• Yes its telling them a lesson to learn

    Yes it is a good lesson to teach your child today and in the past or the future. If you don"t spank your kid they will just do it again and again and again over and over . KIDS DO NOT LEARN IF THEY DO NOT GET SPANKED. Thanks you

  • It teaches them to fear you.

    (sorry for my shitty grammar)
    Kids get spanked when they do something wrong. After they get spanked, they will stop doing that thing not because they know it is wrong, but because they are afraid of being hit again.
    They are kids. They don’t fully understand what is right and wrong. We need to teach them by talking to them. Repeat offenders can just get grounded.

    - less detailed argument
    People get mad when owners hit their puppies that misbehave, why do they think differently with super young clueless children?

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