• Splatoon is the best

    It is simply an all around better game. Plus it a lot easier and less violent. COD is rediculously hard. Especially the online multiplayer. Obviously Splatoon is better. And COD isn't even realistic. COD is also too skill related to be a good strategy game. It is way out of it's catagory. It should be a shooter game but isn't. They lie to consumers. For all of these reasons Splatoon is very superior to COD.

  • A strong and RESEARCHED argument.

    Spelling ridiculously must be ridiculously hard as well? It is not hard at all if you use strategy to listen and determine which loadout is best for which situation and if you have a halfway-decent reaction speed. And violence means what, exactly in this argument? Also, very superior is an awkward phrase. I would advise you to stick with 'much more superior' or simply 'superior'. Splatoon's controls are awkward. Are you seriously bringing up realism? For one, it is a game and as a heavily sci-fi based game, it is supposed to be unrealistic. It makes somewhat faster paced and better gameplay. The realism of Splatoon must be just awesome for you to say that... *does thirty seconds of research* because a game about ink-firing weapons and shape-shifting human-squids that can phase into ink but only ink of their color. So utterly realistic. While it may not be a strategy game, it does not lie to his fans. It "lies" to people who have never played the game, such as I presume you to be. Anyone who has done thirty seconds of research knows that it is a shooter game.

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