• Not much money is spent!

    At the moment, less than 0.5% of the US's National Budget is spent on space exploration. Besides, there are enough empty homes in the US for every homeless person in the Americas to have 4 each. Besides, as there is going to be even more poverty in the future, space cities may be the answer. Besides, there is practically no industry on which space travel has not helped!

  • Space exploration is incredible.

    Space exploration has done incredible amounts of stuff. GPS has revolutionized the location of things on Earth - a thing one could only previously have done with a sextant and much work. Space exploration has been the proving ground for many technologies. We now know FAR more about the world in which we live in, from doing what, sending but a few probes, the majority of which have technology from years ago, due to in-flight elapsed time. We have discovered worlds like our own orbiting other stars. Also, regarding those who say we should put less effort into space exploration for the sake of Earthly issues, NASA RECEIVES 0.5% OF YOUR TAXES. HEALTHCARE RECEIVES 22%. The quote "We should spend our resources solving all the problems on Earth sounds reasonable. What's the timeline for "Solving all the problems? 10 years? 15? And what that guy up top said about the "Asteroid" knocking over a ship is based on completely false axioms. The real danger in space is micrometeoroids, and if one of those hits a spacecraft, there will be damage, though all spacecraft have shields. An ASTEROID impact would destroy the ship, but that is a TINY odd, 1 in 100 trillion would be my guess. An interplanetary ship of that caliber would not only have several comms systems, it would probably have an auto-navigation system using known asteroids as guides. Also, regarding the dangers of human exploration, the risks are many, but the science is so fruitful, and the humans are fully willing. Also, HOSTILE ALIENS? WHAT? LIBERAL scientific estimates put alien civilizations at 1000 light years apart - to put that into perspective, if our solar system was 1 mile, the distance to the nearest star would be Tampa to LA. And that's 4 LIGHT YEARS, NOT 1000. If space exploration is useless, WHY DO COMPANIES PUT BILLION DOLLAR SATELLITES INTO ORBIT KNOWING THEY WILL MAKE A PROFIT? If you can break even on a $1000000000 proposition, there's some serious money-making potential, and thus some perceived utility. People are under the impression that NASA receives an exorbitant amount of cash, but NASA BARELY HAS ENOUGH TO KEEP ITSELF ALIVE. Overall, the comments on the "No" side are based on COMPLETELY FALSE axioms. On a final note, the excessive capitalization was used in lieu of a highlighting feature, and I AM 12.

  • It is definitely a wise idea.

    Space exploration has a multitude of positives which could prove worthwhile to countries which invest in space exploration.
    Firstly, educationally space exploration is important as it will come back with more findings from research and exploration itself which will enable the knowledge of processes in space to be grasped by students in schools. It is important for each and every generation to have a thorough knowledge of the universe which they are within, its processes and why those processes happen.
    Secondly, this would be a great opportunity to expand and quite possibly colonise. The first countries to take the idea of funding missions into space and colonising space will have the advantage that Spain, Britain and France had when they colonised the Americas. Especially resource-wise. For example: Asteroids have copious amounts of metals that are rare and expensive on earth such as platinum, titanium and gems. In terms of power sources, the moon has "Helium-3" which, also, has a purpose of expanding solar power. Another example would be Neptune, which can be exploited for it's diamonds in the atmosphere. - http://phys.Org/news183044315.Html
    Now, of course costs will incur for all such space exploration programs. However, if seen from an investing point of view it is actually quite lucrative. It sure will be expensive to develop required technology and equipment in order to travel to and explore space. On average it would cost a few billion give or take. However, 1 Kilometre of asteroid is worth an average of $150 billion. Http://blog.Chron.Com/sciguy/2011/04/adding-up-the-final-tab-for-the-space-shuttle-program-1-5-billion-per-launch/
    As seen in the link above, US Congress and NASA combined spent a total of US$192 billion dollars between 1971 and 2010 on the shuttle. It also states that the agency has launched 131 flights at an average cost of US$1.2 Billion per launch, with 1 Kilometre of asteroid sitting at $150 billion, on top of other expensive resources which are easily found in space, this could be paid off rather quickly.
    With all this being said, it can be seen that space exploration is a great idea with many perks including financial gains but more importantly, education gains with more open-mindedness about the universe around us.

    Posted by: joza
  • Exploration of Space is an excellent thing to do.

    Aside from the expenses, there are no consequences for exploring space. First of all, it gives america something to do with itself that is positive. Secondly, Humans have a drive to explore and discover things of the unknown. There are some other things that America could be doing instead, LIKE MAYBE EXPLORING THE OCEAN.

  • So much stuff out there!!!!!

    I mean come on people sure there is reasoning about why space exploration is a bad idea but there is so much out there that we don't know about because you wont give it a chance think about all the galaxies and new planets and we can find more constellations or buy stars and call them our own if people decide against this then all of this will be lost no new galaxies and before you know it people will be buying other peoples stars!!!!!!!! It would be a mess and just think about all of the kids my age like i'm only almost 13 and I care a whole lot about space because its my favorite topic and there are lots of people out there that agree with me so why be a hater

  • Yeessss it will help

    It will help us learn more about different planets we can live in once earth gets destroyed It may take a lot of money but it's good for us humans we need a new place to live when we have no where to live
    So I think it is good!!!!!

