Is socialism/communism superior to capitalism?

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  • Communism will eventually shatter the shackles of capitalist oppression.

    Failures are mounting in our destructive capitalist society. Economic recessions are a regularly occurring event in these times, millions remain poor and unemployed while the bourgeoisie grow richer and richer, and class warfare and social inequality are becoming more and more apparent by the day. Already we are using solutions suggested by Socialism to alleviate these symptoms (welfare, food stamps, social security, etc., etc.), but we are treating only the symptoms, not the disease.
    But the workers will rise! We will not compromise. For we know that the old regime must die.
    Hail the revolution!
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  • Communism will win

    Communism being stateless, classless, and currencyless is the only system which takes into account well being for all. The rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are taken seriously under communism. You are not bound to how much money you make in order to live. You are free to pursue interests and careers in and of themselves instead of tailoring them to a system of wage slavery and exploitation.

  • Capitalism is not logical nor fair

    To say that capitalism is the way to go is completely wrong because it doesn't give everyone a fair opportunity to gain money. Rich parents give birth to rich children and poor parents give birth to poor children. Social Mobility is rarely seen in a capitalist market. Also, true capitalism is evil as well because it causes companies to work without government regulations. An example is Google. Although most see it as a nice free service, they actually collect data from your microphone & webcam if you have Chrome installed. And if you have an Android device, Google is doing the same along with constantly tracking your location though Google Play Services. And the only way to turn these things off is by not using their service. The Government, however, has no say in this because there aren't many laws on the digital world. Google also leads to the argument that money is power. It's like if you don't have money, you're being treated unfairly. Like if two people were in court, one is rich and one is poor, it is obvious that the rich person is going to win because he can afford a better lawyer, he is well presented, and in some cases if they are really rich, they have a connection with the jury. This would never happen in a Communist Society. The only reason people follow a capitalist society is because they believe that they will become rich. Get Real.

  • Capitalism is why we suffer.

    Capitalism is a free for all and that is why we have a class system and have poor and hungry. Socialism gives everyone health care, but there are more taxes. Communism is giving everyone everything they need and nobody suffers. Communism has yet to work completely but capitalism has never worked.

  • Socialism has been the reason for the destruction of many societies.

    In more cases than one, social has failed time and time again. There has been the USSR, the Nazi's, and the Chinese just to name a few. Capitalism on the other hand has basically always worked out. During Ronald Reagan's presidency, the unemployment and inflation both went down 10%! That is real change.

  • Communism is the root cause of every issue we see today

    The high price of healthcare for5 example was caused by the Medicare and Medicaid Acts and was accelerated through the Affordable Care Act, or our inflation and unemployment rate, caused by the Federal Reserve manipulation of the money supply. Literally every issue we see today was caused by socialism, so I do not believe it is any kind ofd real solution.

  • Capitalism works because everyone can pull their weight around in a sort of Tug-of-War that Socialism & Communism would have a hard time doing.

    Communism is a system in which one single authority dictates to the rest how everything should function, in the end that entity tells the people what to do. That is dangerous simply because nothing opposes it. With a Capitalism at least you have tug-a-war between the government, consumers, laborers and companies: all pulling their weight around. It's better because unlike Communism, which is static/slow, Capitalism is fast-paced and ever changing. Nearly over a century ago, in mining facilities and factories, working conditions were poor, dangerous, and unhealthy for both workers and consumers. Industrial pollution was rampant and workers, treated like slaves, were disposable and weak. Not to mention that consumers were at great risk when they bought certain products (poultry, fish, beef), very much so if the they happen to live close to industrial centers. Over the course of the 20th Century, wages raised, conditions improved, and companies were slowly held accountable to their actions. Today is drastic improvement from the days of the late 19th to early 20th Century and regardless of the problems today, we will over come them do only in part to this unique system that allows so many to be involved.

  • Capitalism adds incentive and motivates competitiveness...At least it was supposed to

    Until libtards made everything about 'feelings' and 'what you see', the whole point of capitalism was to incentivize and foster competitiveness. All we had to do was ensure equal opportunity to do so...Then you'd only be limited by your own dang motivation and competence. Yes, if you 'overshoot' your goals, capitalism will rip you up and spit you out. Instead of fostering this motivation out of fear of failure, now everyone has to be a 'winner' and 'special'. Doesn't help one bit...It's a denial of reality.

    Does no one see the simple writing on the wall? Communism still fosters corruption (yes, so does the Cap.), a super elite class, and essentially uses fear/violence to motivate (yeah, you call it 'for the good of the everyone', but it's still BS). Why Cap. Has been doing better? B/c motivation/competiveness from 'free will and desire' is far superior to being prodded by fear/violence/coercion.

    All this rich give birth to rich crap, and poor stays poor crap in Cap. Is just BS. A really motivated poor person can literally topple a 'corporation empire'. You have that power...And had it for a while. And it's not an easy thing to do; again, not everyone can be 'above average'. Seems like folks just have a problem with understanding/sync'ing reality with their own capability level.

    Other short jabs:
    -EVERYONE is born naked, screaming, and without a cent to your name
    -LEGAL IMMAGRANTS (decent portion) arrive to the U.S. and are well within the mid-upper class within a few generations (they know, you just have to work for it...So WTF is wrong with you?)
    -Let's just ignore all past money redistributing events, say like, WWI, Great Depression, WWII... (sarcasm)
    -There are soo many opportunities, you just need to find them (this is called educating your self and being responsible for your actions)
    -Ancient White-man Secret to quick money: NOT SH**ING OUT ANY OR MORE KIDS THAN YOU CAN AFFORD, OR THAN YOU'RE READY FOR! How is this complicated??? Let's go back to the 'why the poor stay poor': ahemm...Stop f***'ing! I know it's cheap/easy, but jeez... Anyone wonder why white births are slowing? It's called waiting, getting an education first, planning, and then only have a few kids...Not several with several people. Again, [legal] immigrants figured this out...Again, WTF is wrong you? Yes, at least one generation is going to have it crappy while wealth is built up, but once it is [and if you're not a dumb***] then you get to pass it on to your spawn. See how this works? Simple. Don't bite off more than you competency allows.
    -By the way, Cap.'s poor enjoy a ridiculously higher standard of living than most of Comm. Countries. How about stop worrying/comparing yourselves to what everyone else is doing or has,...And just live for yourself, set your own goals, and do what you can now to give your spawn a better chance. Not hard, takes time, and it'll suck for you though... Reality is a b**** ain't it?

  • Socialism and Communism are tyranny.

    Any system of government which has as its primary goal the confiscation of the wealth of one individual to hand it to another is inherently evil. Any system of government which seeks to diminish the liberty and the right of self determination and the fruits of one's own success or failure is completely tyrannical.

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