• It's Social Science

    Science is a study of how things work. For example, In Biology we study how living things work. Also in chemistry we see how elements react with each other. But how about psychology and Sociology. They both have to do with how people socially behave. So as in psychology we study how people think. In sociology we study how people socially behave. That's why sociology belong in the category of "Social Science 社會科學".

  • How can it not be?

    We use science in an effort to better understand or discover things in the natural and social world. Sociology is the study of human society more or less. Though a person may not need to know Newtons Laws of Gravity to come to a conclusion about the structure of society and its many issues, it is still a study. In science you observe and experiment. Furthermore, people's opinions tend to vary so much, how can it not be a science trying to discover why people think the way they do? Sociology is observing society, humans make up society, humanity is still such a mystery.

  • How can it be a science!!

    I just don't see how sociology can be seen as an actual science. As far as I'm concerned a science is a subject that applies the core sciences, physics and chemistry. Sociology uses neither and is only based on peoples opinions, and surveys that Sociologists do are not evidence either as each response to a survey is just another persons opinion. How universities can get away with qualifying a Sociologist with a Bsc I will never know!!!

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