• Because nobody cares about the homeless people except for a few

    There needs to people more compassionate people, and less self-centered people in order for society to be more enjoyable. How would you like it if someone didn't care about your foreclosure issue? Im sure you would be angry, if people didn't give a shit. The world is so mess up.

  • Messed up in a discrete way.

    Even though that the modern society has given us a lot more than we ever imagined like the invention of the mobile phone; internet; social media etc,etc, their bad points have started to show visibly year after year. People display their hatred on the cyber-world and therefore create bigger scandals/rumors than ever before or even drama that otherwise would have never started. Younger people tend to be living at home instead of working because they are just plain 'lazy' and 'don't try' at all to improve themselves. While co-workers now will not acknowledge the word 'Oh you look nice today' and take it as a sign of flirting rather than a sign of compliment. There are more unruly, disrespectful and insecure people than ever before and the list goes on and on and on. Think about it, why does old people say; 'Back in my days...' or 'People these days...' lines? Simply put, those are the words of truth. It's worse to the eyes of many.

  • Yes society is messed up

    Society is messed up. Sodomy and interracial is legal. People are stupider than they have ever been because of education makes everyone as intelligent as the least intelligent person and there is soo much personification of animals in the media. World war 3 could happen at any moment. Society is not very secure and everyone could go back to the stone age if they keep getting stupider and less moral or if a world war kills off most people.

  • Nope, it's better now than ever.

    I mean, let's look back at history:
    Wars, wars, wars, crusades, inquisitions, plagues, no communication, mongolians destroying cities quicker than modern weaponry, you were considered old if you lived to 45, wars, wars, holocausts... Need I go on? Right now, nothing bad is happening in the United States. People are free, people are able to learn and communicate, and we live to an average of seventy or so...

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