Is Society Getting Better (yes) or Worse (no)?

Asked by: Gordy
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  • Society is getting better

    Every generation just hates the next generation. We find fault with the upcoming generation solely because they are different and we do not truly understand them. If we look at the parents of the last generation, they would be saying the same thing we are about how television was harmful.

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  • Society is getting better

    Although there is still much violence and death, our current rate is significantly less than historic times. There is less war, less social upheaval, and less disease all over the world. More people can read, have a healthy diet, and be confident that when they wake up their government won't have fallen into anarchy. We're still a long way from ideal, but simply looking at how much the life expectancy of advanced societies has increased should help reinforce this understanding.

  • Society is getting worse

    As a 15 year old who was raised by parents who taught me how to be considerate, use manners, and care about things bigger than you, I can tell you that so many people in my generation are a lot less genuine than a person from the older generations. So many people care about how One direction is doing without a singer while there are riots and shootings happening every day. Nobody has any feeling of sorrow or sadness when they see that a shooting has happened on the news. Nobody cares anymore. It's like "oh, another shooting. That's normal." and things like that should never be "normal." I just think people raised in the 80s and older are so much more genuine than any person of my generation will be.

  • Society is falling apart.

    People lack morals. In today's society there are a lot of great things; equal rights, higher education opportunities, more jobs and more fun to be had. What people overlook is the lack of morals. Our society doesn't value a life. Our society doesn't care about family, or privacy, or even self respect. There a handful of families across our nation that possess a sense of love, but the vast majority of our world doesn't care about anything ethical. We value a status on Twitter more than we value a long talk with out companions. It is disgusting.

  • Every generation complains about the current newer one YES> However or morality, principles continue to slide.

    Their is a "Bell Curve" however its sliding into the gutter. The shit thats considered acceptable these days, the music, the language, the manners, the dress, the behavior the crime. Talk to any cop or teacher, they have their finger on the pulse. Ask them. Not some fluffed up BS liberal everything is free bullshit. Ask the troops on the ground.

  • Society is getting worse

    The society is getting worse. There's been too many shootings and mass murders, strangers are just rude and selfish, people don't cares but others as much, people today are too negative and mean, too much hatred and cruelty, technology addiction, police brutality, less manners, parents nowadays spoil their kids too much, teens on drugs, overuse on technology, people paying more attention to technology than other people, Trump being the president and younger generations have no respect to the elders. People nowadays turned further away from God and becomes more sinful. I hope this doesn't happen, where I'm too afraid to go outside my house because the society is too dangerous. I am praying to God and I wish everything can just get along and stop this hatred.

  • To Much Hate!

    People can't debate anything anymore. If you don't agree with them then you are part of the problem. Society as a whole is more violent now then it was 20 years ago. Seems the solution to something you don't agree with is harsh words and worse yet violent outbursts to vandalism. Just look at the news it has all the backing on my statement.

  • Society is getting much worse

    The reason why I think society is getting worse is because of the all the stuff going on like with the presidential election. And the teen age kids and with all the stupid drugs. All of the technology because people don't know how to talk to each other and they never go outside.

  • Society is failing

    The reason why I believe society is failing is because now people are starting to believe that the police is trying to kill us and are specifically targeting blacks, people are thinking by taking people's guns crime will be reduced even though we have a right to bear arms, and more and more people are doing drugs and having sex way too early. It is obvious that society is dying.

  • It isn't. Haha.

    Nope. It is not. Not at all. I don't think so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Society is getting worse

    Society is falling apart, what we viewed in the past does not show in the present. Teens today care about being popular and cool so they disrespect each other and fight. Crimes are sprouting more and are show, riots are happening and many problems. With every generation the problem becomes worse. All kids care about is social media and what is trending not what is happening around them.

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