to happiness.

    Although Socialism has its benefits that you are equal with everyone else in a monetary sense, you don't have to work very hard for what you get. I believe capitalism is the best economic system because it strengthens the economy and it emphasizes the message that if you work hard enough for what you want you can achieve anything.

  • Ultimately. Uhh, no.

    Capitalism demands competition, where if one company improves their product the competition must as well to stay in business. Insuring top quality for your dollar, as well as giving a reason for employees to work harder for more money. Now socialism can give the illusion of "fair," but if you, the hard-working individual, gets paid the same amount as this guy, the person who could care less. Why bother trying at all? While capitalism awards those who work hard by increase in payment and possibly eventual promotion. Socialism condemns business, and as you can see, the number of socialist countries is rapidly decreasing. Why? Because capitalism flourishes by rewarding good work, where socialism. Who cares? I'll get paid anyway.

  • Earning your way up

    I believe capitalism to be a better economic system due to the fact that it is a system where someone earns their way up starting from the bottom. Obviously, link any other type of theory or ideology it has its kinks and problems but that's like anything else in life.

  • Socialism is a promise that everybody gets more without having to work harder.

    History shows Socialism only works in theory. In reality corruption and inefficiency creep in. Very few leaders prosper and the population suffer. Why people would argue this today when we have so many examples of countries that failed with socialism. It suggests to me lazy people like the idea of Socialism.

  • Capitalism is by far the best system possible.

    Socialism is in general a system without luxury or wealth, a system where hard work is never rewarded other then the lousy pay check everyone gets no matter how hard they work, it is a system where you can't even choose what you want to do with your life, it is a system where no matter how hard you work you're still gonna have the same wretched existence. Capitalism however is a system where anything is possible. Consumers have it best in a market economy because the busneses are gonna do whatever it takes to get you to buy their product by making a diversity of products and lowering prices. It is important to remember that those who are wealthy have worked hard for their wealth. Poverty is also really low in market economies as well. Plus, socialism just doesn't work in general because every single socialist nation in the world isn't succesful financialy or economically. In socialism you are guaranteed nothing more than that of a prisoner or slave. In short, capitalism works.

  • Work has value

    There are usually 3 economic classes in capitalism, wealthy and middle class and poor. Despite what it seems, these positions trade hands throughout time and someone who's poor but works hard and takes risks can replace people at the top who made bad choices. In this way, wealth is earned and makes people work for what they earn and a free market allows for consumer classes to have a voice in the system, unlike other methods that rely on the government to always know best.

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NickX says2015-06-05T22:40:43.243
The freedom of Capitalism is what I admire. Society is way better off with a free market, determining economic winners and losers. In my opinion life is fair this way, since people that work harder earn more money. I do not think it is then fair, like in socialism, for those people to give a huge chunk of their earnings to the government, so they can hand it out to people that didn't work their way up the economic ladder. Especially in Capitalism, you have to see where you end up, but you also have a lot of freedom in regards to your belongings and your economic administration. I think this is vital for a society to grow and to work hard. Although, in Capitalism the economy is not necessarily controlled by the government, you still have a huge amount of economic activity, which results from the competition for ownership.
Socialism is based on something called: "Production for use" Basically what that means is, that the whole "issue" of profit is "meaningless". In a socialist society there is no buying and selling, things are produced because people need them. Items, objects will be produced because people need them to live, because they are useful goods. Personally, I think that a system like that takes out the whole economic creativity and input, which can be gained from a free market, with personal investments.
The motive of "Production for Profit", which is the Capitalist way of economic interaction, is making profit. Profit is what is written in big letters in Capitalism. In order for goods to be produced or services to be provided, they must result in a reasonable amount of profit. Usually the profit has to cover the total costs or expenses of a certain investment. This is what you would call the "break even point", which is when the revenue you gained from the selling is equivalent to the costs. In the top 4 economic leaders of the entire world, all are capitalist countries. I think this has something to say about the popularity and effectiveness of Capitalism. At Nr.1 on the list is the United States. They have a GDP of $16.2 trillion. One third of the worlds millionaires and 40% of the worlds billionaires live in the U.S. They are also the largest manufacturer in the world, producing a fifth of the world's manufacturing output. The U.S economic growth rate is at 2.2% annually. At Nr.2 you would find China with a GDP of $9 trillion, Nr.3 Japan with $5.1 trillion and Germany at Nr.4 with a GDP of $3.6 trillion. The numbers pretty much speak for themselves, particularly because out of the top ten in the world an incredible majority of 8 countries are capitalist driven countries. Also, the happiness factor is certainly included! From research I did, I can conclude that countries such as the U.S.A. Canada, New Zealand and most of Europe are the happiest in the world. This is because in these countries, thanks to the free market, the people can get whatever they want. All they have to do is work hard and develop their ideas. I believe that the competition that Capitalism offers is a good way to keep people active. They have to know that if you want to achieve your goals you have to work hard and in my opinion that is fair, since everyone gets the same chance. What they do with this chance is their personal problem, but the opportunities are widely ranged.