• Yes, it's a dangerous disease.

    It is absolutely a disease. It is a dangerous mindset where people have absolutely no sense of self responsibility and think it acceptable that our lives are dictated by the government. Taking away one's responsibility has dangerous consequences for society as a whole and especially economically. The nanny state usually results in dependents who have no clue how to think for themselves which results in sickening things like what we had in Nazi Germany and what we currently have in North Korea. Any system that tries to dictate how we live, is dangerous.

  • Socialism is a political philosophy

    No one has perfect knowledge, perfect ability or perfect foresight. Luck is often involved. A social system merely means recognizing that opportunities will not necessarily create themselves even if someone is perfectly capable and self-responsible. Socialism as a system recognizes that there needs to be some sort of safety net and social opportunities for community involvement. I agree that some self-governing can be helpful but since humanity involves groups that exclude others this can just be a hidden form of discrimination and social networking that does not improve the overall human condition. That being said the best way to implement programs is to have a 2 tier system so capitalism and innovation thrives while there is a common safety net say a living wage that will force people to make trade-offs between family size and consumption ability.

  • Socialism is an economic policy.

    Socialism is an economic policy in which the resources of society are pooled to provide for the good of all. For example, Canada and France are socialist economys. This ensures that the poorest of society can maintain a certain quality of life which in turn lifts up society as a whole. On the other hand, capitalist countries like the United States have a shrinking middle class and a rapidly growing working class that does not have access to the same benefits as everyone else.

  • No, socialism is just a political idea

    From my understanding, socialism is just a political idea. Like different parties have different political opinions. Differ religious have their own Gods. Socialism is also an idea how people should work and allocate the profit. It is what this party believe to achieve an ideal world. So, I think it is not a disease.

  • From my understanding,

    It's actually an economic political philosophy. But I get it, you're using a metaphor. And still, no. If anything is a disease it's dismissive, emotional attitudes towards political ideas that promote decay and atrophy in the collective human matrix of ideas and goals. The disease is the carcinogenic mental-block and bias placed against ideas that such institutions as corporate news networks (fox) have complete incentive to instill in the masses of its zombie followers a vehement, visceral and non-logical hatred for something that threatens their power.

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