• Yes, and not just towards females.

    We live in a culture that preaches about "conformity", being "manly" and "ladylike", and justifies stereotypes and roles that make no sense to begin with. Males are told to let their wives or moms cook, even though many of the greatest chefs throughout history have been men. Females are told to be subservient, that they can't work, that they should strive to be "dainty".

    Boys have literally been bullied to death for being gay, or even for being a little bit "girly". A good example of this is Seth Walsh from CA.

    Boys and girls are told by their parents and peers what colors to like, what music to listen to, what clothes to wear, and even what foods to eat.

  • The worst ones are the women libbers.

    Society is too gender specific and sexist but not in the way most people think. The most sexist individuals are usually the ones going on and on about equal rights for women. When I listen to these people talk they are not looking for equal rights. They are looking for special rights. There is a huge difference.

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