Is South Carolina an important state for either presidential candidate to win?

  • It is a key state

    South Carolina is important for both candidates to win because Trump needs it mathematically, and Hillary needs it to go into the presidency saying that she won as many states as possible to claim a mandate. The success of either candidate also affects the Senate and House votes in the state, and those are also very important.

  • I think every state should be considered important.

    South Carolina is important because it is part of our country. Everyone in our country should be given the chance to have a say in who will become the next president. The east coast is also a very populous part of the country. Since most people come from there and therefore South Carolina, more people will be there to determine who gets elected.

  • Yes, South Carolina is an important state for either candidate to win.

    Yes, South Carolina is an important state for either candidate to win, particularly Donald Trump. If Trump loses the state of South Carolina to Hillary Clinton, he is in for a bad election night. Yes, it's important to win for both candidates because it is a state with nine electoral votes, but it is a solidly Republican state. It matters more to Trump than Clinton.

  • Meh, not really.

    South Carolina is a republican state, and it just received another electoral vote, making its total nine. It is not one of the states with a major number of electoral votes, but it plays its fair share in the presidential elections. It will be interesting to see who South Carolina chooses this time.

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