  • It is good

    It is good because it made really cool films possible cSpace exploration is worth the money, because it is one of the few things that can unite this country.

    From the time the United States put its first satellite into orbit in response to Russia's Sputnik and President Kennedy's promise to put a man on the moon, Americans were enthralled by our space program. It was something, in those days, we could all gather around the television and watch. We need to rekindle that magic and sense of purpose.

  • We are giving the ability to explore the world and the world around us u can't take that away

    In the past we have explored the world to discover and uncover the world's secrets. In the times Columbus sailed out to see to find the new world.It was dangerous but he had the hope and perseverance to go and explore. Many explores have went into the world we call home to explore and died. More people died from other things but less die from space travel. Minerals could be on asteroids that we can use to fuel our nations. If we don't travel some other country will. And we need to have the vision license did in the cold war. Space is out there with open arms waiting giving us an chance before its to late. Will u take that chance to explore the unknown or are u afraid of the unknown?

  • Yes we should

    Why leave a whole universe unexplored? There can be things we have only dreamed of in space, such as new planets and rare rocks with special mineral propieties. But what do we know nothing? That is until we discover what's really out there. Let's actually make something of our planet, instead of being known for all the wars and diseases

  • Discover new things!

    Why leave a whole universe unexplored? There can be things we have only dreamed of in space, such as new planets and rare rocks with special mineral propieties. But what do we know- nothing? That is until we discover what's really out there. Let's actually make something of our planet, instead of being known for all the wars and diseases!

  • It is risky!!!!

    Space exploration is risky for your lives.At least two rockets have exploded and everyone on board died. Who knows you could be flying in space rocket and BANG!!! BANG!!!!! BAND!!!! Asteroids hits the rocket everyone gets slammed to one side of the rocket including the pilot. The pilot jerks to one side pressing the wrong buttons. Then the next thing you know is that you are lost. The communication signal is lost . Everyone watching the tv suddenly see blackness and looks like this (o_o)???You see nothing in the distance eventually there is no more food,water or oxegyn and you die (-_-) (=_+) (x_x) how do think now of space exploration

  • What about aliens?

    Space travel may help to explore the universe but WHAT ABOUT ALIENS? What if we disturbed a hostile race that we call ALIENS! What if they were angry an decided to invade us? Could we protect ourselves? The answer is no. So what do we do? Die? This is why space travel is bad.

  • Why waste money???!!!!!!

    Really think about it. Is it really worth spending hundreds of millions of dollars on space exploration when we have better thing to worry about? It isn't even guaranteed that they will discover life or find anything useful to us. Many people down on Earth are homeless and are stricken by poverty. Even if we do find life on another planet. So what? There's nothing we can do about it anyway!!!!

  • Pointless, Useless and Incredibly Stupid

    First of all, there has been no direct benefit from exploring space. Yes, there is the contribution to the scientific community but what have we found in space that we didn't already know? What have we found in space that has helped us directly? For example, stop global warming. So far, we have not stopped global warming and the technology used to explore space is actually contributing to it.
    Secondly, there are billions of dollars thrown into exploring Mars when we ourselves have not yet fully explored Earth yet we don't see the US throwing billions of dollars into exploring the ocean.
    Additionally, poverty and homelessness is evident in more than 50% of the Earth's population yet we again don't see billions of dollars thrown into helping the poor and homeless.
    Therefore, we can see why space exploration holds no benefit for humankind.

  • It's not worth it!!!!!!

    Space exploration shouldn't be available for humans because it takes dozens of years to get to just one planet, and as time goes on, so does your family and friends and the other people you care deeply about. Just think about it, if you went up into space and had a family behind you would be gone for dozens of years depending on where you are going. So i think that it is bad.

  • Bigger Fish To Fry!

    Before spending Billions on space exploration we should resolve some of the issues on our own planet first. With the money spent on traveling to space we could have worked on fixing starvation and poverty. That would not bring in enough money so they choose to travel to space instead.

  • We haven't even explored the earth fully yet

    The human eye hasn't seen more than 95% of the ocean which is a lot considering the world is around 70% ocean. We could find natural resources that we need in the ocean or maybe some other race of intelligent beings. If we haven't seen most of the world, why bother risking going to a different planet?!

  • Not all new things are good

    Say, there are already a lot of successful space explorations out there, but those don't seem to give people any advantages at all except that 'pride to walk on the moon'. Walking on the moon cannot help starving kids, it cannot stop global warming, it cannot find the cure for cancer, it cannot stop war, and I'm sure no alien will show up and help all solves those problems. Instead of trying to send your men out there to explore the universe, why not try to explore your own planet to its core first? There are still a lot of mysteries in your own 'home' yet you keep on trying to understand about others' household. Instead of spending money on space travel, how about using money in a more useful way that can help actual 'people' who are struggling on earth?

  • Tread lightly on the Earth

    I think that we have made a complete balls-up of this planet and should spend the money, time, effort and knowledge that we put into space exploration into fixing our own planet. After all, if we continue to blunder our way across the earth and do actually find a way of being able to live on Mars we will only balls that up too! What then? Do we continue to work out way through the rest of the planets until there is nowhere else to escape to?

  • We don't know enough about earth

    71percent of this planet is covered in water, yet we only know 5 percent about what there is in the sea.
    If we do not know enough about our planet there is no need to explore space when the biggest thing that could happen is a pebble disintegrating in our atmosphere.

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