• Over 9000 kwh'rs produced in 3 years

    And that's energy from the solar cells on the roof of my house, much of which I have used for myself & my family. Solar panels will not make me wealthy but they are helping to reduce my fuel bills and once paid for which will take me 10 years they will drastically improve my fuel bills for a further 15 years, well worth it, helps ease my conscience with regards to Global warming, not overly expensive if you spread the cost!

  • Clean renewable and good for environment

    Of course solar energy is good for humans. It is one of the world's cleanest forms of energy. It is also renewable so we won't run out of solar energy. One finally reason it is good for humans is because it will never ever pollute the air like fossil fuels do. That my good friend is why solar energy is good for humans.

  • Solar Energy is Good for Human

    Yes, using solar energy is good for humans as it is a renewable energy source with near limitless potential. As the Earth will be inhabitable for another two-billion years or so, and during that time the sun will continue to shine upon the Earth, this makes solar energy a valuable resource for humanity.

  • I am not sure as I as studying,

    I have to study solar power for my science project in year nine 2013. I went on this site as I thought it would help me get some information on solar power.
    Here is what I think of solar power.
    It is great we use it for many things including electricity.

  • Supporting headline; on how solar energy is useful or not?

    Coal is available in abundance, but its use exacerbates air and water pollution problems, and coal contributes even more substantially than the other fossil fuels to the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For a long-term, sustainable energy source, solar power offers an attractive alternative. Its availability far exceeds any conceivable future energy demands. It is environmentally clean, and its energy is transmitted from the sun to the Earth free of charge. But exploiting the sun’s power is not without challenges. Overcoming the barriers to widespread solar power generation will require engineering innovations in several arenas for capturing the sun’s energy, converting it to useful forms, and storing it for use when the sun itself is obscured.
    Many of the technologies to address these issues are already in hand. Dishes can concentrate the sun’s rays to heat fluids that drive engines and produce power, a possible approach to solar electricity generation. Another popular avenue is direct production of electric current from captured sunlight, which has long been possible with solar photovoltaic cells.

  • Of course it is!

    Solar energy is not perfect, but it is a clean source of energy that will never (well, at least not until the planet is doomed anyway) run out, unlike fossil fuels and even nuclear energy. Developing it is only going to be a good thing for the human race due to these massive benefits of solar energy.

  • Yes. Few things are more natural than sunlight.

    Compared to the social and environmental ills produced by fossil fuels, solar energy is a spark of hope for a sustainable future. It produces minimal pollution and is ultimately renewable. Once an efficient system is designed to capture and store the energy, it will have a profound positive effect on our environment and allow us to focus on reducing other kinds of pollution.

  • Solar energy should be used more often

    Solar energy is a great resource of energy that is not harmful to our health and planet. The use of solar energy allows us to use a resource that is continuous and clean, unlike the use of oils and gases. Although the use of solar energy has a start up fee of instillation beyond that one does not have to pay for sunlight.

  • Clean and renewable

    Solar energy is good for the human race. It is clean and renewable, which means it won't pollute the planet and we won't run out. It's doubtful that solar will ever be able to provide 100% of energy needs but used along with other clean and renewable sources of energy it provides plenty of sustainable energy.

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  • No, It's Not Always Cheap.

    While solar energy may be very green or environmentally friendly, it comes at a cost. Some houses average in the tens of thousands of dollars for installation. It does have many variables affecting the cost though like location, energy consumption, and more. Not just being expensive, they also take up the earth's resources. And lastly, solar energy doesn't always provide the right amount of energy we always need. When we can fix these issues then it would be overall good for humans.

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